Karma in a sentence as a noun

If you're too obsessed with your karma, you're focusing on the wrong things.

All of the accusers had karma greater than 1500, and atleast two of them were on HN since at least 2 years.

Sure banning people who attract spam works but in the long run it will cause some serious karma fallout.

I'm here to collect my OSS karma as I contributed a couple of the wallpapers to this one.

Comment karma had a function for readers, not just for account owner's inner satisfaction.

My issue with pending comments requiring endorsements is that I have been here for several years and I only have 247 karma.

Additionally, I would recommend that authors of a parent post should be able to see all child posts regardless of their karma.

If you can make me laugh and then think, then more power and karma to you, but most of us are unable to produce such witty insight on the fly all the time.

Why does HN give karma points for submitting articles?That's never made any sense to me. All it does is encourage this kind of behavior, where you submit everything you can find in the hopes of gaining points.

I'll probably never hit 1000 karma, and now I'm even more disincentived to post since the chances of someone actually seeing what I post will now be even lower.

When vote counts where active, this effect caused many instances where an excellent comment was found greyed out at the bottom of the page until a few smart HN folks with high karma voted it back up.

What an evil tool, I should quit it as it stains my karma!- I don't use it any more, but every time I pass by the toolbox it reminds me that I still have it and I get this strong urge to get rid of it.

Below, Babuskov raised the point that the endorsement system will obstruct useful back-and-forth discussions between sub-kilokarma users in buried threads that often takes the place of a private messaging system on HN.

If not, commenting on a several-day-old thread will guarantee that you can never post another comment, since once threads drop off the front page it's not likely that many 1000+ karma users will even see those comments, never mind endorse them.

This way cliques of mean/non-insightful users can upvote each other to their heart's content without making any appreciable difference in their karma value.- The above would fix the quality of articles on the front page, not just the quality of comments.

Karma definitions


(Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person's actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation