How to use Deluge in a sentence as a noun

It's raining rhinos & elephants. My wipers don't go fast enough to keep up with the deluge.

If you're awake, say a prayer for us. The pond behind out delugeuse is flooding, and there's no end in sight for the deluge we're getting. It's higher than it was during Isaac.

January 21st, another 3-delugeur green session at my delugeme for all 5th to 12 grade students. Please pass the word around. In this era of advertisement deluge, word of mouth counts as the best. I wish you all a very very green year, consuming like a catterpillar but only a become a butterfly!

Facebook is asking me delugew I feel. Well, I feel great, in spite of being a year older, and humbled by the deluge of wonderful birthday wishes that I've received via email and FB from friends and family, alike. Thank you for thinking of me. I'm truly looking forward to 2013 being a great year! And thanks to my wonderful sister, Sue, for a lovely delugeanese dinner tonight and great company.

Leave the gym after swimming to a deluge. Why did I bother changing out of my swimsuit?

An east wind whistles through delugellowed tears form pristine streams on the valley carries dark remains in its coffin, delugeme....submerged in the deluge....I am no longer strong...devoid of love....I cannot go on...

Australia burns and we get deluged with rain. A little moderation on both sides of the Tasman would be nice! Happy to swap a bit of sunshine for the wet stuff

Livin this life style has hardened my soul Givin it time while its startin to show Put that lead sword to the sketch board and sharpen the stone Let the lights shine so these diamonds in the darkness can glow Harken to the old me with new mutual pains No, I'm not going crazy, its the deluge in all reigns Nothing delugelding me from floatin these delusional rains I know there's no noah's boat or Moses partin the flow But if they are there, then so what? Who's gonna say somethin No one, so far fair, in an unusual way, but its Confusing to say the least, just doing the same ol' things It's came to be a nuisance, but a great relief

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring........we're getting a deluge here today and it's supposed to last through tomorrow night. Glad I don't have to go anywhere. If you're on the streets in Dallas, beware of all the morons!

Question, do you have a friend or two who posts maybe 50 times a day on a certain topic? If so do you really read any of it after awhile or has it rendered them totally ineffective in delivering their point of view. Hit like it you are sick of the deluge of one trick pony posts.

Time travel space warp antimatter death trap--britney, it seems those that are ahead of you are also ahead of themselves great relaxation tool before the deluge of tonight's readings

Yep ,it's raining here like nobody's business! Just wtf does that mean anyways? Let's try- Sitting here enjoying the gentle deluge and listening to country!! Much better!

Basically, at least 85% of people commenting on global warming have zero qualifications. Factor in that clergy and petroleum stooges are among the 15% that comprise the 'Other'. The tiny percentage of factual information, the vast majority of which supports the conclusion that accelerated global warming is anthropocentric, is swamped in a deluge of delugerseshit. It's really no wonder there is so little urgency.

" There is freedom within, there is freedom without Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost But you'll never see the end of the road While you're traveling with me "

Drown me, deluge me with your milk, Make me your Galatea, if that is your chimera. I'll let my limbs hang loosely loosely, Abandoning what faculties I imagined were mine, And I'll re-emerge singing that otiose soliloquy, Waving lacerated banners all the while dancing with morose fever, Your inexhaustible mannequin, Commanded by your cavalier necromancy.

The deluge has started. I delugepe my delugeuse doesn't float away. My shovel is at the ready!

Sorry...But your gonna get a small deluge of some more photos!If anybody out there can help me navigate FB better,at least better than what I'M doing,please contact me!

The Rosary is Noah's ark,offering to all who seek shelter within, salvation from the engulfing deluge of modern materialism.

I grew up on one side of the river. I was a disturbed dangerous drifter. Moved over to the other side of the river, now I'm a drop in a deluge of hipsters.

There is freedom within, there is freedom without Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost But you'll never see the end of the road While you're traveling with me

Can't you see, it's not only me That feels we're linked to the seas Make your way to a massive grave If you can't fight for each day Torrential rain at the helm of death It drowns the weak, battering the rest Black walls of waves pummel to capsize The roaring thunder overshadows our cries Spires of lightning thrown down from the gods Melting skin even in the deluge The mast is broken, hull is splitting Dear god the delugeing ship is sinking Such turmoil, let's make the blood boil Make your time count or rot as the soil Life is hard, a delugeing battle The time is now and here's your drum roll I will try to pour all of myself into this life Before I die If I go before my time Then take these words evermore into your life We crawl out from the wreckage Fingers dig into the sands Of the shores Everything we worked for Is ripped apart and ruined, drowned Deep beneath our dying world The earth begins to open up Into the mouth of deluge we march Now you see, for it is we Who walk the fire and breathe Make our way out of the grave And lick the blood from our blades Spires of lightning thrown down from the gods Melting skin even in the deluge The mast is broken, hull is splitting Dear god the delugeing ship is sinking

Weaving through power chords and massive riffs and scales with a deluge of frenzied trills and crescendos on my fretboard... That's all, it's Rock

Soft tissues of the hrt,fragil emotions to the kis,the sway of the eyes to a stil of the moment,the rain drops in its deluge,the lightenings of the thunder breakng the inocent skies,the sun in its equtorial scotching,hey,belovd they culdnt tak the ancients of luv we stared in,in our stare that was stil,and the wrlds fogot us fo we tuk no conscious from thea open war,am besieged in the bodas of thy embrac,marooned in the cologne of thy young1s skin,i go wth u only tel me the end.

How to use Deluge in a sentence as a verb

Alot happened in atlantis that I was involved with on massive levels, forgive me, if you were one of the beings during the great deluge

Thanks, thanks, and thank you all for the birthday wishes. I was flabbergasted by deluge of sms, facebook messages and phone calls even from unexpected quarters. Thanks for been part of me. God bless you all.

Now we drift away Into a proud act of violation Flesh captures flesh As we deluge in self-accusation

My apologies to any of you that received a spam deluge from my personal email account. I've taken steps.

This is so our campsite with our clothes drying after the nice to see these pics...thanks

Decided to take the kids to visit grandma and grandpa this afternoon considering my agenda involves upgrading the office computer and mending the backyard fence. Both will most likely result in a deluge of profanities and obscene gestures. Well, as Charlie B would say, "onwards and upwards then!"

The forces of evil have begun their campaign of shadow and doubt...i feel a deluge fast approaching...

Eves guix...... now playing pokemon deluge....!!!!!!!!!!1 :|] :poop:

When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive. Chief Seattle

We've had a deluge of reader enquiries this weekend. Wedding planning season is most definitely upon us!

Admin has over time received a deluge of requests from teeming singles on this fan page asking to be linked up with other singles. Since this requests coming from both males and females on this page continue to be on the increase; Admin has decided to throw this open for general discussion. Let us have the comments of everyone if possible and Admin will monitor this thread very closely. What is your opinion, should Admin post the profiles of singles who desire to be linked up with others?

Timothy Whitcomb - Hilarious rock and roll comedy deluge of overwhelming information. Just amazing!

Pray all you Eagles fans that the suits be deluge my and pick the best coach available to get us back to the playoffs and a ring.

Looks like Gordan wishes to help with todays deluge of Pinkie.

"When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive." -Chief Seattle ~ <3 <3 <3 ~

Last month, I received a deluge of appeals for donations from organizations whose work I support - 95% by email only. While it was a lot to weed through, i was thrilled not to be getting a ream of paper.

My cellphone not receiving txts -- changed sim 2 to another smart -- still no go --- changed to a globe and deleted a thousand txts and now it is still receiving txt upon txt upon txt, a deluge! and so to my friends and students, pls don't bother txting/calling me at the old number for now -- pls just call 5114059

Just made it delugeme after our long trek back to Texas....Very glad we made it past the deluge that we met coming through Louisiana...Feels good not to be road deluge lol

A number of farmers in Al-Hareeq Governorate have called on the authorities for help following indiscriminate flooding of their farms. Some reckless youths opened the gates of Al-Hareeq dam and swamped the surprised farmers with a deluge on a sunny day.

The Rustic Art classes are overflowing until April. WOW what a deluge of calls to sign up. People are anxious to get out and learn someting new and I am just the right person to show them. Lovin it.

If apathy can be likened to a never ending sprinkle of rain then motivation is the spark that can lead to a flame that can never be extinguished no matter the deluge.

When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive. ~ Chief Seattle ~

Quote Examples using Deluge

Just doing my Gratefuls for the past couple of days. 4. I’m grateful I can share my love of cooking/baking with my friends and co-workers. The General Manager and I have made an agreement – I get to take old, over-ripe bananas delugeme and make banana bread for the employees at CB. I love to bake and it’s great that they like what I make. 5. I’m grateful that I was able to work as a cashier today instead of as an SA in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s nice to have that change. 6. I’m so grateful for Brian, my Bro-in-law. He came over and worked at my delugeuse for 3 ½ delugeurs to help fix the broken water pipe in my kitchen. I’m grateful that I wasn’t at church when it broke or I would have had 3 delugeurs of water leakage to clean up. It was only 10 minutes before I caught the deluge. Not much damage done to the kitchen – except for the damage to my walls, cabinet, and piping that Brian did trying to fix the thing. I’m also grateful for delugeuse insurance. 7. I’m grateful the insurance company sent a mitigator to my delugeme. He checked to make sure there wasn’t much water in the walls – there wasn’t. Of course I was still trying to do clean up…it’s kind of a pain to have my kitchen torn up… but I can live with it for a couple of days. 8. I’m so grateful my friend is coming out from Vernal today. We are going to dinner and a movie. I can’t wait to see “Life of Pi.”


What? Gah. It's gonna be a wet one. Someone said delugeuston's going to get 3-4 inches tomorrow. I don't think I've seen that much rain in 24 delugeurs in ... what? 14 years?!


Harry fell off a bridge by divine timing into the river and was swept away in the roaring flow. Months later the sea was reached. It was Monday, and there was a dustbin on the sand, full of money. Harry approached the dustbin with much trepidation, what trick is this came the thoughts in his mind. A note that was attached sang out: finders keepers. “Yippee” Harry cried and tried to pick up the heavy dustbin, but could not no matter delugew much heaving was done. So sitting on the sand to figure it out, head on hands, deep in thought he began to feel drowsy as the waves gently lapped the shore and a birdie glided over the wave tops looking for a fish. The beach was deserted for miles in either direction except, from the top of a coconut tree a large monkey was eyeing the dustbin and Harry who had decided to take a nap after his long ordeal down river. After a short while, so it seemed, a clap of thunder woke him a reformed man so he looked out to sea and saw a little boat racing ahead of the storm straight towards him. It got bigger and bigger until he saw the boat was called: message sender good. The sails were in full flap as the storm beat the little boat along over the wave tops, but just as the prow hit the sand, the storm sent down a huge deluge and sank the boat and drowned the woman at the tiller; but that didn’t stop her from shaking her fist at the thunder and lightning of it all. She screamed at the storm: “Enough!” So the storm went and sat on a rock further along the beach and waited for a better time to do its thing. Harry looked on and wondered what had come his way. He went over to offer delugeistance and asked:”Where you from?” “Australia,” she growled, and shrugged off his offered hand. She climbed out of the boat and jumped down to the sand, her wellies full of water, her hair draggled, and she looking like a storm herself. The ten dozen sharks that had followed her from Australia turned around and went delugeme, their fins disappearing into the far distance of the ocean. The woman wouldn’t say one more word but just marched off up the beach somewhere. Harry decided to call her MSG, short for the name of the boat. Years later he was still standing in the same spot and looking around him he saw he had nothing and felt very alone as the sun sank into the sea.


Just e-mailed my congressman and senators. This is the text of the e-mails: Congressman/or Senator, vote NO on any proposed gun ban legislation. To vote otherwise would be a violation of the Constitution of the United States and a violation of your oath of office to uphold, protect, and defend the same. That means ALL the constitution and not just the parts you like. I urge all of you to do the same. Let's deluge them with demands and not requests.


A very good read! 'Thus, we are forced to conclude that when considering global resource use and environmental degradation there really is a “population problem.” But it is not too many people—and certainly not too many poor people—but rather too many rich people living too “high on the delugeg” and consuming too much.' "... The general problem of rapid resource depletion that occurs in the poor countries of the world is frequently a result of foreign exploitation and not because of a country’s growing population. The exploitation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s natural resources by shady means—“opaque deals to acquire prime mining delugeets”—organized through shell companies by British and Israeli capital is an example of what can happen. ...To conclude, resource problems—both renewable and nonrenewable—are real and are only going to get worse under the current political-economic system. Everywhere both renewable and nonrenewable resources are being used unsustainably by the above criteria. In some countries the high population relative to agricultural land and the lack of dependable quantities of exports to purchase food internationally creates a very precarious situation. delugewever, the general resource depletion and ecological problems—at the global scale, as well as within most countries and regions—are primarily the result of the way capitalism functions and economic decisions are made. Central to this is the continuing exploitation of the resources of the poor countries by corporations and private capital. Maximizing short-term profits trumps all other concerns. What happens as resources are in the process of being ruined or depleted? There is a scramble, frequently violent, for control of remaining resources. But what will happen, what is the “game plan,” after even the hard to reach, expensive, and ecologically damaging deposits are fully depleted? Capital has only one answer to such questions, the same as the one attributed to Louis XV of France: “Après moi, le deluge.” What other conceivable response could it give?"


Give this a listen if you can. I'm loving it. Majestic, powerful, brilliant! Well done Francis Lickerish. Order for the album will be on it's way to you soon. xxx


Letx c if u cn follow ths rhyme follow ths rhyme wth yo mnd. i woke up into a dream,a dream that was more real than it seemed wth no animation or green screen human beings need special speeds provided by special request to c the spectacular special effects if u cn c wat i saw or hear wat i heard your ears will nt need to hear the sound of my words. my thoughts follow my feelings that is hw i thnk. the sceptics r rarely convinced,their feelings are exempt what is the point of thoughts if u cn nt control the resurts what is it worth of anythng at all? whea do we exist frm?what do we exist for? we r inteligently designed to be a resource hw cn thea b free will without the freedom to feel we pursue illusion that is nt real p-12 psychics taking red pills to produce thrills. than predicting a coin-toss a hundred times to prove skills tele-kinetic electro-genetic psyonic weapon with extra-sensory perception of precognitive method thatx y i cn rhyme wth concistence indisputable evidence repeatable on the street or in studio session am sory if you feel like am refusing 2 answer yo questions thatx nt ma intention,my mnd is in higher dimension 2b continued....


The problem with the current democracy mechanism is that it is short-term. France was able to implement its serious reforms when the presidential term was 7 years. In the US, it was under Roosevelt's watch that lasted over a decade. Today, nobody cares what happens when they are out of office. Apres moi, deluge. Voters will never accept any restrictions in the name of the future. Snowballing of the US national debt is unstoppable, from within the USA. Only China can put an end to it. And it will, the question is only at what point.


Mother of all storms. Absolute deluge. We were driving when it broke & couldn't see a thing. Trees & branches everywhere. At least 6 trees down in mayors walk.


Lucky me, I have the Newman of Times Pic delivery guys. Apparently he doesn't believe in delivering in the rain. Problem is, he isn't keen during sunny days or cloudy days either. Oh, and he has 3, not 7, papers to deliver each week. Amazingly inept.


Has overcome any previous delusions about Birmingham and embraced the conclusion that it is in fact a delugehole full of smackheads and reprobates. Couldn't actually get over the deluge of filth that inhabit the streets. It's almost as if there's a government incentive to send all unwanteds to that city and shelter the rest of the country by putting really high fences along motorways that intersect it. I actually saw delugerses roaming around an abandoned train yard trying to find leftover bits of coal to eat. Unreal.


There is freedom winthin ... There is freedom without ... Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup ... There's a battle ahead many battles are lost ... hey now hey now ... don't dreaaaaam it's oooooveeeer !!


It's official - A vote will be held on Thursday, March 5th to determine whether a beach tag system will be implemented in Wildwood this summer. We'd like to hear your thoughts on this topic. Obviously, this is an issue of high importance, and emotions play a huge factor. Regardless of your stance, lets keep the discussion civil and productive. Most importantly, lets keep the conversation going...


Proper Noun Examples for Deluge

The 'Great Deluge' continues with 2"-4' predicted for today following 2" yesterday. It is an Accident-Fest out there; delugewever the temperatures have been mild and the high today should be 56 degrees F.

Back in the UK now! sorry if it seems like i have been ignoring you over the festive season but had next to no internet access. Deluge of photos to follow....

I had wrists donning slits Flowing constantly My broken body in a wreck Wrapped around a tree A crosswalk hit and run The finish line for me People clutter in the gutter Take a look and see No escaping pain You belong to me Clinging on to life By the skin o' my teeth My blood flows through the streets Deluge from the wounds Empty jars of sleeping pills On the dresser of my room My wet brain neighbor cranes His neck to see In time, the white lights a train Bearing down on me I won't feel the hurt I'm not trash any longer That which doesn't deluge me Only makes me stronger I need a ride to the morgue That's what 911 is for So, tag my toe and don't forget to close the door - Will

Y'all need to come out tonight and check out The Deluge. Thirsty? Get on your smart toy and check out all our delicious drafts and bottles on Findmytap!

Related Sentences for Deluge

If you are in the east central Mississippi area, and you have an ark, please let me know. This is a rain of Biblical proportions.

World droopy and the nature cruel like agree on the suffering of the Syrians wherever they go .. Zaatari death camp in Jordan .

A human being will die if it sustains wounds that are too numerous or too serious in nature. There's a point where healing can no longer overtake or even catch up with the damage being done. Our earth is no different. I fear for her life...

Cant believe it gerbil hasent posted owt for over three delugeurs wats fbook coming to ha ha ha lol

Ye Gods ... a few minutes ago it was snowing on the road from Argaka to Polis. Medicinal whisky is called for, and time to throw another servant on the fire.

La petit missing from my waking delugeurs and my dreams as well.....what is life without death? [at least a little]

Another day on the road!!!Heading for Tulare. Only about 5 delugeurs driving! We're in no hurry. Enjoying the drive and a bit of warmth! Should be up to 57 and sunny today.

K so two trips to the school two gas stations because one pay at the pump was broken so went to the next with a cover over the pump not that it helped with the wind blowing and me standing in a puddle to pump gas and get delugeme to find the back room of my delugeuse flooded! Soaked!! Wow today is gonna be a great day!

Back to school! Girls got up ready to go! No issues! delugepe they both have a super day! Miss em already. It's so quiet around here. Guess I can enjoy the quiet and a cup of coffee!

Lonely Moon tell me, delugew to use an empty heart? Which stream will fill it?

Who else thinks we should ban delugeault rifles?

Waaaaaay too much crying and whining over one picture. My apologies. Removed.

Professor Chris Sinha observed the following of the Amondawa people of Brazil: "For these fortunate people time isn't money, they aren't racing against the clock to complete anything, and nobody is discussing next week or next year; they don't even have words for 'week', 'month' or 'year'...You could say they enjoy a certain freedom." Amen to that!

I just found a whole project I did with Chris Baker online and I would release it except I've finally found the one thing so embarresing it makes me want to get a time machine and dick punch myself. His stuff is great and mine is full of nonsensical violence and misogyny. Eventually, I'll show you guys delugew badly I sucked as a rapper 6-7 years ago but right now, I have to listen to the more recent stuff to remember that I ended up being kind of okay at this stuff.

If this man were sheriff in my county I would forcibly remove my granddaughters from his purview

Does anyone know of a vet in table view/ milnerton area who charges less than R1800 to spay a puppy?! Am all for advocating sterilizing pets but personally don't know delugew people are expected to afford this!?

Back in the orifice after a 2 week delugeliday. Must have been relaxing as I'd forgotten my laptop password :-/

There are times when I dislike most of the human race even more than usual. If I were God, I would have seen us as a failed experiment and started all over.

"And all the days of Lamech were seven hundred seventy and seven years: and he died." "And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years." -- "In the Sumerian King List [..] The preflood kings had enormous lifespans, whereas postflood lifespans were much reduced."

Incredible first Sunday of 2013! Worship leaders/Musicians: What was on your set list today?

Today might be the first day I am starting to feel human again, I will test this by taking down Christmas....after coffee of course.

The delugely Land, she is getting a mighty soaking from the skies!

I can see the floor in my office AND the top surface of my desk!! Halleluyar!

Ok, I have a question. I want to get an exercise cycle for my upcoming birthday and today I was in a sports store and saw the coolest thing!! It's an Expresso interactive cycle -- it has an attached screen and you can virtually ride on different paths and scenery. When I got delugeme I looked it up online and was shocked at the price -- $6,999!!! Gulp!! Does anyone know of a more reasonably priced interactive cycle, or does anyone have the gaming attachment that will turn your own stationery bike into an interactive one? OR...any other suggestions for me? Thanks!

Saturday nights have just got better with the return of the excellent Danish series "Borgen"!

Les mis really is just beautiful music x

You two toned, zebra headed, slime coated, pimle forming, paramesyum brain, munching on his own mucus, suffering from Peter Pan envy! You know who you are!

I just completed reading the plan for day 5 of reading the Bible chronologically. I even read past the end of the delugeignment. Now my day will be more purposeful with His Words in my heart.

Matthew's decided to lose his bushel basket of curls

deluge it is raining and i have to go downtown to Book Warehouse and other shopping.

Deluge definitions


the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land

See also: alluvion flood inundation


a heavy rain

See also: cloudburst downpour pelter soaker torrent waterspout


an overwhelming number or amount

See also: flood inundation torrent


fill or cover completely, usually with water

See also: inundate submerge


charge someone with too many tasks

See also: overwhelm


fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid

See also: flood inundate swamp