Plausible in a sentence as an adjective

"I don't know about anybody else, but this seems pretty plausible to me.

While GPU security isn't my area of expertise, the driver issues seem very plausible.

Additionally, it is quite plausible that Paypal could demonstrate that success is a curse to new businesses and most which blow up proceed to, well, blow up.

This provides a plausible mechanism for their synthesis in the asteroid parent bodies, and supports the notion that they are extraterrestrial," says Callahan.

This seems to be a completely plausible claim, and that would be a reason why many American voters or leaders of countries allied to the United States might desire the current leadership of NSA to resign and be replaced with more competent leaders.

Plausible definitions


apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful; "a plausible excuse"


given to or characterized by presenting specious arguments; "a plausible liar"