How to use Unswayed in a sentence as an adjective

It wasn't easy because search engineering was populated by Alpha fans who were unswayed by the 10x cost advantage. As late as 2001, I sat in multiple focus groups where all the enterprise customers said Linux was not yet ready for the datacenter.

You might argue that even if Germany had been unswayed, the Americans and British would have been. That may be true, but then you are just pushing the task of using violence to stop Hitler onto another party.

Those are appointed positions and in particular, positions designed to be unswayed by the electorate. It's useful information, I guess, but to give them equal placement with all the other elected representatives implies a naivete about our political structure.

While I have no interest in Swift whatsoever, I'm unswayed by a few tight loop, simple benchmarks. It would be interesting to compare larger programs that are part of cpu-bound computations.

Edit: after downvotes I decided to read the whole thing afterall, but remain unswayed. This guy has an important opportunity and I sincerely dislike seeing it squandered.

The degree to which science "stands as an ideological force" is the same degree to which it has failed in its primary mission -- to accurately and objectively measure nature, unswayed by human beliefs and attitudes about nature. Oh, well, the authors are psychologists, a profession famously out of touch with science and its requirements.

This isn't a right/left piece where everyone is going to come and comment based on their views and their opposition to the opposing viewpoint and be unswayed at all based on the discussion.

If we all operated as purely rational individuals, unswayed by emotions, the vast majority of consumerism that exists in society would be gone. Singling out IAPs and free-to-play titles specifically while not going after basically every single consumer-based industry in the world is inconsistent and unfair to one specific sector.

That you can't do this is precisely why the pretty labels you plaster it with are utterly unconvincing to anyone unswayed by simplistic feelgood propaganda.

If you're not swayed -- remain unswayed. Others may be.

That's another reason why I remain unswayed in my detestation for systemd: I'd seen this movie before and I don't like how it ends.

So my opinion, which I try to base off the majority view of science, is unswayed. If the CRU folks had "hidden the decline" from public discourse and corrected for it in their data, that'd also be an ethics problem.

Maybe one is more intuitive than the other, but I'm unswayed by the "one is fixed in real life" argument.

Perhaps it's that you have a relationship with yourself that is quite settled - you accept all the parts of yourself and are largely unswayed by what other's think. That sounds like a zen place to be, but also unrealistic.

We like to believe ourselves to be discerning, rational beings, unswayed by propaganda but study after study and the existence of the entire advertising industry provides strong evidence this is not the case.

You do not see meaning in it, so you remain unswayed. Neither outcome would cause you to change your position, which implies your position is actually just a definition.

The point I intended to make above was that most people either outright reject or remain unswayed by these kinds of studies. ]

They're a know-nothing movement unswayed by economic research and proudly ignorant concerning, among a myriad of hard truths, the realities of operating in the modern global economy. They think with a simple wave of their plastic sovereignty wand, Britain will be magically restored to some fictional past where a dominant UK thrived in an economic self-sufficiency bubble.

If only 1% of voters are informed, and a misinformation campaign can sway 2% of otherwise evenly-divided voters, it becomes the dominant factor -- even if the informed voters are unswayed.

A lot of innovative people tend to be unswayed by our strange moral fads. Seems like talent is being left on the table.

You might find that she was unswayed and you learned the ineffectiveness of targeted advertising for that specific person. After reading the message, "Sure I saw the ads, cared about them as much as any other - ignored them".

Ests that actually measure stuff give you data, and proudly claiming to be unswayed by data because you can imagine an exception is not rigorous. Agreed, and likewise I would appreciate an understanding of the lack of absolute certitude of the predictive power of said data to an instantiation without giving external factors weight.

Tests that actually measure stuff give you data, and proudly claiming to be unswayed by data because you can imagine an exception is not rigorous.

Rather, it's merely that should you find yourself unswayed by seemingly knowledgeable people, some introspection may be in order: do you have a reason for disagreement beyond mere conviction?

What then would be your reason for being unswayed by similar information in email form? I'm guessing you just have an opposition in principle to marketing via email, but not an opposition in principle to marketing on a webpage.

Unswayed definitions


not influenced or affected; "stewed in its petty provincialism untouched by the brisk debates that stirred the old world"- V.L.Parrington; "unswayed by personal considerations"

See also: uninfluenced untouched