Technicality in a sentence as a noun

* ...but it seems extremely dubious to argue that this is even a real technicality.

The guy was released from jail because of a technicality in the prosecution.

When your only hope the rest of your life won't be utter **** is getting off on a technicality, something is messed up.

This is a technicality, but there's a difference between a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme.

It's not a technicality, they charged him under an inappropriate statute.

Attempting to alienate the President from an official press release from the White House is pushing a bit too far on a technicality.

So the justices went back through the record and found a technicality, as such they found a way Ali wouldn't be found guilty of dodging the draft due to a procedural error.

After 6 months, the student was finally reinstated, only through a technicality that he too was being denied a free and appropriate education.

I feel the article would have been more instructive if she had provided information like:What exactly was the technicality that prevented her from getting a visa?

If they were strong-armed into cooperation before, it'd be foolish to assume that they can get out of it on such a flimsy technicality as a in-device encryption.

The notion that searching the phone pushes the bounds of "incident to arrest" searches is at best a technicality; under the same pattern of facts, a warrant for the search would be a no-brainer as well.

Wow, I bet Hong Kong is thrilled that a technicality allowed Snowden to leave their turf and free them from a potential diplomatic headache... meanwhile defending the right to privacy of their citizens...

[1] Most also wouldn't meet the DSM criteria for substance abuse either, except for a technicality in the criteria that references the legal status of the drug, which is naturally self-fulfilling.

Both Comey and Mueller were prepared to resign, from a Republican administration, over what most Americans would consider a legal technicality --- in a program whose goal they supported, and whose harm to the American people was abstract.

A journalistic and literary trope I increasingly despise: creating an elaborate and evocative metaphorical description of something without naming what it actually is, often with the side-effect of making a rather mundane technicality sound all gee-wiz and confusing rather than enlightening the reader.

Technicality definitions


a detail that is considered insignificant

See also: trifle triviality