Vocalise in a sentence as a verb

Adults can do that, and they don't even need to vocalise.

I had to vocalise each word in my head to read the about page, I couldn't skim it at all.

Then I learned to vocalise it through practice. And if I need a moment to think, I can just say "gimme a sec to think" or "can I take a break?

Realistically, they may think like that but they wouldn't vocalise it.

Mainly what interviewers are wanting you to do in that kind of task is vocalise what you're thinking.

People will often vocalise a disdain for a product without denouncing other people who use said product.

It's like I think the "concept" very quickly/immediately, and then a split second later I vocalise it.

I was trying to vocalise this feeling but did not find the right explanation why I enjoyed so much the selection of random stuff.

> Are there organisms that use geometry to shape sound to send a signal?Wouldn’t this include pretty much any animal than can vocalise?

One of the harder things with English pronunciation I found was to be able to correctly vocalise "warm" and "worm", "****" and "crepe" and similar.

Sometimes I write things like that just because I am typing my thoughts into code as they come to me, and that's just how I happened to vocalise it in my head.

Probably more than you'd think, although they'd not be so dumb as to vocalise it as one's career depends entirely on one's percieved capabilities.

While you argue your case, that one has to vocalise if one wants something, well, you are still ignoring the basic want of not having your privacy violated and the fact that you can vocalise something willfully, without it being spied away from you.

I'm not saying you should actively vocalise that you don't believe a victim, just that you shouldn't be piling on to someone or contributing to them losing everything if you don't know whether they're guilty and are otherwise unfamiliar with the victim.

Vocalise definitions


sing (each note a scale or in a melody) with the same vowel

See also: vocalize


pronounce as a vowel; "between two consonants, this liquid is vowelized"

See also: vocalize vowelize vowelise


express or state clearly

See also: articulate enunciate vocalize


utter with vibrating vocal chords

See also: voice sound vocalize


utter speech sounds

See also: vocalize phonate