Stuffiness in a sentence as a noun

With covid, it wasn't stuffiness... just couldn't smell, period.

Some people want to cheer for academic bookish stuffiness and boo the low-brow jockiness of field games.

Started with a dry cough out of nowhere, and no sore throat/stuffiness, and then the horrible fever set in with an awful cough.

I find the limiting factor for chair comfort is usually sweatiness/stuffiness.

For our children's generation, FB already is the pinnacle of boredom and stuffiness.

In January 2018, when a lot of people at the school where I teach were getting flu and colds, I got a "stuffiness" in my left ear that I figured would just go away.

It's actually good to promote the rights of oppressed people, and it's also highly suspect when other people pretend it's inappropriate to do so purely on grounds of stuffiness.

I wonder how long it will take until young people view FB membership as the epitome of stuffiness and boredom -- one of those things “our parents found cool when they were young and didn't know any better”.

Puritanical stuffiness seems to be popular in domestic policy.

Stuffiness definitions


state of obstruction or stoppage or air in the nose or throat


the quality of being close and poorly ventilated

See also: closeness


dull and pompous gravity

See also: stodginess