Enunciate in a sentence as a verb

I hate trying to enunciate Google over a cell phone.

She could read lips, so he would enunciate very carefully.

Maybe we can enunciate L-M-N-O-P instead of running them all together?

No matter how you enunciate ponctuation to try and establish reason.

Unlike a language like German, you're not always stopping your speech to enunciate adjacent consonants.

If we refuse to enunciate them, it may be because everyone affiliated with the term has a stake in keeping it murky.

As a test, if you are Francophone please stand before a mirror and quickly say, "hello, my name is thof thimblefith", making sure to enunciate each "th" clearly.

Getting points across day in and day out, and trying to drag a class along of people at very different learning speeds teaches you very quickly how to project and enunciate so people can hear you well.

I can barely enunciate correctly when talking about this stuff, my vision for what devops should look like is so far removed from the current popular state that it pains me to pay it much attention]

I at least have the intellect to enunciate the problems with the system as so I feel the importance of escalating this to the level of a political protest for others as well as myself.

I don't know groggles, but I'm guessing that he/she is an emotionally-mature adult, and so I can't imagine him/her saying to someone who just described being jailed and harassed by customs, "Please enunciate better when you talk -- I had a hard time understanding you".

I grew up in Minnesota and moved to southern California as an adult, and after listening very hard for any trace of an accent out here, the only thing I've noticed is that Caucasians who grew up here and went to AP english classes enunciate their T's very clearly.

Enunciate definitions


speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way; "She pronounces French words in a funny way"; "I cannot say `zip wire'"; "Can the child sound out this complicated word?"

See also: pronounce articulate enounce


express or state clearly

See also: articulate vocalize vocalise