Jabbing in a sentence as a noun

I prefer not jabbing things under my skin.

How does it being fiction stop people jabbing and poking at it?

Good grief has he really never had someone repeatedly jabbing the touch screen on the back of his seat?

I'm jabbing at the article for not giving us enough information to justify that conclusion.

I personally can't imagine jabbing at my desktop monitor with my finger.

I'm not an expert but I have been advised that the tuna would not be able to \nbe caught on the single piece circular baited jabbing hooks that I have in the site.

I find this interesting seeing as how the majority of your post is about "jabbing" people and speaking emotionally.

The analogy that spring to mind is a tourist onboard a nuclear submarine who is jabbing his finger wildly at the controls without knowing what any of the buttons and levers do.

We use it inside the Screenhero office quite a lot tooAside from eating our own dogfood, it lets us point without physically jabbing our fingers at the screen, which is actually pretty powerful!

Case in point: a man by the name of Thomas Shaw engineered a syringe that after it's use the tip retracts inside of the syringe to prevent people from jabbing themselves, an obviously genius idea, right?

For instance, a few decades ago jabbing an icepick into someone's brain via an eye socket and swinging it side by side to destroy frontal lobe tissue was considered to be a valid mental illness treatment [1].

The point, if any, was just jabbing at how he is constantly gifting us with ingenious demos, but markets in such a way that people tend to think "D3 is a great library because it lets you do this" rather than "Mike Bostock is a genius for coming up with this.

Fiat money is a consequence of any appreciably large human society; without it, we would be living in tiny groups in the wilderness, jabbing each other with spears whenever we had a disagreement, or we would be trying to convince government officials that our sheep are of high enough quality to be accepted as a tax payment.

To the extent nobody sees a use for styli, is that because they are really useless, or because right now every program you use has been optimized for the fact that you're just sort of jabbing at the screen?By no means should a cell phone require one, but there are vistas opened by styli that we may want to explore after the novelty of "holy cow, tablets!

Jabbing definitions


a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow); "he warned me with a jab with his finger"; "he made a thrusting motion with his fist"

See also: poke poking thrust thrusting