Antipathy in a sentence as a noun

"But I never really had to face the kind of antipathy the Freedom Riders had to face.

Personal antipathy or sympathy should not matter that much.

If there is antipathy toward the wrongdoers, there is no basis for directing this to the innovators themselves.

That does not mean antipathy toward one must necessarily be the same as antipathy toward another.

I am intrigued by the antipathy that is often expressed toward Airbnb in the very circles where technological changes is heartily approved.

He manipulated witnesses with lies calculated to cause anger, mistrust, and antipathy towards the defendant.

There's more to judging a company's "interestingness" than its apparent antipathy to elitism.

And he's told his fans "I don't owe you anything," and has shown not only not-shame, but active antipathy to those who have the temerity to call him out on his irresponsibility.

[...] To induce them to approve of any change it is necessary that they should look upon it as a middle course: they think every proposal extreme and violent unless they hear of some other proposal going still farther, upon which their antipathy to extreme views may discharge itself".

"No one suggests that the Arabs as a people... suffer from some pathological antipathy to democracy"Actually, there is a fair amount of evidence that routine endogamy is a significant impediment to the development of democracy.

When emotions have run high, and parties have antipathy toward one another, it is good practice to help ensure the peace after their fight has been settled to require that they not speak badly of one another and to give a simple mechanism such as binding arbitration to help resolve any follow-on dispute over whether they have done so or not.

Antipathy definitions


a feeling of intense dislike

See also: aversion distaste


the object of a feeling of intense aversion; something to be avoided; "cats were his greatest antipathy"