Thrusting in a sentence as a noun

[1] For safety reasons, thrusting and knee strikes are not allowed.

This is vastly more mass efficient than simply thrusting in the reverse direction.

Vector thrusting and some massive amount of thrust provided by those snazzy pratt and whitney F119 turbofans.

"But I fail to see how this article is not tantamount to thrusting your own sexual preferences onto someone else's.

This is like saying knives are too dangerous to have the in the kitchen because you are in the habit of thrusting your hand blindly into the knife drawer.

Russians tortured the scientists by thrusting burning slivers under their fingertips and pouring water into their noses.

If two objects are in the same orbit, one thrusting towards another in the direction of the orbit puts the first at a higher orbit and it'll rise with respect to second object.

Also, the thrusting resolution is rather coarse: if the apogee is any higher than about halfway to the edge, two clicks will send the bird into the barrier, so you only get one attempt.

The flapping wings are horizontally oriented and flapping vertically, so they're primarily thrusting forwards.

You can orient yourself freely if you're not thrusting, and indeed 'flying backwards' by getting some thrust going and then doing a 180 so you can fire at the enemy with your forward-facing weapons is a pretty essential tactic.

They moved in slow circles, circling closer and closer to enclose, to enclose, soft language issuing from their lips, their long swishing tails besmeared with stale shite, thrusting upwards their terrific faces...>> Help!>> He flung the blankets from him madly to free his face and neck.

Thrusting definitions


a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow); "he warned me with a jab with his finger"; "he made a thrusting motion with his fist"

See also: jabbing poke poking thrust