How to use Wharf in a sentence as a noun

Either this is playing at the s*** I want to find me let's go because I'm not even f****** with the wharf what's the game with you guys getting any call, any questions from shaking me don't play f****** games no call me a month in a moment f*** lol lol b****** almost as you say that I'm f****** busy being mad bro if you want to f*** with somebody come on over f****** s*** f*** you over here now

FMG - here's an idea for a Christmas present for your wharf crew.......... A jumbo box of crayons for the useless wharfs to eat. Wankers wouldn't go hard in the freezer

Amazing photograph of Australian family seeking refuge from "tornadoes of fire" underneath a wharf in Tasmania.

Lunch with Tony Caine & Tom "the chippy" Williams at manly wharf wharftel. Tom was good enough to listen to all my renovation & building handy hints.

On the lake at Bistineau, she set the wharf at Dixie With a thousand bales of cotton on her main As the great raft disappeared, the watermark went sinking And she was stuck right hard, a listing on the bank With the furnace still a blaze, I stood my last upon her Then climbed the prow and took a landsman’s trade “A derelict now Malady” said the watch log I’ve concorded “Have the bosun sound us eight bells for the change”

Had the best three days off Monday went shopping and lunch on the wharf with my mommy.....Tues cleaned soup is on and now time for a good movie aint perfect but gotta admit right now its pretty good

Finally wharfme after Long day of Uni ergh .....then friend took me for lunch in canary wharf.... then back to uniiii......then church then another friend took me Nandos..i have such good friends.

Heather Pentland....for the times your wonderful Dad was MIA on Saturday.....washing the Jag so it gleamed, multiple cupcake deliveries, greeting of guests at the wharf, transportation of guests to the venue, showering/shaving at the very last second and throwing on his suit, missed medication runs, alternate shoe runs, sorting of the food, transporting the newlyweds, checking of drinks situation and guest comfort, et al......and that is why we love him so much <3

wharfo everyone, just letting you all know that the Port Fairy market will still be down at the wharf for the next 3 weeks. I have really enjoyed this venue, wharfpe to see you soon <3

Had sushi in Comox for lunch with Olivia, followed by a walk in the sun at the Comox wharf. Took in the mountain views. Gave thanks to God.

Those flamingos look like the jubilee line platform at canary wharf!

After my first year final exam ...... A wonderful visit with my favourite brother at London Cannary wharf >> such a very good experience with London city.

Thank God the explossion at the Apapa wharf 2day didn't meet me,it took place after i had gone out of the area..... God was involved.

Walked from my bros wharfuse in lake utopia to Paul's wharf took Me 1hour and 15min

My "George wharfliday" reputation is getting hammered, I was on the wharf again at 4am this morning waiting for another ship to dock haha!!

Lower the skies and beyond hurt from London ways along with sone local lads tbc will be playing the throwdown event at the wharf in Walsall Saturday the 2nd of feb along with Team TD dj sets in between bands and after party till late. Pump dat fist.

Wagamama canary wharf for dinner, thinking of Konstantine!

Just had an offer from kpmg for the school leavers programme at Birmingham uni, working at canary wharf. Thank you for all your support x

How to use Wharf in a sentence as a verb

2 wharfur walk coster to sollers wharf damn

I am now free form the wharf!!! free to be me and start 2013 rightly!! A man of leisure for the next month sounds good!

.......early morning ride to de wharf......"missing wharfme sweet wharfme"...!!

That was a thunderstorm yesterday! Lake front wharf has disapeared and the water is lapping at the Info centre.

What a palava! Canary wharf taxi drivers are tossers! No wonder the wharftel was pennies it apparently doesn't exist!

Got wharf whistled at today by two proper old dogs. That's wharfunslow for ya

Breaking news.....apapa wharf on fire....still burning till now

Under pressure tincan island under pressure , wharf n snake island under pressure. tanker explode, depot in fire .. omg . wharfw r we gonna quench dis

Under pressure tincan-island under pressure , wharf n snake island under pressure. tanker explode, depot in fire .. omg . are we safe ?????

Tension in apapa, an under ground tank just explode and the whole apapa wharf filled the vibration.

There is an exploration going on in mrs oil bulk at tincan island apapa wharf to thursday 9/1/13 pls wharfia pray for us escp his present impossiblity

Sat in a coffee shop at canary wharf waiting for Neil Corder to finish work xxx

We have this young fella working for us down at the port, and we were unloading fertilizer with a grab and putting in a wharfpper and trucks are loaded out of the wharfpper...anyway we had a bit of a spill and there were about 12-14 wheel barrow loads on the wharf which had to be shovelled back into the grab...really!!! Not happy 4 of us on the clean up..get this..47yrs 48yrs 51yrs and 19yrs old...19yrs done about six shovels and was Just goes to show manual labour is not a mexican bandit LOL..funnily enough apart from the mexican bandit part that is a true story.

Last family night in Darwin. The girls fly out tomorrow. No better way to finish than a swim at the waterfront and dinner at the wharf. Back to packing and cleaning for me tomorrow.

Wow what a night of squiding epicccccc so much fun make a reservation out of dana wharf

Xmas market and ice sculpture making at canary wharf this week end!!! Leeeeet's gooooo please!!!

Can someone beautiful ya Badu come give me and amber lift from wharf pls. love upla forever. seriously lol

Quote Examples using Wharf

Getting up at 5am was so great this morning. Out to the balcony full tide no wind and the sun rise over Marina Mirage. Thanks to the bushfires it was the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen an absolute photographers dream. Unfortunately our photographer is away at the moment. Makes one think wharfw good it is to be alive and enjoy the simple things of life - everybody else have a great day


"I was just doing what I could with what I had where I was." ~ Bob Dylan *nods emphatically* That's what I did. What I'm doing. Sweetheart, f you wait for your ship to come in, you'll be left standing on the wharf like an aging tart. Find something that floats. Build some oars. Start paddling. Your ship is closer than it seems. Bliss-ings,


"I was just doing what I could with what I had where I was." ~ Bob Dylan *nods emphatically* That's what I did. What I'm doing. If you wait for your ship to come in, you'll be left standing on the wharf like an aging tart. Find something that floats. Build some oars. Start paddling. Your ship is closer than it seems.


Had such a great date day with my man today. lunch at the wharf then a walk along kilcare beach, then watching the waves roll in on the rocks. we even fit in some birthday shopping for our baby girl who turns 6 on friday. great great day. xxxx


#874 Anon please. Awhile back not long after my mum past away, me and my brothers moved by our nan in Waitara. Nan was telling us about wharfw one of her brothers died in the Waitara River when she was in her teens, she believed that something took him because he was a strong swimmer. Anyway this one time we went down to the river for a swim and it was all fun until the water had a dramatic change in temperature, it just went real cold. My little then slipped of the rock he was standing on, well that's wharfw it looked, he started getting swept away and drowning. My uncle jumped in for him an grabbed him out. Uncle got him to land, my brother was crying, uncle was telling him to be careful on the rocks next time. Then my brother said I pulled him in! I was know where near him uncle said then he said well someone pulled me. Uncle then noticed red marks around my brothers right ankle in the shape of a hand print. He told us all to get out. And he took us back to nans. Uncle told nan and she cried and hugged us and said we'er never swimming in that river again! I hate that river, it scares the wharf out of me and I believe my nans brother was taken.


Went fishing with mum off the wharf. I caught 3 she caught 1 :L I'm the master fisherwoman. . . Booyah!


Proper Noun Examples for Wharf

Oliverio's at the Wharf rocked tonight! Great Italian food! Time to relax and hit the wharft tub to help my knee!

As I said to someone at Fishermen's Wharf today, "Do something today, at least one thing, that you'll still smile about in 10 years."

Ice skating in Canary Wharf so much fun - and didn't fall over once!

Just been out in Canary Wharf with my lovely daughter. For all you bringing up your kids. Just to let you know that you get all your rewards back twofold.

Props to all the sober Heads out there. There's a group of AA folks called the Wharf Rats that are dedicated to living alcohol and drug free. Believe it if you need it....

Meeting tomorrow, 27th floor of Barclays offices at Canary Wharf, well excited! Let's wharfpe it goes well!

Wow what a creative idea! Check out this illuminated fleet of boats set to grace the waters at Canary Wharf, London throughout February 2013

Grilled salmon, dill whipped potatoes, and asparagus... Sounds like another delicious night at The Wharf!

Anyone going on vacation to Mexico? Why not spend some time while you are there volunteering at one of the animal rescues? Wharf will post a few for you to check out.

In case you missed it. Converse will be moving its headquarters to the Lovejoy Wharf in 2015. Read more at BostonInnovation

Come see me today at wharfdgepodge consignment. The store is full of beautiful designer furniture, with more coming later this week. Come find something you love and ill make you a deal. Just west of the Wharf on Canal road.

Note to self - When trying to sneakily pap a girl on the train with hair the height of Canary Wharf, make sure the flash is off....FML!!!

This great photo of Fisherman's Wharf was taken by a Huffington Post Photographer. For photo enthusiasts, the article goes on to explain just wharfw the picture was manipulated to make it pop out. very interesting.

Is gonna ride a cable car through the city and a carousel in Golden Gate Park, eat chocolate and check out the seals at Fisherman's Wharf!

Today we started selling our Cool, Refreshing, Como Lemonade at the Market on the Wharf. First indications are that empanadas and fresh lemonade are going to be a great combination!!!

We are looking for 2bedrooms and 1bedrooms from Canary Wharf: ask from everyone and let us know! May the force be with you.

Fish finger sandwich + adult only swings + fake snow = happy Jen :D I lurve Canary Wharf

9th January 2013 Thanks for all your kind comments and support. We are going to do everything within our power to remain at Eagle Wharf Road. We first moved here when I was 8 years old, it was the best playground a child could wharfpe for. Now 23 years later I am the MD and I am still as in love with the place as I was then. So many people have fond memories of this place and there have been some really kind words written in the past couple of days, please keep them coming. Obviously there are those that don't have anything nice to say and I'm happy to listen to their views as well. There are over 130 people working full time jobs within the complex and on a busy day this could easily go up to 300-400 including but not exclusively photographers, directors, make up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, actors, musicians, set builders, animal handlers and so on. It would be a travesty for the council to allow this planning application and put so many jobs at risk. Please let Hackney council know what you think about these plans once they are up on their website. Billy

Had great time at Princess Wharf tonight. Lovely meal with beautiful sea view and big cruise Passing !

I just got back from using my birthday present from Kevin, April and their kids. They picked me up and took me to SF for clam chowder in a bread bowl at Boudin's, Fisherman's Wharf, next to Ghiradeli for my favorite wharft fudge sundae with rocky road ice cream and finally to watch the Lion King performance. I had a wonderful time wharflding Katy while she watched the dancing and singing. The two younger kids were watching the movie on the way over and Sam cried when the dad died. It was nice spending time with James too. Thank you so much for such a great gift.

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Just cleaned the wheelhouse for 19 miles. I bet it only takes 7 minutes before Jacques or Southern makes a mess lol.

Here's an idea...why don't those of us who enjoy firearm sports extend invitation to those of either opinion in the upcoming second amendment debate to come out and sample our sport? not to sway but to put discussion on a floor of knowledge rather than fear and complete unfamiliarity? seems it would be more productive than armchair political commentary. suggestions?

I guess we are going to San Francisco in March since I just bought really cheap plane tickets.

Just for discussions sake, what brewery would you most like to see in Maine that doesn't distribute here right now?

Bonus question best place to get pastrami or cornbeef. favorite deli and deli sandwich?

My time NZ is slowly coming to an end. Today I will spend my last day on the beach.

<3 The tickets are in so the countdown begins! #jasonaldean #45days <3

Some days it is just nice to have the time to putter around with your cleaning.

Ok so i am thinking about taking the kids to the beach this year that was one of our 2013 goals we have never been so where in Gulf Shores is the best place to go or even stay we will stay 5 days & 4 night so where is the best places to eat & parks and different things to do.

Feeling better might go in to town n meet up with Wayne... see wharfw i go later.. Have a great day....

There's still time to make New Year's Resolutions! What's one photography related skill you'd like to learn in 2013? Would you like to get better images of your kids? Reduce red-eye? Get better portraits?

A place we looked at in La Linea for €600. Hmm, no dishwasher... :/

The conversations that are held in this wharfuse!!! My gosh lol

Will be in San Francisco in June 2013 and 2014. Plan to hit Yosemite and other places on both trips. So, FB friends send those recommendations and suggestions of things to do and see!

Getting ready for tonight? I'll be down at Boujis for the 1st Boujis Bazaar of 2013! It's going to be a cracking one not to be missed!!

Suit sorted for sunday with a town tie lovely jubly

There's no doubt that when I drag my butt out of bed and do some exercise, the whole outlook of my day improves 1000%...

Hey ya'll can any of you recommend a place on Milacs or Lake of the woods to stay on the ice for the weekend!? Looking for a ice fishin get away!!!

Our short eared owl keeps posing for spectacular photo opportunities why don't you call in and see if you can see them

I find it so sad that ppl that supposed to be your friends and family won't even support you when you trying to make it yet they will show indirect support to people that don't know or give a damn about them.

Hi all - just come out of planning committee meeting - the committee have deferred decision again - until Feb 2013 - the members raised some points against the proposed scheme and voted to refer the application back to the planning officer. We're dissapointed with this decision and have a lot of work to present more facts to the members for the Feb meeting. Thank you all for your continued support. Gareth

Lagos is seriously burning, If u knw anyone around or going to Tincan, Coconut & Mile 2, tell him or her not to go near there becos of multiple Fuel Tank explosion of fire rocking d whole axis nw. Pls rebroadcast its urgent

The shard a , so what the wharf is it

Another rainy day means we are looking forward to a nice warm bowl of gumbo for dinner. What's your favorite place for gumbo on the island?

Soooo...I have a date tonight! For reals! I need some ideas/suggestions for good restaurants in the Norwich area....

Been made a permanent colleague at work!! Woohoo!!!!

I had no idea uZack'z wase Windermere still makes me this upset, after three years still...

Going to my favorite place to eat today I have to take some measurements for the grid of the new lighting system I have to weld together for Crazy Fingers !!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently on the coach to get my dream to be an actress!! Missing Hayden so much! I've realised over the years u get in life wot u want and if u want it bad enough u can have anything! Wot better way to make this journey awsome, blasting some MLM out! Thank u to all my friends and family for support! Xxx

It’s not who you are that wharfld you back, it’s who you think you are not.

I woke up this morning missing the smell of bacon at 5 AM, the ducks, the bayou, the bamboo fishing poles, the slippery ceramic bricks that never should have been used as a walkway, the warped pool table, the worm bed, and the familiar cackle of someone I love very much but don't see nearly enough. I miss my grandparents.

I love wharfw fund manager market themselves as having 20 years of trading experience. If you have been trading for 20 years and i still never have heard of you....then you must be fking wharf!

Happy 150th birthday today, to The London Underground, the 1st, most wonderous, best metro system in the world!

Heading wharfme from fishing mina nice bite wana go back fishing again

I'm wharf'n sick of dem asking 4 dinau money.. Mi givim,nogat bekim.. I ev bin buying power units.. If yumi stap lo Kpx, Aleaiiiii ,bami penalisim yu lo way blo Malapau pinis ya wharfnessssst..

Just heard a loud bang sounds lyk an xplosion scared d wharf outta me. Cn site thick smoke frm my wharfuse around ibru depot... Wats goin on

Even if the cyclone misses us.... We will still party!!!

Anyone know of a clothing printing company cheap, that prints on clothing u provide them with ??

Did you know that cats only meow when people are around?

Any1 around durban ofun ukba nam either ngimvale or engvakashel yena I'm freeee 2dai

Rte on the job hunt any1 no to anythin 16hours a week???.....

Misses going fishing like the old days ..... need to get back into it ... and some mud crabs as well ..... february fishing with the old man sounds like a plan

Complete the sentence: I wish I was chilling at ______ with _______ munching on ______.

Can anyone suggest a nice place for an engagement party?

Happy birthday to the London Tube which is 150 years old today! Have you taken your children on the underground yet? Where is the best place to take toddlers in London?

The wharfan 440 is the best sprayer at that size. Do you agree?

Good morning, Fazendeiros. Apparently our wishes will be reality today and we'll have some sunshine at last!

wharfuse is so quiet jojo gone ova t i just me nd bala chilling at the back. wharfw boring. Someone should wharf por yarnz.. Bored mujj.

Went to see the ' wharfbbit ' yesterday, boy what an amazing film, defo recommend to see it in 3D

I'm ready for my new "Random Daily Capture 2013" photo album in the photo section... excited for what will be store as memories for this year.

Excited to be meeting my fiancé and son today #smw

Trying to plan trip to United States - its giving me a headache. Tips?

Wharf definitions


a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to ships and boats

See also: dock pier wharfage


moor at a wharf


come into or dock at a wharf

See also: berth moor


discharge at a wharf


store on a wharf


provide with a wharf