How to use Amenities in a sentence as a noun

I'm also surrounded by green space and parks, schools and swimming pools are walkable and we're planning on building out space for a public library and other amenities soon.

In 2000, the average new home was over 2000sf and housed fewer people and had more amenities.

Worse, a lot of the cultural diversity that made San Francisco interesting has been driven out by the high prices -- it's a much more homogenous city than a few years ago, where mom-and-pop shops and other neighborhood amenities have been replaced by places selling $10 "artisinal grilled cheese" sandwiches and "mixology" bars where you can buy your choice of $15 cocktail.

And they experienced larger decreases in pollution and property crime, suggesting that cities that attract college grads benefit from both the kind of amenities that consumers pay for and those that are more intangible.

Awesome!And I really dislike this 30,000-foot view of humanity:"""\n"When you have more college grads, all of these amenities seem to improve in your city," Diamond says.

For a mathematician, the problem would be much more interesting if it began "consider a train of infinite length in n dimensions", laid out requirements for spacing of m different amenities contained in disjoint cars, and ended with theorems about optimal construction of minimum-sized tiles.

Outside of the cities, there are miles between exits and the area is heavily wooded with little amenities nearby.

Cities smaller than about a million people don't have the consumer base or the tax base to really offer world class amenities.

Building permits are a method of more fairly distributing the cost of amenities and public services.

Understandably and naturally, they pine for amenities that are well within reach for others their age in other parts of the country.

Particularly in rural states, companies like Sears-Roebuck were the prime source of all sorts of amenities of basic life, from phonographs to sewing machines.

In Sacramento you could get a two-bedroom, one-bath place with all the amenities for under $900 a month without looking too hard.

Amenities definitions


things that make you comfortable and at ease; "all the comforts of home"

See also: comforts conveniences