Poking in a sentence as a noun

I think he was poking fun at the startup guy there.

Don't worry, we will still have brains to spare after someone does an A/B test on poking.

I kind of started poking around at the backend protocol this morning.

Even something small, like constantly poking at the fact that one of your fellow hackers also has an MBA.

Just pointing out that the last time he was around, he was poking fun at 22 year olds going into finance for absurdly high incomes.

I mean, it is amazing how many people were poking fun at the "awful coding practices" and the "bug-laced codebase".

Finally I started poking around in the git object model, and learning how I can clean up my local history before a push.

I actually think I do. Go does offer a couple of primitives for poking into memory, but it is my opinion that a systems language needs much more refined control over memory layout and allocation.

"Update: After poking at this more, its possible that Apple is using a simplified tier structure in which entire files are moved to the SSD and backed up the HDD, rather than a more sophisticated caching mechanism.

Products like this are great, as they teach children how to get around stupid arbitrary restrictions from a young age, so are less likely to end up as drooling passive consumers poking at a tablet and more likely to become hackers.

Is this a very productive type of article for this site?Absolutely not, let's please flag it and ask the moderators to ban these kinds of articles, as they beget political discussions, where we go round and round and round: you can look up very similar sorts of discussions on usenet from the 1980ies if you do some poking.

They're gently poking fun that Tesla vehicles are extremely safe, especially compared to fires - and then sticking it to critics further by actually announcing improvements to further reduce the already very low numbers of fire and further increase the already highest rating ever for a safety check for a vehicle.

Isn't it funny to think about how, if Tridge hadn't done what he did, if all of Linus' public shaming of Tridge had done the trick and the Linux kernel had stayed on Bitkeeper, that we wouldn't have had git, or Github?Linus did a good job of coming up with a replacement tool in a hurry, but I'm also grateful to Tridge for poking a stick into the hornets' nest.

I don't assert that early-childhood regression, severe cognitive disabilities, barely-lingual, no eye contact, compulsive behaviors, self-harm, stimming, problems with loud noises, and seemingly random inappropriate decisions like disrobing or running into traffic or poking a stranger or trying to enter an interesting-looking house are the canonical Autism.

Poking definitions


a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow); "he warned me with a jab with his finger"; "he made a thrusting motion with his fist"

See also: jabbing poke thrust thrusting