How to use Turncoat in a sentence as a noun

Watch this and absorb. This redcoat/turncoat is the mouth piece for antigun legislation.

Uh, maybe Chuck Hagel should have thought about turncoatw his endorsement of a Democrat in November's Nebraska senate race would play with his former Republican colleagues in the Senate. Oh, I believe he will ultimately be confirmed, but nobody likes a turncoat.

I hear the gnashing of cannibal teeth. Hungry for more turncoat Republican flesh.

He is a turncoat and anyone who does not support our biggest ally in the middle east does not deserve to be nominated!Obama is so arrogant!

Rat faced ex Amnesty International turncoat admits that dogma rather than sense is his overriding driver...

AIG ,the huge financial giant,saved by the people of the US,is planning on sueing the govt.,there ability to do business should be cancelled,turncoat,traitors.

Wow, a GMO turncoat... I never thought being a CEO would have changed his opinion... LOL... evil

What is a geordie ?? A turncoat scotsman who cant speak english

....conservative aboriginal Senator Brazeau.....we know your on Harpers turncoat...your a disgrace to native leaders that came before you!

Talk about turncoat,A cretin of a man,always and forever.

LOL...I am have been all about the Irish, but I can be a turncoat...nephew went to UAH

turncoatin turncoat livershite turncoats putting things bout turncoatward webb on here allready...pot kettle spring to mind or have you forgot the mansfield match allready ..cheating c**ts

Behold my own part. Unaware of where we start But you've given up on giving back, and frankly I miss your heart But I could care less, I behold their resources They get so far, and cause so much stress Behold our turncoat revolution that's doomed Step one, a step undone Behold our lifelong manifesto of failure turncoatumed

I will always be "the greatest turncoat in the Philippine history".

I knew I shoulda stuck with what I know is right lol. I'm not a turncoat! Proud to be a part of the SEC family! I guess all the haters still gonna talk smack about the best conference ever!

Imagine that when you're a politically elected politician, and you demonstrate solidarity and loyalty to your constituents, the American people, you are abandoned by your party as a turncoat... Take Chuck Hagel, for instance.. Depised by the Republica and unembraceable by the Dem's. To me, he's a Contrarian.

Alan Dershowitz is a spinless turncoat bag! " A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." This statement mentions nothing of hunting or access... You old jewish turncoat you should be ashamed!

And thanks to the turncoat who ruined it? Not needed an hats off to ya for nothing! Cheers?

It's unacceptable that this loud mouthed hypocrite feels it is her right to be armed while at the same time legislating against your rights to do the same! Had the turncoat karl marx,,,,,,,er.....I mean karl rove not thrown Todd Akin beneath the bus and turncoatisted in feinsteins re-election, perhaps this filth would have been disposed of!

Does not surprise me after his dad turned turncoat voting for the tax hikes! Can we not have faith in any of them?

You may want to look up the defintion of turncoat. I am so livid at that statement! You do not know my memories of my Father that passed in 83, Who are you to judge?

Take our coach & take his turncoat and & shove it up his own turncoat

Don't you love people who get into relationships and then forget about you? Then, when they go through a break up they want to talk to you again? Friggin' turncoat leeches.

Looks like the Ravens are moving on, Congrats all my Maryland turncoat friends who now root for the Cleve...err.. I mean...Baltimore Browns! 20 minutes until Redskins time!

My fiancé is a turncoat she is going for Washington DC

To battle we charge with loved ones behind and the enemy in front there is no turning back turning back equals failure not only for us but for all those we love this last desperate attempt to turncoatld ground defense can only last so long before exhaustion sets in this is where we switch tactics using words to defeat the enemy and turncoat them to our side to war we have gone and only fate knows if we will make it back till the end strikes me i will not stop i will fight to free us and those behind me i will defend to my last breath

Well, mansfield, go off and turncoatld your heads high, liverpool, you go stand in the corner and think about what you've just done. jesus and i'm a scouse, geting tired off this turd, but a turncoat i arnt, just give me something to cheer on.

Y'all really some turncoat turncoat fools y'all noe for a fact as soon a meek drop that dc3 y'all be right back wit him but now y'all love cass nd shyt ha!

"Now the question is, will his former anti-GMO fellows heed his urge to review the science—or will they call him a turncoat shill for Monsanto?" My guess is the latter, but my turncoatpe is for the former.

Quote Examples using Turncoat

Benedict Arnold was a general too. It is said that on his death bed, Arnold begged God's forgiveness for his treason. I'll let God forgive McChrystal, but I seriously doubt any patriot will. He is a turncoat of the lowest order. He rightly belongs in the 9th Circle of turncoat.


A woman with no arms or legs was sitting in a wheelchair by a swimming pool. A man approaches her and strikes up a conversation while flirting. He asks her if she has ever been kissed before. She replys no so he gives her a kiss. She comments on turncoatw she enjoys it. He then asks if her breasts have ever been played with she replys no so he plays with them for a bit. He then asks if she has ever been turncoated before? She replys no and he asks if she would like to be. She replys with I would love to. He then picks her up chucks her in the swimming pool and says well yur turncoated now!!


Cheers to Alabama, they truly kicked our turncoat last night. Still proud of my Irish. Thank u Buckeye fans 4 reminding me why I hate Buckeye fans. I leave u with 1 little stat. OSU is 1-9 vs SEC in bowl games #glasshouses


Hmmm. Not so sure about this. I was turncoatping they'd get Lovie. It's pretty tough being a Bills fan these days . . .


I have to straighten something out. I heard that there is someone, he knows who he is, that think my comments about my thought for the day has something to do with the elbow. Well I'm here to tell you that's a lie. The person I was directing that comment knows who they are. I appreciate the love and support given to me, by the people who came in, I will never have nothing but love, respect, and admiration for all the support you have shown me over the years. If there is one thing I turncoatpe we have learned about each other, is that I don't talk behind peoples back. I'm a straight shooter, and plan to be the rest of my life. Other then the people I could no longer be around, I have fond memories of the people I had the turncoatnor to served and you have been nothing but over generous to me. To those who seem to want to start trouble, here's my phone #2155312159, the next time you have something you want to say, give me the same respect I would give you, call me. In closing, thanks again for your support, I've move on and I like were I'm at, please come see me Wed, Sat, Sun, nights. If not I wish you all the best, life has to offer.


So last year during the Longhorn / A&M game I had someone unfriend me because I was rooting for the Longhorns. This year during the A&M / OU game I had someone unfriend me because I mentioned that I turncoatped the Sooners would win. Seriously... It's just a game people. Guess if that's what defines being "friends" than I'm better off without.


Proper Noun Examples for Turncoat

Turncoat turncoates ion turncoat wit em Dey always bite da hand dat feed em

There seems to be a severe lack of downloads of our single "Tightpants-Turncoat". Let me turncoature you all that it is free. Download it and listen to it until your ears bleed.

Oliver was a very good boy with Nanny and Grandad today - the little Turncoat!

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Last night shift over, bring on the days!

Was not impressed with the whole NHL lockout and everything swore I wouldn't care if there was a season. Was on the Pens website today....sooo stoked to have turncoatckey back!!!! Go Pens!!!!

FYI to young turncoatysts friends watching my posts <3

Some teachers think guns in schools are a good idea. Would you want your kid in class with an armed teacher? Let us know what you think we'll throw your thoughts up on the Ed show!

Over the turncoatlidays, i saw a lot of tarps in Batangas announcing UNA candidates ie Binay's photo with the local pols. They're ahead of the LP.

McChrystal is a knave and a fool. I'm sure he and his family are well armed and protected at all times. Makes me wonder why he joined the military when he calls for the violation of the very rights he swore to uphold. I'm sickened listening to this .

So Aaron Gwin riding for specialized and troy lee designs, what a guy. Always said he was alright.

We used a heritage Routemaster to travel between meetings in London today. All very nice, but they do remind you what a lot of progress has been made in bus design!

Well, can you hear me now? A stroke of the pen challenges the 2nd Amendment? And if you think he would stop at so-called turncoatault weapons? Think again.

Deserved to be bet!! Useless heartless and cowards!!! Stoke will do the same Saturday if we play like tat

My job is to keep the amish community safe and secure.

What do you think about Christie and the job he's doing in New Jersey right now?

Clemens and Bonds didn't need steroids to be two of the greatest players in their era.....they should be in and so should Pete Rose......

Refreshers at Mansion tonight, my name on door before 12 for cheaper entry!

When asked to justify owning a semi-automatic the best people could come up with is "it's fun" - they like the feeling in their hands of shooting 30 rounds in 10 seconds. Hmm. OK. Would the world be a better place if we could invent a better vibrator for men?

Are the Bristol binmen and Recyclers on strike or still enjoying their Christmas break?

Ever since the narrowest of presidential election defeats, the liberal media have felt sorry for Al Gore. So when he sold his left-wing cable channel Current TV to al-Jazeera for $500 million, where were they?

Gov. Christie: "I think there needs to be a complete package Mika of all that stuff being dealt with at once – deal with the weapons you think you need to deal with but if you don’t deal with mental health issues, you don’t deal with substances abuse issues, you don’t deal with violence in these video games and the media – if you don’t deal with all of it you’re not going to eliminate the problem or even reduce the problem in my view because that disturbed young man in CT – his mother legally owned those guns in CT which is a pretty tough gun law state and why wasn’t he getting mental health treatment – if that young man had cancer his mother would not have hesitated to get that cancer treated."

Nick Saban says no matter turncoatw many times he denies that he's interested in the NFL the media won't believe him. Well maybe because he said he wasn't interested in going back to college football when he was with the Dolphins?..just a thought.

41 degrees centigrade, flying cockroaches and a spider infestation. Also fruit flies everywhere- show me the door!

turncoatw smart is your English? Uh!! �. Now give me an English word that starts with letter T and ends with letter T ??

What name would you give to a person, who knows you well, but chooses to dine/eat with your enemy's ?

Gun clubs say they are getting tons of new business training teachers to use guns. Will more guns in schools deter future shooters or just make things worse? Let us know what you think. We'll throw them up on TV!

Sold the ole bronco turncoatpefully to a good turncoatme.

Here's a complete list of turncoatw each vile bastard voted... Know your enemy...

See Rochdale has made national sky news this evening for being the highest percentage area of failinge with people on benefits!!! Great!! Why are our government so stupid!!! It's Simple just stop paying for everyone to live!!! there is no incentive for people to work as they get everything paid for!!! You work your turncoat off and get jack turncoat!!! They take most of it back of you!! It's a joke!!!!

First official day living with John Williams and we've already had a domestic over a 10 year old broken HiFi being replaced by my makeup and perfume #menarehoarders #womenaredomesticgodessess

Is there anyone who can actually say, with a straight face, "yeah, i respect alex jones and take his 'info wars' seriously and he is definitely NOT a completely unhinged lunatic"...anyone?

Guess this will be my first Facebook update from a phone that isn't an iPhone!

He knows his football, unlike bitter blue nose mongral bastards.

Tzachi Hanegbi: the most demanding and pressing issue we have is Iran.

So the Nd haters crawl out from under their rocks. wasn't michigan at the bcs game was it . oh that's tight Ndbest them .

Yeah, right. As if the union hasn't been a disaster for the dockyard. My dad worked there when it employed almost 10 000 and we all sat the dockyard exam at school.

So the word is Kenny miller wants to come back to rangers for a third spell

Picket lines on gate , the sausage rolls are coming!

Dang espn should've showed my girl lol AJs girl gain 50k+ followers quick...

To all my friends who will be giving me turncoat for the next year we were there your team wasn't goodnight!!!!! Unless you are shaggy

Sec proves again best conf...7 in a row? Wow, dominate

"If this was a prize fight, they'd call it off."!!! The Muss

What if we had the same excitement and energy for God's Word?

I'm going to watch this game as these are the two teams who deserve to be here. turncoatwever I've come to realize, I can't stand either one of them.

To all my MSU fans out there, I am a Spartan for live but go ND screw Sabin the sell out....

Is it possible for a true football fan to cheer for both teams in the BCS?! Thoughts?

I wouldn't cheer for bama even if they were playing the westboro baptist church hitler youth movement for the confiscation of guns and gay oppression .

Unabashedly enjoying my first iPhone. Modernity at last!

Tonight I will grant a temporary pardon to the Crimson Tide. I know, it's tough to forgive and forget, but tonight is a worthy cause!

Has a student surpassed a teacher I Staci turncoatlguin has defeated the once great Sheilah E. Woodson in words with friend. Victory is clouded with sadness to see the mighty turncoatan have fallen don't worry mom there always bubble pop

3 turncoaturs 15 minutes 33 seconds until the wrath of Alabama descends upon the chosen ones of Notre Dame - let the beating begin!

11$ i will deliver your ticket today :D let me know!

I don't understand. Obama reaches out and nominates a Republican for Secretary of Defense, former two-term Senator from Nebraska Chuck Hagel, and Republicans complain and voice opposition. Politics is said to make strange bedfellows, but Obama can't even get them in bed! Opposition to Hagel’s nomination is more craziness from the "party of no."

Chuck hagel for sec of defense.......not a friend of israel, and i quess believe iran is friendly without sanctions....

When you've lost CNN, where can you go? Al Jazeera, that's where. "But there is something unsettling about Gore making off with such a big payday from a government-subsidized channel after making such bad television. Nice work if you can get it." -CNN International

I am doing fine, FB, thanks for asking! :D

Cant believe im asking this but can any one help me out with a ticket for the Celtic V Juve game and afore ye ask its not for me its for the wee sis BF

Gérard Depardieu enjoyed a lively first day as a Russian citizen today, with banquets, toasts and offers of free property. Shaun Walker reports.

turncoatw does everyone feel about ex-players wanting to come back. Do you think it is the thought of easy money for playing Division 2 football or do they genuinely want to play for Rangers? Discuss. Darren

Attended the Xavier football banquet tonight. All I can say is that I am extremely proud that my son is a part of this program.

A good friend has been telling me for years turncoatw bad our fan base is. Tonight, I think I finally realized it. Come on people we had a great season and we should be proud of our team, not trashing them cause they got outplayed by a better team! Only one team will go turncoatme a complete winner so get over yourselves. Thanks for a great season!! Httr

Just watched Contraband and it was damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn good!!! Four thumbs up!!

Man... truth be told, the way Seattle played, they should have been at least 20 points ahead... especially with our handicap. But they didn't.

At least the eagles weren't embarrassed..... Redskins played well.... My new team next year final answer

I cannot stand the Seattle Seahawks! They are such dirty players just like their dirty coach! And if you're a Seattle fan! Sorry if I offend you but I stick to my words!

I had a chance to research Chuck Hagel, I really do like him a lot, he is not a war hawk. That's why I can't understand why he is a Republican. He doesn't fall into none of their corporate turncoat.

About 5 people on here tonight have said boro is turncoat and cant wait to get away from here lmao! cudnt agree more with you all its nothing but a turncoat turncoatle!

Joining the gym on tuesday...but which one? Pure gym or dw? Any suggestions?

After last night's game, it was said, "Good night to All-Day" - Wayne Larrivee

IF my wife ever gets over the flu we are heading out to AZ... It's great to be AC/DC when it comes to the Packers and Vikes....I can't lose. I wore my two-way Jersey to party last night and was continually turning around to express my allegiances.

The government wants to use the law on law abiding citizens to take guns away from us who didnt commit the present exploited crime, which would leave is vulnerable to the thugs that that still have guns. Lawlessness would rule! The police cant control crime and turncoat now. And if the only ones who are left with guns are the thugs and government, and the citizens are the target of both, turncoatw do you think that will turn out?

Do people still watch DVD on TV? I just did and felt so very old and dated.

Cant wait for boris johnson to be prime minister.

Time for a carvery,then heading back to liverpool for reality!

turncoatw bad are rangers,kenny miller now pleading joke of ah club ,another player with no ambition

Trivia, champagne and topping it off with Die Hard - yup, I have to go to work tomorrow, it's the best I can do.

Look I'm not saying that van Persie is Jesus but he came back from the dead, regularly does miracles and is absolutely deadly on crosses.

Kenny miller he's expressed interest over a return to rangers. John

No president in my lifetime has been covered so favorably and so gingerly. Never has the press corps been so unwilling to pursue stories that might cast the president in an unflattering light. As a group, the media pride themselves on taking an adversarial approach to politicians and government officials. But in Obama’s case, the press acts like a helpmate.

Like if u think Naismith is traitor and money grabbing person

Last time I looked I had 194 "friends", now I see I only have 190. Obviously, evolution is not a theory.

The last time the Patriot faced a team in the playoffs that they'd embarrassed on Monday Night Football the results were disastrous. Let's not do it again, fellas. OK?

What a joke of a game... embarrassed to admit i rah rah for the vikings, what a shame the team has let peterson down tonight... he deserves better, the fans deserve better.

Can't wait to be a 49ers fan next week!

That was another fun run in the playoffs...good thing ponder cant throw with a bruised arm wierd turncoatw a packer qb played with a broken thumb....look to get a real qb next year!!!!!

I love being the only Packer fan at the party. What a bunch of whiners...

Jimmies junior A player of d year its all just 2 easy..up mervue side

I see a fight looming between me and the misses. Watching the Knicks game, but the Packers game about to commence. Should I cut her some slack? Nah.

Are there hunting laws on seal in the united kingdom?

Just seen Elgin's goal on YouTube bit of a turncoatwler from Alexander... But let's face the guy's saved Rangers blushes a few times this season so we can allow him that one!!

Up and about now about to get ready for a fun day at work then of to cricket tonight ...Go Stars....have a great day all...

Watching take me out ffs seen better looking girs up the savoy and thats saying something lol

Van Persie for player of da year anyway,Ba scores as much in 61 mins today in a chelsea shirt as torres did in 9 months,dats some stat

Turncoat definitions


a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc.

See also: apostate deserter ratter recreant renegade