How to use Bulbous in a sentence as an adjective

It is all bulbous and wrinkly, like some grotesque anime demon.

I would think that an issue with the right advertisement would be bulbous and obvious; it clearly has different paper stock.

And it's not like Microsoft haven't done the same - the ribbon and that bulbous Office button for saving and opening confuse me every time.

Wow, that looks more bulbous than I was thinking.

Perhaps fridge will go into stasis and come back in freak super-human form, complete with anime-style avatars with bulbous heads which bop along as you post. :P

Right now the fashion side of the Watch is being hindered by technical constraints: It's got to be kind of thick and bulbous just to contain all the guts and battery.

Theres also not quite enough info here to be convincing... Sure increased efficiency is nice but you have to account for the stability the bulbous bow provides.

I thought, and Wikipedia confirms, that some naval architects in 1912 also used a bulbous bow.

The avian brain, however, is not divided into layers, but is more like the brainstem, in the sense that it's a lot of nuclei and bulbous areas called the nidopallium and mesopallium.

"The very high residual stress within the drop gives rise to unusual qualities, such as the ability to withstand a blow from a hammer on the bulbous end without breaking, while the drops will disintegrate explosively if the tail end is even slightly damaged.

"Should an air-defence radar lock on to it with malicious intent, though, the drone will follow the radar signal to its source and the warhead nestled in its bulbous nose will blow the drone, the radar and any radar operators in the vicinity to kingdom come.

Fisheyes that wide have lenses that are not only incredibly thick, but also bulbous enough that protecting the lens is quite difficult.

But looking at the pictures from the review, the flat part is the end of the stem, and then the bulbous round part that goes in the ear is attached to the stem, with the flat part on the other side.

As a practicer of high frequency breathing to ensure I get enough oxygen for my bulbous muscles, I'm offended.

I tried hey and was put off by its bulbous, fisher-price UI.

Bulbous definitions


shaped like a bulb

See also: bulblike bulb-shaped


curving outward

See also: bellied bellying bulging bulgy protuberant