How to use Conveniences in a sentence as a noun

The common pattern is you'll work overtime then end up wasting the money on conveniences make up for lost time sleeping/eating. The only escape is to work at a grueling pace and starve until you have a large enough buffer that you can look for other opportunities, but this is destroyed the moment anything unexpected happens or the energy spent looking is not fruitful.

I just hope they don't "lose the recording" when it conveniences the police the most.

It's like, as time passes, luxuries become conveniences become necessities... and thus, there's always this keeping-up thing going on.

In many cases SVG performance is comparable to Canvas, and SVG offers conveniences that Canvas cannot, such as external styling via CSS, simple declarative event listeners, and the ability to inspect elements.

`type` and `newtype`, on the other hand, are programmer's conveniences: both carry no runtime cost, they are not actually part of the semantics of the backend language. `map` is a function that's really just a specialization of `fmap`.

That I don't need to dance to other people's conveniences. My life and moments should be my own, and I should still be productive when I sit down to work.

Why, if you have plenty of money, would you make a decision based entirely on saving a few dollars and possibly losing some conveniences at the same time? For example, I was in a car accident on 880 in Oakland that was staged by insurance fraudsters.

The conveniences and cultural differences of the CS community are a stark contrast to academic biology. Considering the author's observations: First, the opt-out options are often fewer and further between; making the jump between basic science work and industrial biotech/pharma can be very difficult depending on your area of interest.

If we had all the time in the world, literally, we could eventually learn to make decisions that are truly good instead of local conveniences.

Right now I live in such a way that I expect to reach a certain age and have modern conveniences available to me. When safety, freedom from pain, fresh water, food, sewers, transportation, access to information, and so on, are denied, I get grumpy.

History has shown that these "conveniences" are abused. Wiretaps were originally pitched as "extreme cases" techniques.

This is extremely important, because it allows you to create conveniences around nil, like the operators && and ||.

If you want to wave your hand at "conveniences", why wouldn't I wave my hand at "philosophical quibbles"? Amazon is a mixed bag.

The people on the ES6 committee are there because they love Javascript, and want to give it some of the conveniences that have become mainstream in the past fifteen years. Rest parameters.

Conveniences definitions


things that make you comfortable and at ease; "all the comforts of home"

See also: comforts amenities