How to use Gloss in a sentence as a noun

There are many improvements over the FFS that I'm going to gloss over now. More recently, this work has been continued by Joux and friends [10,11,12,13], who have basically annihilated sieving for some specific fields, and most of the time is spent on individual logs.

One that is attuned to the problems of "gloss", and is looking for disruption and good engineering rather than a glossy pitch.

I have never taken a single marketing class but I'd think putting emphasis on your strong points and gloss over your weak ones is common sense?

It just annoys me that genuinely interesting information often seems to be spun by personalities to give it artificial gloss these days, making it all feel a bit slimy and self-serving.

You're not more complex than the rest, you just gloss over their complexity since it is not in your frame of reference.

How to use Gloss in a sentence as a verb

Thorium proponents often gloss over a lot of the difficulties of the system, leading to a false sense of how easy it would be to make such reactors.

Floating point on a finite precision computer is hard, you can't gloss over the details and assume you have solved everything by that.

My gloss of this story is "I harassed the tech support guy until he told me what I wanted to hear so I would go away.

"They could have tried to gloss over that.

Gloss definitions


an explanation or definition of an obscure word in a text

See also: rubric


an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge; usually published as an appendix to a text on that field

See also: glossary


the property of being smooth and shiny

See also: polish glossiness burnish


an outward or token appearance or form that is deliberately misleading; "he hoped his claims would have a semblance of authenticity"; "he tried to give his falsehood the gloss of moral sanction"; "the situation soon took on a different color"

See also: semblance color colour


give a shine or gloss to, usually by rubbing


provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases; "He annotated on what his teacher had written"

See also: comment annotate


provide an interlinear translation of a word or phrase


give a deceptive explanation or excuse for; "color a lie"

See also: color colour