Vocalize in a sentence as a verb

If enough of us vocalize our concerns, they'll be heard.

Often times they will sub-vocalize the text as they read.

I had always equated sub-vocalize and "hear" the words.

People still often directly vocalize their sexism as such.

Yes, much better he vocalize it rather than some vague platitude about timing or market sector not being good.

>Some vocalize that they notice something is off and I might tell them about autism and give them an outline of what it means.

Even more than weird operators themselves, but the problem for me is that they're hard to vocalize in my mind when reading.

"Or you know, standard social dynamics that have existed since our ancestors first figured out how to vocalize opinions.

I would say this map only shows areas where its socially acceptable to openly vocalize racist thoughts in a public forum.

Just as much, the community has the right to vocalize their disagreement with her actions because of their potential consequences.

If I sub-vocalized, I think would at least some general idea how to pronounce unusual character names from fantasy novels.

WebOS is a more flexible environment than iOS, and it's more consistent and seamless than Android; why can't HP marketing figure out how to vocalize that?

Yes, should be, just because "double-u-double-u-double-u" takes a ridiculously long time to vocalize.

They may be able to prove that the knowledge is in there, or they may be able to prove that you think you are lying, but proving that you are truly able merely unwilling to actually vocalize that data is another matter entirely.

Vocalize definitions


utter with vibrating vocal chords

See also: voice sound vocalise


sing (each note a scale or in a melody) with the same vowel

See also: vocalise


pronounce as a vowel; "between two consonants, this liquid is vowelized"

See also: vocalise vowelize vowelise


express or state clearly

See also: articulate enunciate vocalise


utter speech sounds

See also: vocalise phonate