Wade in a sentence as a noun

In the US, we let them wade in their own filth and pump them full of antibiotics.

Might even be worth having to wade through your aunt's cats-in-clothing posts.

But I and many other HN readers are willing to wade through the **** because when you find the gems, they're real works of art.

Do you honestly prefer to wade through a few dozen promotional emails to find messages from your boss, friends or family?

Wade in a sentence as a verb

I'm not sure they'd want to read this chapter and wade through a few dozen paragraphs of prose to learn how to use the standard input, output, and string concatenation in Ruby.

When I buy a domain, I don't want to wade through five pages of ******** you put up in the hopes that I won't notice some default or will misclick somewhere and inadvertently buy your useless services.

I'd be very interested in discussing more about asset forfeiture at large, but it's ridiculous to have to wade through all the Liberty Dollar ******** in order to do that.

Wade definitions


English tennis player who won many women's singles titles (born in 1945)

See also: Wade


walk (through relatively shallow water); "Can we wade across the river to the other side?"; "Wade the pond"