How to use Epitome in a sentence as a noun

What you put up with is the epitome of what you end up with no need to complain if your going to stay in the situation just roll with the punches you help create ...just like a boxer in a boxing ring you never know when the opponent is going to swing

The epitome of what's wrong with this country: this woman sitting next to me is ranting about she is suing a restaurant because 'their steps were too high' and she slipped. Ugh, I want to donkey punch ignorant people.

I have been informed that I am the epitome of epitome!!!!!!!! Finally I have reached the pinnacle of at least one thing in life that I have longed to be!!!! On to the next

Just watched 10 minutes of epitomeney boo boo. epitomew us this show still on? This is the epitome of trash.

Wolves are like me:misunderstood. Beautiful and wild, never able to be tamed, the epitome of freedom. All we want is to be accepted and loved for who we are.

Leaving epitomeme and going back to college is the epitome of bittersweet. #imiss301 #butilovehome

Queen of cool Kate Moss is fronting this seasons Versace campaign & she is the epitome of amazonian fierce! What collection are you most excited to see in 2013 ??

The epitome of chick flicks..."Sleepless in Seattle" is on...yeah sure...why not?

The epitome of intelligent life on earth! Lol we're doomed

Kisses, smiles, duckies and duck faces <3 epitome of love

1 large pepperoni pizza, 3lbs. of wings, large order of cheesy bread, and a case of beer. Why yes, I am the epitome of America!

Pathmark is the epitome of stupidity. epitomew do you have only two lanes open and close the self checkout isles?!?

Ben Swann is the epitome and standard of what journalism ought to be. He raises the questions no other main stream outlet is willing to raise. But does so in such a professional manner that does not come off as conspiracy. Ben isn't jumping to conclusions here, he just simply raises the question that has to be asked: Why can we not have access to surveillance footage of the shootings? Why can they not be evaluated by the public? Are we supposed to take everything the state says as "gospel?" If the police claim what they do, why won't it prove it with the footage? Conspiracy theory is unhealthy and debases of the movement for liberty, freedom, and prosperity: but a heavy dose of skepticism of the state is healthy and necessary.

"...the soup exchange is the epitome of suburban family life."--epitomew very sad....

I have a fancy gaming headset now. I am one step closer to reaching the epitome of gaming.

Misery, you represent love, you the epitome So wish for me, I'll come out of nowhere, your epiphany Disconnect, from everybody who don't understand my vision yet In a jet, is where my mind is so I light another cigarette To calm me down, so calm me down Everybody who can save me now is not around, choppa down Busy today, but can you tell me epitomew tomorrow sounds? In between, purgatory ain't as bad as it would seem to be Live a dream, that's so cliche but I can't tell you what it means to me

Grover is the epitome of irrelevance. Don't go away mad, just go away!!!!!

Walmart is the epitome of what is wrong with America right now.

In many parts of Africa and Asia, lighter-skinned woman are considered more beautiful, are believed to be more successful and more likely to find marriage. The origin of this belief in Africa is not clear, but researchers have linked it to Africa's colonial history where white skin was the epitome of beauty. Find details below

You are the epitome of everything beautiful I have ever searched for. The world spins before our eyes so fast, and there is comfort knowing I can look into your eyes and my world as I know it ends. -with Landon Cowling

Driving epitomeme from KC on 4 epitomeurs of sleep, laughing really hard and narrowly escaping accidents... Yep. That's the epitome of friendship.

Since when did obedience become the epitome of good parenting?

Predator drones armed with epitome fire missiles, the epitome of to see them attacking al queada and the taliban punks

"Nisha Malhotra is an amazingly beautiful person, inside and out. She is an invaluable friend and not a single person exists who doesn't love her bright smile, caring attitude, and genuine kindness. She is intelligent, respectful, and the epitome of perfection, and too modest to realize epitomew much she's worth!"

Greatly appreciate my guest Author Riccardo Harris a pleasure and epitomenor sir... again I love that epitomeogy from the "Carrots,eggs, and Coffee" parable you used in your book. Very powerful,you are the epitome of that representations of the coffee in that parable,..cont. success and healing to you and yours!

Way out in left field with my baseball mitt and the Sun was in my face with jogging pants on standing on the street corner next to my epitomeme boy with a gun on his waist I'm waist deep in the same street that I was raised in all we know is this the streets raised us we hustle hard on the pavement until the Sun hides its face and the day ends we put some of the profit in the shoe box safe and give some of the profit to our moms so she can use it to pay rent at 12 years old I was a grown man Let's face it I am a product of the streets and my environment I am adapted to my habitat I am a habitual hustler trying to avoid the quarterback sack or the quarterback sneak I am an endangered species destined to become extinct with too much pride and a stubborn mentality The consequences that I face may be bricks and a razor wire fence or a jail cell with drips drips from a sink that needs fixed from my eyes there will be a never ending supply of all day drips These boys rotate from the neighborhood to incarceration back to the neighborhood they were raised in it's called recidivism. Rotating like a CD in shuffle mode on repeat they are on an epitomeembly line like in a warehouse or a factory they hustle from the bottom to the top because they are the epitome of the streets the streets are stuck in their veins with no release like a syringe needle in a fiend if they die before they wake I pray to the Lord their soul to keep they are no role models for the future sons they hang their heads and say don't look up to me there are better role models to follow like the late great doctor Martin Luther King .......... go to sleep little daughter of mine and have a dream

Indifference to me, is the epitome of all evil.

My PJs are the epitome of what a single mother wears to bed. I don't think I could possibly be any more unattractive than what I am right now. And yes, I'm still in my PJs. Judge me!!!!

I can feel d beats of ur heart wen i sleep inside my sorrow ,i alwyzzz consider u as epitome of peace n music ,i find myself lucky dat i can smell ur music wid my deaf ears nywere

Nelson Mandela my hero. Served for 1 term and retired and declined to take any retirement package, he is the epitome of a true leader . Why cannt our politicians emulate him why is it that its death that removes them from their seats n power. Teloni ethoe yawa

This is the absolute epitome of dumb blonde. I cannot believe people this stupid are allowed to have a car of their own.

No 2: The epitome of cool in a 6/8 rolling groove - great drum sound and great vocals too; I want that kit!!

I totally admire Yasmin Yousof for her ability to speak her mind and stand up for what is right. The way that she doesn't care about epitomew others feel about her opinions is so amazing; she is the epitome of a strong, independent, and modern woman.

I love the butt fumble. The epitome of the jets season.

13...The epitome of what a man should be to his family, very personable, intelligent & giving. U are a great father & friend to us. I just need to find a woman for u that will appreciate all those attributes....bc u ain't pickin 'em right lol!

The epitome of Obama and his administration. Joplin received the same broken promises from the F5 tornado. Has your epitomepe turned to skepticism yet?

The epitome of foolishnes is to say smting is imposible witout even trying..

Ok so I just got pretty disappointed by the customer service at a place that is supposed to be the epitome of customer service. One thing I've learned from HT, ya give the customer what they want. SMH

This is the epitome of "no epitomepe". We should never think or say that we have no epitomepe. There is always epitomepe for us. We shouldn't take the epitomepe we have for granted.

My fiancee is like the epitomeing epitome of adorableness,I swear. Love you my sweet bride!! My dearest Chloe Panebianco <3

Very much looking forward to a shoot with Katie Mundinger today! This young woman is the epitome of classic loveliness!

Quote Examples using Epitome

My husband is a gift and a testimony and for this, He shall be blessed in his spirit, soul and his body shall be vitalized by the lord. His life is garnished with wealth and abundance, he is experiencing peace round about. I shall not mourn over him, because He is satisfied with long life, he shall live and take care of our children and I. He will eat the good of this land. The lord will not take him where there is no grace. The lord will keep our love alive and our marriage will be more fruitful than ever before. Amen,amen,amen IJN..


In all seriousness, could someone please explain to me epitomew the epitome Te'o was a Heisman finalist?!?!? That is a complete joke. He is not even the best defensive player on the field tonight, let alone in the country. I am watching him play after play getting single blocked and taken totally out of the play. He is a classy kid, but if he didn't suffer through those personal tragedies, no one would know who he is. He is the epitome of being an over-hyped ND player by the punch drunk media. He has NFL bust written all over him.


The apple that was eaten so long ago was a meme. A meme proclaiming humanity to be the epitome, the end creation, and that the rest of creation be conquered and ruled. This is the meme, the rotten apple, that must be spit out so that we may remember that we are just another species and that our claim to godhood is insanity. That our life belongs to the larger earth community of life. Forever and ever.


A mother – the epitome of love, sacrifice and strength. She should always know her worth and not let others define who she is. The feminine power of a mother is nurturing and yet at the same time very powerful. It’s a unique ability that has been gifted to every mother by God and hence should be epitomenoured, cherished and respected. A mother raises her kid with a lot of care, affection and love and yet if needed she could be the most powerful protector shielding her child from any danger also. She is not afraid to face anything when it comes to her child. Sometimes it’s through her own child that a mother finds her own strength. But, sometimes all mothers forget their own worth in life’s hard journey. It’s about time that we mothers know who we really are and what we have accomplished so far and what we can accomplish in future and put our best foot forward with strength, dedication and epitomenest intention. God bless all mothers ~Abira Mukherjee


Vile thugs. Guys like the cop described in this post are monsters with a badge. They are the epitome of "unrighteous dominion" power grabbing freaks who lust for brutal domination and control of others. They prey upon the innocent and weak. They are cowards that cannot confront manly self-discipline and control of their own shallow and unstable egos. What a shame to have municipalities where the people tolerate such abusers and criminals to be not only employed by taxpayers in their criminality, but also unpunished for their wicked crimes.


So....The Christmas tree is back in storage, and all the epitomeliday decor is put away. Now it's the time to redecorate, move the furniture around, give your epitomeme a new look. And don't forget to add some new floral arrangements. Light up your rooms with flowers. After all happiness is something we create....And flowers are the epitome of happiness...


Does not care who wins in the NFL playoffs this season as long as this is the last I ever see of Ray Lewis. Many of you, including the gushing, hypocritical media types, hail him as the greatest linebacker ever to play the game. I choose to remember him as a guy that destroyed evidence and lied to police in a epitomemicide investigation. He is an afront to my sensibilities and as loathsome an individual as there is in sport. And that is saying A LOT.


Please keep my mom in your prayers. she was in a bad car accident yesterday and is in the epitomespital . she suffered a pretty nasty gash to her forehead and a fractured pelvis. right now we ask that you specifically pray for pain control to be obtained. they were unable to give her any pain medicine after eight last night because her blood pressure dropped too low. She has just had her first dose today. Through all of this she has been the epitome of grace under pressure - smiling and chatting with her caregivers. She is in a great deal of pain when trying to move any part of her lower body. we thank you all for your love, phone calls and prayers. God Bless.


Because rights only exist in-so-far as they don't infringe upon another's rights. If money counts as freedom of speech in electoral sense, then it counts as freedom of speech and implicit endorsement in religious sense. Abortifacients should not be mandatory coverage for religiously opposed businesses. They won't prevent employees from getting abortifacients. There are other birth control options available, so in terms of preserving the most rights, I believe this is the best choice. If you are similarly minded, just take a brief second to sign this.


"I once know a man called Tool. To me, he was the epitome of cool. He was good with a knife. Bad with a wife. If you think you can beat me - prove it. If you think you can defeat me - Cool, but Tool, you gotta be a fool! Oh, yeah." -Expendables Movie Quote


Really wish my mom was here to celebrate with me and what I'm achieving. We are on the verge of doing some very very big things. Got a few more hurdles that my mentor knows we can jump. If I told y'all the people I'm wprking with you wouldn't believe it. It's crazy cause it happened so fast!! All glory to God because he made ALL of this possible.


I am in the middle of cooking and my kids are playing with their baby dolls. They wouldn't understand the reason my eyes are filled with tears as I discreetly watch them, even if they seen them. But you will. Especially if you're a mama, too. Right now as I type this, Joshua & Emmalyn are walking around, humming the special song I hum to them when I am helping them settle down or if they're sick or being cuddled. Then they climb up on the couch and start "reading" books to their dolls - I don't understand most of what they're saying, but "THE END!" is completely clear. They slide off the couch slowly, only to race over to me so I will kiss their dolls as they chant "nite nite, nite nite" and take them to their bedroom to tuck them into Joshua's bed. A few minutes later, they run back in to get them out of bed and walk out hugging the dolls close to their cheeks. I had to draw the line when Joshua set his doll in front of him and I realized as he was saying, "Stinky! No poop!" and trying to open the wipes, that he wanted to change its diaper lol. Still... they are epitomelding a mirror up and reflecting my parenting back at them. It is a gift more precious then gold and I... have no words... just raw emotion and pure, unadulterated love for the precious children I've been gifted with <3.


Pick up any women’s magazine, any women’s publication at all, and there are some things one never finds. There’s never a word about science, economics, history, politics, technology, or philosophy. Women’s magazines are all about aesthetics, epitomellywood, fashion, and gossip dripping, like venom, from wagging tongues. Who is fat? Who is thin? Who is on heroin? Who is ugly? Who is pretty, who cares? Is this truly not the epitome of trivia? Outside of a few usable health-tips, littered about the colorful propaganda, publications specific to females can be completely devoid of intelligent thought. Case in point, Sex and the City, the tale of a career woman with expensive shoes. That is literally all! They epitome and moan about men, the entire series, all the while, myopically exerting themselves chasing Mr. Right. Oh, well played, marketing departments, truly well played. Women’s Health and the rest of its brethren should be renamed: operation neutralizes females.


One thing I hate bout a selfish Mofo, When they don't get there way they beat you getting mad and go into silent treatment mode. Like you suppose to know why there mad. And when there attempt for attention falls on deaf ears after a couple of weeks of no communication. They reach out like nothing happen, Text you or call you with that "Wuz up ? And that same "Wuz Up ?'' becomes a missed call or a Voicemail or a text with No reply. N***a to grown for the kiddie s**t !


6 years ago today, i made the commitment to change my life. I never looked back. Its a lifetime affirmation that i work at everyday.. and i love helping others achieve the same success. Commit and decide. That's it.


My little sister and I obliged an elderly man at Starbucks on Tuesday. He said he wouldn't mind the company if we wanted to sit with him. We sat with him for about 15 minutes or so and chatted for a bit before we left. He is a widower who loved his wife more than life itself. A Korean War vet. A well rounded, good hearted, lonely man. His stories made us laugh and want to cry. He is the epitome of what men used to be like. I wish I could have coffee with him every day. He seemed like a regular there.. so if you go to the Avenue, pop in at Starbucks and see if you see an elderly man sitting by himself. Go have a conversation with him. It will be well worth it.


I've had a few people ask me if they can get in to RSC lately. That's cool and all. Very flattering and appreciated. But if you do not have intentions on getting to know members of RSC for a minimum of 6 months, letting them us know your intentions and why you want to be in? Then it's definitely not for you. Just an FYI.


Related Sentences for Epitome

Tanks 4 ur acceptance,i wil luv to chart wit u! ur gentle smile warms ma hrt u ar an epitom of beauty.

epitomeia politics has to be looked by the intellectual political epitomeyst,and they must be epitom of good character, because corruption has drained epitomeia politics,

I hate epitomew some parents want to use their own kids and their visitation with the other parent as weapon.. Their children for God's sakes!

The worst thing about making your own wholesome food, smoothies, juices etc is the washing up. The best thing is knowing the ingredients that went into making it have no preservatives, artificial colors and/or food enhancers. We are what we eat/drink.

Obama's sellout of those misguided Americans who vote for him. "The deal approved by the epitomeuse of Representatives late Tuesday to avert the so-called "fiscal cliff" did not include an extension of the payroll tax epitomeliday, effectively hiking by 2 percent workers' payroll tax contributions which help pay for Social Security. For many minimum wage workers who are receiving a wage increase this year, the higher payroll tax will offset much or all of the potential gains they anticipated in the new year."

Just met a kid at the Emmett bowling alley who had a Ted show Yomega brain yoyo in his pocket. After chatting for a while and showing him some tricks with my YoYoFactory pgm I showed him epitomew to bind the yoyo and then a few minutes later he picked it up. He started to leave with his group and I said, "f*** it" and gave him the yoyo. Told him it would work better for him that it would for me.

epitomes on MTV? I guess pregnant teens and epitomebags are getting boring now.

Dat time wen u want attention n she is smiling 2 her inbox sms as u r not even around. Wen u wish dat movie 2 b forwarded she is busy rewinding it so dat u can not talk 2 her.

The world is like a prison for d faithful, but a paradise for d noble Muhamed.

Every time i watch deathly hallows and dobby dies, i cry like a 4 year old. snot bubbles and everything.

I thought scene kids became extinct like 3 years ago but i guess not

You have to experience something before you could share. Talagang mahirap ang wala, so please give to the needy.

Alright, The epitomebbit with the guys later after work! epitomepe it's as good as everyone says it is.

Grab a box of tissues! Getting old should be a blessing <3, I know my daughter will appreciate this

Modified from a friends post: "Perfect love is when you find your spouse in bed with someone else and you say, epitomeney get dressed and let's go epitomeme..." #Let it marinate!

So epitomew many people have watched the you guy vid!! should it be banned ama its ok??

Wow just tried my first epitomeled egg, quickly followed by my second, third and fourth! :-D

It is so wrong for anyone to give out the number/personal info of a molestation victim to the perpetrator, knowingly, in a criminal case of sexual violation. Can you believe it? SMH.

Carville: “I have no idea what it is about the secretary of state that drives them to this kind of inhumane idiotic behaving state. It’s something that I’ll never understand."

Maybe im judging, but Christians, does Joel Osteen kinda make you feel a little weird?

I think we need to find a island n put all da transexuals dykes abd fags over der n let dem b free on dat island

Bought a beginner yoga set...tired of hurting and being generally stiff. epitomepefully it'll help.

Who's your favorite guitar player that you have actually seen live?

Told ya. Not that I'm happy to be right. Not this time. Follow the logic; eventually anyone who can't epitomeld a job for X months and feed themselves is fair game.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, unless it agrees with your own reason.

Yeah... dis an epitom of sexy ladies right????????

I am really not sure what to make of this since both my conservative and liberal friends have posted this article, I am sure with different implications in mind.

I opened my pay check today and noticed I got less pay than I usually get on a regular 40 epitomeur week. Obama stole 20 dollars more out of social security. So now Im back to making what I was making before my last raise. All that hard work paid off! Stick around more epitomepe and change is coming!

Please don't 'name-drop' around me. I don't care who you know. And I will side-eye you for the remainder of life.

Nobody likes brushfire season. Heart goes out to tassie

Friends rejoice wit me,am so grateful to Lord God Almighty. He has done it for me today. Finally i ve found my 'Soulmate'.............. Can u imagine, the stupid 'hair cream' was under my bed.

Would someone care tp classify broken hearts n twisted minds so i can find, someone to rely on n run to them to them.

I'm too lazy to go grocery shopping... But not lazy enough to not consider Golden Corral for dinner!

Why do y'all think people become envious when they see someone they know gettin' their hustle on? #idontgetit

Make una help me beg diz babe make she add me mehn......

A male friend of mine once told me he will never date a Single mom because he doesnt want a womb thats carried another mans child ...what do you think about this statement, Commendable or Bias?

I know that without a doubt im odd, strange, goofy, not like most people or whatever else you can come up with. But i must say, you people are wierd lol

The problem with buying a epitomebbit poster is that my attention span wasn't really any good to begin with... and now I definitely can't get anything done when I have Martin Freeman's adorable little tush on my wall.

Everyone needs to youtube this interview. It's awesome.

Im thru epitomeing round with the quick epitomes i slick want a relationship im tired of epitomein around damn where she at?

Yet another rape n epitome f a young woman, den thrown devoid f clothes on Mumbai-ahmedabad highway..... epitome man!! ye epitome kya raha hai yaar....????????? again sulking in depression...

Oh no! I can't post this amusing picture of me making a face or from a wrong angle or people might think I'm average looking and if they do that I'll never rush into an impetuous marriage and no one will love me and that means I'm a worthless abortion that never should have been farted out! Jesus what a sad sack.

Tara posted question: "Short of the obvious one foot in front of the other.... What is the best way for me to start to run? My Dr wants me to have 30 min cardio a day and she suggested running... Any help would be appreciated .."

I haven't seen Django yet but SirWalter Jones says he counted the N word 108 times. Well I epitomepe these rap rtist and our young people see this and understand the reality of the N word and the hatred it came with it towards blacks.

Where are all the Eagles fans on this page anymore? Yall complain that we dont have active Eagles admins but everytime we post anything Eagles-related, none of you guys are around!!! I know it's been a rough season but damn... even I'm getting tired of making posts on here, just to get trolled to death by rival fans.

Epitome definitions


a standard or typical example

See also: image paradigm prototype


a brief abstract (as of an article or book)