Malicious in a sentence as an adjective

If I instead rely on that transaction ID, I will allow malicious users to break the software I am building.

You're not subjecting HN readers to a site under the control of a malicious party who may have done more than just deface it.

On the PC they followed a link in a scammy looking phishing email to download and open a malicious Office document.

This is why discrimination is so difficult to counteract it's rarely a conscious or malicious process.

Given how ridiculously simple the vulnerabilities are, I'd put money on many others having discovered them in the past, almost definitely using them for malicious purposes.

"His attempt to access data was outside our whitehat guidelines, had clear malicious intent, and included extensive and destructive efforts to remain undiscovered and anonymous.

We've requested a formal review with Google after going to extreme steps to pull our advertising content to both do a thorough review and error on the side of caution that there wasn't anything malicious being inadvertently served up.

Has anyone actually read the steps required to exploit this vulnerability?You do know that to be able to exploit it you have to know the application's secret key, so you can create your own malicious encrypted session cookie that includes hashes instead of strings for the auth token lookup?You do know that if someone has your app's secret key they can just write whatever they want into the session cookie, instantly compromising a large number of apps anyway?

Malicious definitions


having the nature of or resulting from malice; "malicious gossip"; "took malicious pleasure in...watching me wince"- Rudyard Kipling