Alluvial in a sentence as an adjective

Yes, silt spread over the alluvial fan = good, silt trapped as deep layers behind dams = damn...

Then someone will produce concrete that doesn't use alluvial sand.

> ... will **** the downstream deltas By stripping off the alluvial soil ...It clearly won't.

The alluvial fans are so vast as to be almost incomprehensibly large.

The theory of a flowing river should support all types of evidence at large & small scale: alluvial fans,"...

There were some interesting diversions like the alluvial fan.

Are you expecting the flux capacitor to get backed up and thrash the alluvial dampers or something?

I would argue that the cost of this is worth it, these aren't first world alluvial plains where you can afford to farm and buy food from elsewhere, this is Africa.

The imagery shows an alluvial fan of material washed down from the rim, streaked by many apparent channels, sitting uphill of the new finds.

Moreover, big cities were created around rivers because water and alluvial soils were here, and agriculture needs lots of water and rich deep soils.

Actually more specific is 'alluvial diagram' [1] since the style emphasizes a 'flow' character.

It isn't "new" that mountains erode and become the valley floor, one need only walk along the alluvial fans in Death Valley or any mountain valley to see this happening.

Hi from Italy, nice job!To be a little nitpicky: why did you start with obscure high-dimensional visualizations such as alluvial plots, dendrograms, sphere packings?

Even Switzerland had serious problems with malaria, especially near the Lake of Bienne, because the alluvial sands caused the Aare river to repeatedly flood the plains between Murten and Solothurn, turning agricultural land into marsh[1].

Then during the colonial area, the Germans enslaved them, forcing them into mining our alluvial gold and carrying them hundreds of kilometers inland and storing them away, in what was considered as sacred land - biding us against our cultural beliefs.

Only where river flooding allowed the possibility of alluvial agriculture, in conjunction with close proximity to geographical areas that encouraged different but complementary networks, did the "caging" of populations make possible the development of the fixed power structures of domination and exploitation that have characterized all civilizations.

Alluvial definitions


of or relating to alluvium