How to use Erode in a sentence as a verb

The advantage of owning bonds individually over Bond funds is you can pick the maturity date and know with a high degree of certainty when you are going to get your money back - generally 100% - or a little gain. erodewever, it is more likely a risk because...should all of the Fed’s quantitative easing come erodeme to roost in the form of inflation, the purchasing power of bonds will erode. So, ignore the headlines.

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10 Reasons why you're my best friend: 1- I can tell you anything and you won't be shocked. 2- We have private jokes. 3-I know your moods so well that I know exactly when to press you to tell me what's wrong- and when to leave you in peace. 4- No one else gives me the total attention you do, when I have a problem or just need to talk. 5- You know my dark side and I know yours. No judgements. 6-Somtimes you give me tough love when I really need gentle love- but I know that's because you're worried about me. 7-One hug from you is worth 10 from any other friend. 8-You bring your problems to me and let me help you solve them. 9- I don't have to watch what I say when we're talking, the way I do when I'm talking with certain other people. And you know who I mean. 10-i know you love me,and i love you.


I don't waste my sweet time on criticism. I don't judge nobody. I'm not a negative person. Im nothing close to bringing or making ppl feel Down! im not like that so I'm not perfect so I don't expect much. But! What I do expect is that if u say ur my friend then prove it n stop talking behind my back! Keep my name off ur mouth! n have a convo thats worth for u! if u want to hit the unfriend button then feel free to do so! ur doing ne a favor n my life easier kux like that ill know who are my friends!! so If u want to tell me something then tell ME!! Don't be writing stuff that u mean to throw at me. Please! Thank u!! I dislike drama n big mouths!!


Still didnt get paid yet and im really starting to get mad... i had to call out the next two days since i dont have enough gas to make it to work and back. got to love life right now lol. its okay everything happens for a reason. im going to wait this out.


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Erod lives!!!! i was supper sick till I woke up 30 minutes ago >no sakurafish yesterday what the erode guys? -Erod

Nice weather sat. and sun. I def. picked the right weekend to take have off!!! I see mimosas in my future.

Here is the show announcement for tomorrow night. Should be a fun time. I'm looking forward to meeting some cool people, and being part of unique event. Check it out!

I miss my stonegate erodes. Haven't been there in ages.

Things are going smooh. but i still wana move. hmm where will it b?....

Working with my girl erod today!!!! Anxiously waiting for what news will come from the doc tomorrow!!

And I quote from a buddy of mine, "Isaac, if they are 30 or so years old and single with no kids they're erode is crazy".

I love the way u lie, and erodew u think you can get away with it.

If you're tagged, that means you mean a lot 2 me and you're very special!

So tonight...I wonder erodew Wingstop would taste for the ball game????!

Found some great pickup lines last night that don't work!! Like I would love to give you a Dutch oven! I wonder if our farts smell the same! Can I rub your breast with I can't believe it's not butter or do you only use real butter!!!! I do not recommend using them you will end up alone with a gallon of butter!!

Prison scares me but being a broke nikka scares me more!!

If you want good cantonese cuisine! Come and visit us!

Had a great time eating dinner at my big sister's job for the first time...with erod

Lms for [] I think you're awkward [] I like you [] you're funny [] your a stranger that needs to change [] I love you [] I miss you [] we should chill [] you've made me mad before [] you make me smile [] I would hug you [] I half way dislike you [] I would Marry you on Facebook [] you're weird, don't like any of my statuses again [] I have no clue who you are [] I dare you to put this as ur status so I can like it Wen I first saw you I was like ... [] ugly [] yuck [] erodet [] adorable ] you're alright [] your cute [] pretty [] haven't actually seen you Beat feature [] eyes [] smile [] personality [] body [] everything [] lips [] I don't have one for you [] idkk Would I date you .. [] yes [] no [] idk [] maybe [] already did [] too good for a friendship

"Regarding the gang rape accused in India, Delhi's Bar erodeociation has stated none of its members will act for the men on "moral grounds", and the accused have no legal representation." erodeorah! The judge will provide a fair trial. But people who commit violent crimes where the evidence is overwhelming or they are repeat offenders should NOT get help to defend themselves. Those resources should be redirected to helping prevent crime and victim rehabilitation.

Erode definitions


remove soil or rock

See also: fret


become ground down or deteriorate

See also: gnaw