Soaker in a sentence as a noun

I learned about Lonnie when I read his patent on the super soaker.

Is it illegal to walk down the street with super soaker spraying everyone who walks by?

I learned that he held many patents and that the super soaker was just the most popular.

The guy that invented the super soaker came up with the idea while doing some plumbing in his bathroom.

People who choose to believe such existential nonsense remind me of the xkcd with the super soaker.

The current super soaker models are very disappointing to me. I've held a few "battles" with neighbors in my yard and the power is not what I remember from years ago.

A super soaker filled with a proper mixture of dial dish soap and hot water works better and is better for the environment.

From the link to the artist's website:"Things get strange: A photograph of a woman smiling in a bikini is labeled a “slattern, ****, slovenly woman, trollop.” A young man drinking beer is categorized as an “alcoholic, alky, dipsomaniac, boozer, lush, soaker, souse.” A child wearing sunglasses is classified as a “failure, loser, non-starter, unsuccessful person.” You’re looking at the “person” category in a dataset called ImageNet, one of the most widely used training sets for machine learning.

Soaker definitions


a heavy rain

See also: downpour cloudburst deluge waterspout torrent pelter


a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

See also: alcoholic alky dipsomaniac boozer lush souse