How to use Pelter in a sentence as a noun

Started the new workout plan... But I wonder why I quit working out? Makes me feel like head butting a sand pelter! Stupid me!

Time for a facebook clearout,far to many pelters on this.......

Janitor jaded persuaded performance perspective respective collective collared collage mirage mirrored pelterpe glimmered glimpse magic imps cricket stumps stupid cupid rapid vapid vapour folded newspaper pauper pelterer leg limper lamped tourist camped parcel stamped car cramped road ramped count vamped street lamped label car cable storied fable fabulous faltered chemically altered flower watered wasted turkey basted bastion mansion mandate recreate recurring blades whirring words slurring slurry golden flurry steaming curry curtain uncertain actor burton comedian merton merry bottled sherry shielded path yielded shelter heated swelter snow pelter peeling congealing congratulations recriminations alterations allowed renewed vows voided vortex directs suspects sustained picture framed fraudulent frantic fracas ruckus ruined trouble brewing brethren breathing under achieving heart grieving mood seething sentiment evident eviction circumspection detection dictated circumstance elevated elocution retribution retorted retracted retraced footsteps pelterliday reps rapping one hand clapping face slapping sloping pelterping old roping money motored monitored janitor jaundiced magic poultice political politeness rightness tightness brightness bridged brave enclave enclosed easily disposed crows grows grooving moving pain soothing song headlong diving motor driving school skiving ski-ing crime scene fleeing fledgling canal dredging dream shared scheme sun beam football team tentacle ventricle vertical vernacular secular secondary wary warning adorning adoration instigation insulation sleep deprivation innoculation reservation resisted tight fisted fog misted building listed lusted servant trusted bolts rusted diamonds encrusted smarted smattering teeth chattering children chipped micro miniscule easy ridicule riddled dog piddled paddled puddle duck waddled wandering abscondering abstainment entertainment woven raiment raver musical staver enslaver enraptured images captured captain capricious capricorn desert storm weather warm wary scary chest hairy handling metal mangling jingle jangling jading persuading tax evading dawn raiding down grading.

Yes de la neige sorter vau pelle a neige et aller pelter

I was wearing helmet, but unfortunately stone hit me in the area left uncovered by helmet, that is just above neck. Seems that stone pelter has good aim!!! Thank U for ur concern

My name is kashmiri Fathers name crakedown Mothers name curfew Sisters name azadi Brothers name stone pelter Xgf mehbooba Rum wife ponden hinz didi

Quote Examples using Pelter

A heart touching poem by a stone pelter. IF i die in the battle zone .box me up n send me pelterme ,put stones on my chest n tell my mom i did my best n tell my dad not to bow. He will not get tension from now. Tell my bro. Study perfectly,the keys of my bike will be his. Tell my sister dont be upset ,her bro will rise after this sun set. Tell my luv not to cry bcoz "i am a stone pelter born to die".


Proper Noun Examples for Pelter

Pelter en talon haut hahaha why not kan ta rien dautre aek toi tu tarrenge xD

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Rangers have tried to get in English football before and they didnt want you no one does rangers are scum

Let me ask a question. What does one do after working in the Food & Beverage Industry for over 30 years. if they want to change there field? Any suggestion?

No possible way to pick just one song from this classic album. Anders / Essam / Ashas / Daryl / Damian >>

If you wait in the Catty line three pelterurs before it starts, then you are a roaster.

Thank you all so so much for all your beautiful words & messages about our lovely Nana Mary, it means so much xxx

Wow so I get put in inclusion because only YOU said I was racist I got witnesses mate oh my -_-

This is Kashmir. And this, is just a minute aspect of the oppression and the brutality that her children are subjected to.

Not sure who to thank for this wicked bug I've got, but thanks!

Its not true that one falls in love only once in life. But it is true that one only falls in love in a certain way, with a certain absoluteness once.

Done a classic jordan munro tonight went bowling and managed to throw the ball backwards when it was ment to go forwards some pelterw hahaha mind that time playin golf when geo hit the ball backwards haha !

Samuels hit in the eye by a Malinga bouncer.

Damn pelteruse taped off have flags in the snow where there's blood the kid musta been walking around outside

Ain,t got no pistol, ain't got no sword, ain,t got nthng bt stone in ma hand, ain,t got no land ain,t got no army, ain,t got nthng bt stone in ma hand. I vl be vaitng vth stone in ma hand

2013 has begun with Jon MacLachlan being severely injured..... Who said squash wasn't dangerous?? Haha

So...I am 3 credit-pelterurs short of being considered a "full-time student" but I already have the necessary classes to graduate this I need to pick up one more class that looks good on the transcript...but requires little to zero actual effort on my part considering my courseload is already pretty intimidating. Any ideas?

Pelter definitions


a thrower of missiles


a heavy rain

See also: cloudburst deluge downpour soaker torrent waterspout