How to use Supernaturally in a sentence as an adverb

Because the bad guys aren't supernaturally good at their job, you can go back and ask followup questions. You can check one guy's testimony against the next guy's.

I still think it's no coincidence that Gavin is spearheading Bitcoin- He is impressive because he's very down-to-earth but still supernaturally smart. I'm not sure Bitcoin would have gone anywhere without him.

You have to give Obama credit though, he is supernaturally charismatic and completely amoral, not to mention the best centrist in US political history. I think that when he is gone and his powers of charisma and diversion have long dissipated, history will not be kind to him.

This is not because I'm supernaturally good at holding on to things, but because I do a reasonable amount of hand writing. I'm not saying the solution is necessarily a gazillion-dollar writing instrument / fashion accessory, but just like fancy features start out in the Mercedes S-class and then make their way to cars mere mortals might own, hopefully if this technology is truly viable we'll be finding it on drugstore shelves a decade or so hence.

I think it would be poetic justice if in a triumph of naturalism we actually cloned him and got only boring copies because the real Ramanujan actually got his insights supernaturally, like he claimed...

What God does supernaturally in people's lives . .

One of the reasons why this talk is so impressive is that the interviewer is also 'supernaturally smart' - every question is on point, and one can see how much the interviewer's understanding of Bitcoin evolves during the course of an hour. Superb interview.

Or consider people who believe that if they follow the precepts of their particular religion, they will be rewarded supernaturally after death. While there is no scientific knowledge to support that point of view, there's also no scientific knowledge that disproves it either.

The language we use is probably based on ideas that they supernaturally-granted or something like that... which is silliness, but I don't think we should change the habitual phrasings...

It won't be long until the first accident involving a genetically modified puppy that's so supernaturally cute it causes fatalities.

I am normally a pretty level dude, but in this case I really do believe we are dealing with something supernaturally evil. This isn't snooping on randoms, it's exposing demons for what they are.

Let's train people in the law of attraction and compare them to people trained to be non-supernaturally lucky, and see who gets luckier.

Because of this, the girl grew up prescient, supernaturally aware of when other people were in danger or about to be harmed, and compelled to do anything in her power to protect them from it. I'm pretty sure I've seen problems that are almost as bad in some of the codebases that I've worked with.

I have to admit though that "throw away everything we know about the nature of the cosmos and start again with the assumption that humans are supernaturally special" is not a great start. Also, it's from 2009 and I'm not aware of anything having come out of this.

To say that something happened supernaturally is not just to say we don’t understand it, but to say we will never understand it so don’t even try. Science takes exactly the opposite approach.

Pdf A government would have to be supernaturally incompetent to allow such a gap to develop.

I'm not going to claim that Swedish politicians are supernaturally prescient or anything, but... the last time the Swedish military was closed down since it obviously would never be needed, was in the 1920s.

"Changing employment conditions" is a supernaturally charitable phrasing.

For example the need for a supernaturally provided moral code that’s comprehensible to us follows from the reality that the human intellect truly is incapable of conceiving the possibility infinite higher order consequences of our actions. Thankfully we have some basic heuristics like don’t **** people for no reason that help us out there.

Dude the shellfish in Chile are much more exotic than that, dude Piure, I want to eat, tastes like money, supernaturally high in vanadium metal, and that's not even the most exotic. And when I was little I would put insects in my mouth, with intellect to know why were clean which weren't.

Supernaturally definitions


in a supernatural manner; "she was preternaturally beautiful"

See also: preternaturally