How to use Comforts in a sentence as a noun

His theme is a clarion call to shape your life, and the way you make a living, around things you love to do and to avoid dying a slow death by simply doing a job that makes money - the point being that it makes no sense to pursue modest comforts at the cost of spending your life doing soul-deadening things you don't like doing just because they earn you a livelihood. That is what "average" people do, and it is a pit that college kids facing life all fresh and ready should by all means avoid.

My situation wasn't nearly as destitute as that of a lot of people in this country alone, and when I came home from work I wanted--very badly--to blow money I didn't have on cheap comforts and postpone thoughts of tomorrow. Secondly, it's important to acknowledge that even while living with junkies and hauling debris for $10/hr, I was much better off than many in my situation, for reasons that make me much less impressed with riches to rags to riches stories such as you describe.

If you're willing to move out to the country, on a programmer's salary you could quickly save enough to pay cash for a smallish, newly constructed home with many modern comforts, such as "rooms".

Perhaps devices living beyond their natural lifespans comforts man's worries over his own perishable nature.

I am bootstrapping a start-up ,working insane hours and depriving my family of the comforts/luxuries that I could have afforded when I had a corporate job. I am really happy that my friends are spending their summer vacation at resorts/beaches etc.

The hospital staff should not have denied her basic comforts and care on the grounds of a DNR. The entire thing was a huge screw-up. Somewhere between trying everything we can and knowing when to let go, between planning and sudden decision-making, between being professional and being compassionate, there is a balance that we have not found yet.

A commentor on that page notes that it might not be malware, just an evil ISP. If that notion comforts you at all.

However, to many people, life is about a lot more than creature comforts. The chance to be among the first group of humans to leave our planet and live elsewhere is a unique opportunity that literally only comes once in the history of Earth.

His mission yes - giving up the comforts of a stable paying job in Hawaii and exposing himself to tremendous danger from a variety of nation-state level adversaries for life - in the bargain. Amazingly commendable - all for the sake of preserving core Liberty and Freedom as we know it.

Meanwhile as the post points out, these textures and animations are important comforts, cues and guides for many users, especially newer users.

Given that we are all tech people here, it's safe to assume that daily needs and 'creature comforts' are so easily secured that we easily don't feel that sense of purpose as it pertains to ourselves. Volunteering connects with others who inherently have a sense of purpose, since they struggle, and the act of volunteering is an act of committing yourself to the purpose of helping fellow humans in need.

Creature comforts. some things come with nice rest api's, some come with web ui's, some come with only command line interfaces, and some come with none of that.

As an example, here in the Czech Republic you can live a decent life for that amount with all the usual comforts.

The amazing thing is that Google has managed to sell an employment experience whose most outstanding feature is creature comforts to a host of smart people.

Do people have better comforts on a metro or bus commute?

Eventually, though, you have to eat and pay for creature comforts. If college has a huge sticker price, what's paying the bill?

I've never been a ruby guy, but I did spend a lot of time with python in web dev, and Clojure compares very, very well IMO. In short, all the creature comforts of ruby/python + an efficient runtime + an unbeatable selection of libraries.

But considering how very hard it is to disentangle yourself from the thinking of your time, someone who comforts himself with this thought is almost certain to be mistaken. It's not enough to be an ornery cuss.

We'll pray that God comforts and guides you and your family through this unimaginable time, and that He reunites you with your family in the next life, with never ending happiness.

The thing that usually prevents this from happening in a normal situation is that the mob bosses get obsessed with material possessions, women and comforts and get distracted from running a government. In Stalin's case though he wasn't going to be satisfied until he had completely taken over the world in the name of Marxism/Leninism and that kept him focused throughout his political journey.

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I feel like I should be the most fervent disciple of MMM, and yet I would say instead: neglect not your comforts, nor your consumerism. The trades you may make in pursuit of a purer life, are at the least uncomfortable, and at worst dangerous. Poverty may be virtuous, and while you may yet find that virtue, seek it not for its own sake. If your charity compels you to be poor, accept that with good heart, and do not be miserly no matter how much you own. If, alternately, you are not compelled towards sainthood, at the least enjoy your comforts in the knowledge that you are living a blessed life, which may like as not never come again.


Comforts definitions


things that make you comfortable and at ease; "all the comforts of home"

See also: amenities conveniences