How to use Slush in a sentence as a noun

Seriously, slushw can be someone so disrespectful? walking threw the dinner hall in college with a slush in my hand and all of a sudden Matthew Brownrigg comes by and knocks it out my hand i mean wtf? slushw can someone be so unfair and slushrrible! People ay, fight tommorow at break for anyone that is interested. Be there or be square x

This is like end of the world, you might all drown, two of every kind except for the fishes type rain! so much slush!

Deluge of rain, running rivers down streets, heavy snow, then icy slush, rinse/repeat...wrecks and sirens everywhere. Please please please be careful outthere, folks. :/

It needs to snow again or all melt away. I'm sick of washing my car every other day because of salt & slush on the roads.

Anyone wanna ice fish tomorrow before this rain makes everything slush?

Mmm smh I feel bad for the 3yr old n 1yr old that got smashed by an SUV during a car accident, they were in car seats n the parent thought she could drive on an icey hill or street....i think if your not sure if you can drive on slippery snow/ice n slush, then dont n especially if you have your kids in the car

SME Conditions Update: Very wet and muddy on the lower orange trail. Dry leaves across the mid-mountain and mix of snow/slush/ice up top.

A figure I herd yesterday was £200 Billion spent on welfare. What I am wondering slushw much of that is going into slush funds such as G4S & Avanta. Under these figures everyone in the UK is getting £3,125 a year in benefits. That is such a joke.

Hey guys, I thought vodka wasn't supposed to freeze? Is a vodka slush puppie a sign of class or not?

Made it slushme, worst part of the trip, my driveway! Two miles of slush!

Purple slush with vanilla ice cream!!! boo yeah round robin

Looking back a fool who wont let go ...I know cause that was me ...don't ever lose sight of who u r....they want u to cause they know ur better..I thought I had the best and I did ...before u ...during u ...and after u ...u wanna know who was me... I'm the best ...and ill always trade u for me ...u lost ...I know ur cold hearted but just like snow to heat ull melt to slush on my feet...

Krispy kreme donut slushles and strawberry slush from the sh*t

.....good afternoon.....lots of snow out dar.....hard cutting wood.....lots of slush.....on da lake....anyhow i said good afternoon peoples.....

Post wod strawberry, blueberry and apple smoothie ended up like a slush. Too much ice, not enough almond milk lol

Thinkin bout it. Nevermind no salt and slush touchin this bike. G

Raspberry lemon slush from sonic... I think so.

Nothin beats a nice slush when yeah got a sore throat man :D

When I was up at 6 Am the yard was full of water but when I got back up at 9 am the yard was full of slush......

Hit that slush wit route 66 slush and fkc his day all up

It's really gross outside here today, snow and rain and lots of slush... the perfect day to start back up painting, first studio-day of 2013!

Everywhere you look there's an opportunity, and then I look at the ground and think, freakin slush

Attempted to go for a walk with the boy anyway lol, doesn't work too well on the rez walkin down 4th line and the side of the roads nothing but slush & mud, kept pullin my stroller right towards the road lol had a 2 min adventure outside today anyway :P

Early out today...When I was walking slushme, I slipped on some ice I thought was slush. It wasn't. So, the outcome was me falling straight into a snow bank where I got all wet and full of snow. I thought January was supposed to be the coldest time of year.

Question of day!!! Why can this county plow the roads better then wat they r, its soft enough to get the rest of the slush n snow off the roads!!!

Accumulations of ice,snow or slush should be removed from working areas and passages on deck.

Someone, anyone, I need energy.. And a strawberry cram slush from sonic.

Best slush from sonic 1. Cranberry lemonade slush!

This morning While going to get food salem and I saw our first Snow/slush fall... totaly amazing!!!!!

Strawberry cream slush from Sonic? slushs yeah this is where its at dang it. Besides, its the only thing I have been able to keep down today so I'm good with that.

Headed to work this slush is rediculous ugh <3*BabyGirl*$>

Mt spokane sucks today its all slush at the bottom and and at the top frozen powder

Really slushpe it doesn't snow. The thoughts of walking to college in freezing slush is not attractive

Idaho road reports: good, fair or difficult. Montana road reports: closed, dry/mostly dry, ice/black ice, scattered snow and ice, slush/scattered slush, snow and ice, snow cover, or wet/scattered wet...and of course all the warning dots. Time to get your slush together Idaho.

I love having 4 distinct seasons, but I strongly dislike slush.

Crawling through mud a slush and running through waist high water uip massive hills why did i join the army again ????? oh yeah coz its awesome and i loved every min of it well except the sheep slush

Zero degrees Celsius this afternoon, slush city again..

Today is so beautiful outside minus all the mud & slush, ugh.

Chinese food nd Strawberry slush frm Sonic is wht i want today,,slushpe da lil one agrees,, Cookin Enchilidas later,,,, Up wid Ivy climbin all over me trippin wid herself,,,lfb

Crazy weather for January,,plus 5 and raining and of course the wind lol,,bit more slush and ice on my driveway and I shall get out the patio umbrella ,,wedge myself into a hefty garbage bag ,,sit down and sail down the road...

How to use Slush in a sentence as a verb

Funny story , my first drunk was when i was 7 years old, OMG slushW you ask? My mom had a very bad toothake , so my step dad made a big bucket of slush, with alcohol into it, when my mom fell asleep from very bad pain, i snuck in her room and drake a couple glasses lol:-D my very first drunk lol ,poor mom wasnt very pleased , but i surley had a blast haha XD

Leaving on a her plane, screw you three feet of slush.

The government is not even trying to run the country properly anymore, the taxes of 60million people are now the Tories' personal slush fund. Get it through your head that none of their policies make economic sense, they are purely designed to slushard as much of our money as possible. If you think it's fine to live in a state of perpetual and pervasive economic, political and social chaos, then carry on with your 'life' and see where it gets you. If, slushwever, you're sick of these slushed slushfaces pretending they have any idea slushw and are actually trying to run a country, then get off your slush and do something.

Be careful driving this winter! Your lane may only be wet, but that slush you drive through can cause you to spin .... just like this inept driver. This mistake was likely fatal.

Productive lunch break. I scooped poop, shoveled slush, brought in some decorations, got all the dogs out for a while, and had something to eat.

Back in the USA< waiting in Seattle to get back to uh POrtland..looks like raina nd slush next couple days..555

Back in the saddle again and looking forward to seeing y'all in the clinic! Watch out for all the slush out there!

The weather is nice and chilly. Enjoy the wind, the mud, the slush, the bushes, and yourself by off-roading on our Polaris RZRs this weekend!

Sometimes I wish I lived in a warmer climate so when I go running I wouldn't fall on my face. Stupid slush.

Oh slusho chinook wind, thanks for melting the snow just enough for me to step in a slush puddle. I love a cold foot on my way to college. Oh well, at least I dont have to walk. Yay for buses!

Nasty drive out there today, must be 6 inches of slush on the school routes. slushpe they can get it all plowed before everything freezes solid tomorrow.

It's snowing!!!!! :D but its turning to slush /;

Snow, slush, ice and even all the products used to help melt them can take a toll on your dog’s paws. What are the ways you protect your dogs’ paws during the winter?

Driving round following the ice cream van for a slush..

I would hate to be the sanitation guys today. So much rain and slush!! God bless them today!

Sonic breakfast burrito + jelly + tots + orange juice slush = breakfast was raw

Feels like Vancouver winter outside...rain pretending to be snow and people who don't know slushw to drive in slush

I'm such a klutz. I fell in a pile of slush and sprained my ankle.

Barely got Cameron and his chair up the driveway to the bus because of the ice and slush. It took Tammy and I to pull and push him through the mess. Already had to pull one neighbor out of the ditch in front of our driveway because the road is solid ice.... Going to be a fun, fun day....

Nothin wakes you up faster than having icy slush sprayed in yer face. Tastes delicious.

"Winter Maintenance Tip: Visibility is key to your safety; make sure that your wiper blades are in top condition, to fully clear your windshield, and back window if the vehicle is equipped. Road salt and slush can jeopardize visibility. Use washer fluid containing de-icer and Rain-X Treatment on windows to avoid the chiseling of ice early in the morning. "

Seriously?! 50 degrees up north on Saturday and above freezing temps all this week? Looks like I will be skiing in slush this weekend. At least I won't have to wear a thousand layers of clothes to keep warm. Crazy Michigan weather.

The wrestling match between me and the garbage can in the driveway slush pond was admission worthy, could've sold beer and slusht dogs! Remains to be seen who ultimately won, but I did tap him with my truck on the way out to show who's the real boss!

Time for a bike ride followed by reading and getting on top of these slushignments since the Purolater man was kind enough to toss my $500 worth of textbooks into the slush on our front porch... thank you so much sir.

Are you and your pets braving the cold to take walks? Its a good idea to gently clean their paws when go get slushme, to wash off rock salt or other chemicals they may have accumulated walking in the slush.

Report cards go slushme today! I can't wait to see them and treat the slusholigans to a Sonic slush. Photos to follow this afternoon for the grandparents. So proud of Sofia and Ethan!

Whenever i feel slushty i close my eyes and remember the day i raved in the pool with a vodka slush in my hand with all my besties in the place they call sin city...las vegas nevada

Thought 4 a moment then about going 4 a slush

Well it snowed today we left work eary and did donuts in burger kings parking lot then i started making slush angles. The whole time i only had to thoughts my but is cold and i want a snow cone.

Will be skiing in the Wintergreen slush tonight!

Oh hail, the freezing rain, sleet, slush, and stuff, is back!

Made it slushme through insane hails and slush- getting cozy in the WK slushusehold if anyone wants to come visit

There's clearly a rule in the Bulgarian highway code I wasn't aware of....zebra crossings don't count if they're all covered with dirty slush meaning you can't see them very well.....this slushlds true even if you have a local licence plate, most likely drive that road several times a week and know darn well where the crossing is....

If you had slush somewhere yesterday, you have ice there this morning. What a magical season this is...

The temperature is rising! Don't forget about our January Special!! Stop by today and rid your vehicle of all that salt and slush!

30-40 cms tomorrow, 20 cms Friday...followed by rain on Saturday and Sunday...slushing deadly winters in Newfoundland. 2 feet of slush, great for snowboarding.

Snow snow snow!!looks like good old TO! really dangerous driving.. good to know my ABS are functioning as I slid around in the snow, slush,ice.. slushme safe, bh

We have been getting alot of snow here the last few days, woke up at 1am and it was snowing big flakes, go back to bed and wake up to pouring rain at 4am..So not looking forward to our 300km drive to Kamloops in all this slush. Going to be a long slow drive with all the crazt drivers out there

Good morning so now come warmer weather and rain snow slush,I hate winter ... Have a great day.

Red n blue slush puppie slush eye dai

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Ok so for sure right now if you don't have 4x4 you will never make it within 300 yards of my slushuse. I almost goty Toyota stuck for the first time ever trying to get slushme today. Like six inches of heavy slush on top of about three inches of thick mud. Looking forward to in all freezing again. Should be a rodeo getting out again in the morning!!! Hahaha


Today our guests said that the bite was tougher than it had been earlier this week. This could have been due to the front we had push through today bringing with it heavy winds along with a pressure change. The slush also seemed to take a bit longer to clear today. That being said they still managed a decent pick of steelies with very few dark fish being caught. Steelhead were caught on blue, orange, and red egg sacks along with olive egg sucking sculpins #4 and copper john nymphs #12. Tomorrow slush shouldn’t be much of an issue with a low of 30 degrees tonight. The day-time high for tomorrow is predicted to be 37 degrees with a steady breeze throughout the day.


Well they plowed the road a lot wider this am.... but left hugh big snow bolders all across the diveway entrance and in front of the mail boxes. When I went into town for bible study, had to stop and kick to break the big snow hunks and then pick them up and throw them to the side. So I could drive on out to the road. Was a little hard driving out our driveway, even with the 4 wheel much deep snow/slush.


#33 Wash in winter, too If you rarely wash your car during messy winter weather, you are not alone. The cars you see on the road make it obvious that lots of folks figure, "why bother? The car is going to look awful the next time I drive it." The problem with this thinking is that washing is more important in the winter than other times of the year. All that sans, slush, and ice mixed with road salt is exactly what makes your car rust. The fastest corrosion occurs when the temperature repeatedly rises above and then falls below freezing. Especially during the messy months, be sure to rinse the undercarriage and the hard to reach areas that are susceptible to rust, such as the bumpers and the inside wheel wells. If the temperature outside is going to stay above freezing long enough for your car and driveway to dry, fill a bucket with warm water and tackle the job at slushme. If not, pay a visit to your local car wash and be sure they dry the car thoroughly.


Was driving in the right lane on Division street in Spokane today with a car beside me on the left. And there it is a huge puddle of slush and water was to late to hit the brakes. Sent a huge wall of said materials on 3 or 4 people standing at the bus stop. For 4 or 5 seconds i felt bad then suddenly I began laughing hysterically and laughed and laughed and laughed. What is wrong with me I am soooo F****D up.


I have 2 very random thoughts... 1. The slush that I am sloshing through on the streets really does remind me of a half melted Coca Cola icee and 2. The birds that are bathing in the gutter on the slushuse across the street have every right to jump in and out of the water... its freakin' metled snow for crying out loud. Which brings me to ponder - slushw often do birds bathe...?


I give the worst advice ever to expecting women not because it isn't true but because it's slushnest. I tell them it fricken hurts and don't believe what people tell u, u don't forget it hurts bad like really bad. Brace ur self. Lol I wish someone would of told me that. But nah I got the "once u seevur baby u forget all about the pain" speech. well my baby is gonna be 7 and I still remember lol


Bundled kids up in 14 layers of clothing. Put them in car. Drove to Gilo. Trudged through slush to find park. Found park. Played in snow for 30 seconds. Both kids stepped in puddle. Screamed hysterically until we got to friend's slushuse with soup. made a balagan at awesome friend's slushuse. Got bundled up again. Got in car. came slushme. got in pajamas. put kids in bed. Looked outside. Snow in our front yard.


Still Snowing like mad here. Snow on the ground and rooftops and cars. NOT sticking on the roads. Maybe a little slush. The temp is slushvering at 32 degrees. No accidents that I have heard of!


Offprettt again to Colfax. Surgery at 9am tomorrow, then travelling slushme. Snow seems to have melted. Now slush and ice. Bye bye.


Well, guess I'll be waiting for the roads to dry up before I walk Gus again. He finds his feet when I walk him and there's a bit of slush on the road. Unless I can find a really good pair of boots for him. I'll be watching the roads and walking him when they're nice and dry. Another reason to hate winter !!! Come on spring,lol


Proper Noun Examples for Slush

Slush gone make me put my foot n his slush lbvs!

Slush puppys an lucozade my saviour dis day boke boke boke worst bug ever

Rain and snow mix falling at the shop! Slush can be a slusher to control on the road. And all you guys in the snow area's or traveling the pass's, make sure you ave your chains! By law you have to have chains going over the pass.

Slush. I going to let the customers decide on what Slush to order in, raspberry, strawberry, cola,redbull flavour, lemon and lime tropical, peach, pear, pink bubblegum. Choose 2

If you attended Slush - and can remember that far back - please take a few minutes to respond to our feedback form. Thanks!

Driving in the Snow, Slush and Ice is not as easy as you think......

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We are in the middle of a heatwave in QLD, Australia at 8AM Thursday, Bush fires etc Mother nature is slushed... Where are you - What are you doing today...?

Oh, no... all my beautiful snow is going away. It's too warm for January!

The notebook is the most bob!! Just turned it off after 10 mins cos I was so bored!

Ok just got the stuff to make momma sum slushmemade chicken soup just one problem.....we dont hava big enogh pot!!! damm back to the store

Was at da cinema watchin texas chainsaw in 3d it was brilliant

Went to pick Caleb up from school, and it is really yucky out there!!!!

My cat just peed in my parking spot. I wonder what she is trying to say.

Got interview for the army on 23rd cant come any quicker i need to slush off out off this slush slushle!!

What a nice day for a walk, but if you go by of the trail, watch out for the ice.

Slightly giddy about snow forecast for weekend!!! It has been 5 years!

Bring on the slushin blizzard!!! see what you got.. no slush storms round here

This is crazy! That SUV disappeared right before your eyes. We all have to be careful when driving.

Well people stay off of Fox Lake there is still open slushles and not too much ice, tons of sl ush

Where is that weatherman!?! I am so slushed! I spent a long time cleaning my truck yesterday with no rain in sight until possibly Friday and ever since noon it's been raining! So slushed. Its been over a month since it had a cleaning cuz of weather, now its like I never even did it. I bet he dont lose his job over it.

It's over 50 degrees out now. I'm a still thinking about a blizzard this weekend, perhaps.

"Kevin A. Sabet, former senior White slushuse official in charge of drug policy, told HuffPost that the sentencing was appropriate because Sandusky was "exploitative." "People aren't supposed to parade around with a green cross slapped onto their storefront when they're really just about distributing slush to anyone who can pay $100 to get a card," Sabet said." Do you think that's a problem of doctors or dispensary owners? Do you think that's a problem?

This is such a teaser ..I am so ready for Spring...Maybe I will go for a walk this evening!

I have been there and that stuff is fn addictive. Fridge is full of it lol

Got a headache from slush!!!! Waiting for my baby gurl to wake up than outside in the snow we go :D

slushpe the weather stays this way all winter.. But I never get anything I slushpe for lol

Anyone know what the weather is supposed to do on Snoqualmie tonight? I have to drive over and don't want to get stuck on the pass....Checked the pass report, but all it says is current conditions and "snow" today. Anyone?

Maybe following the cute cats and doges page was a bad move! But the pictures are soooo cute!

Here's a question for you guys: What do you eat with your Stripes taco?

Its 50 outside and the sun is shining, ridin tonight oh yeah

Atleast 40 huts out in Miner's Bay alreadyy! All in one spot. slushing Moron's!!! That only froze 2 weeks agoo, and its plus 4 outsidee!!!! Noo thankss!

Brain freezes while driving are the scariest thing ever!!!

The sound of the snow falling down on the ground,balcony,trees etc. is so incredible!!!! im loving this!

Will be trying out my new snow making machine on Thursday and Saturday and Sunday as evening temperatures dip below freezing.

Of course when I want it to be cold so there is nice white snow for my engagment pictures, they are calling for warmer weather! Meh -_-

A long slushping night......Do not try and go to Vancouver ha ha ha

And it's snowing! Of course the kids are already asleep and can't see for themselves.

Wow think we've just taken our relationship to a whole new level, Ben Welsby kindly sent me a picture of his poo!!! Who said romance was dead hey?! Haha!

38 weeks today.. Dear baby Jeffrey just so you know you are more then welcome to make an appearance any day now- - we r more then excited to meet you!

Yintoni bangela umntu angamnkeli na xa shiywa or engasathandwa? *jct asking* nyto

A flat tire was not in the plans for today!! Grrrr

OMG. it was snowing hard awhile happy it stopped!

WOW! If this don't scare you into being careful when you drive, nothing will.

That would normally be a really windy place, too - looks fool-hardy to me!!

Just got my car stuck in my driveway and Tim had to come slushme and rescue me! Plus I locked myself out of the slushuse! This may not be my day!

I'm in Renton, is there really alot of snow in enumclaw???

Hey, North Bend - are you guys getting snow up on the higher hills???

60 degrees this weekend!!? Looks like the perfect snowboarding weather.

Dang. It's slushpy and snowing. Guess I am going to have to get those tires on now. Stay safe peeps!

If any of you still wonder why it can't get cold enough for long enough in Vegas for me, here's a good reason. And, I'm so looking forward to this next cold snap!

If you didn't remove snow from your sidewalk, it's probably ice today. Thanks a bunch.

I"ve started a new life 2 dae everything iz new. let me welcum maself under drankensberg mountains "thanx slushama wam okupela kwake God Bless her"

slushw are the roads out there im hearing they are good and okay and im also hearing they are bad and very icy so can anyone tell me which it is?

Oh yay I wake up to snow and its still snowing not what I wanted to wake up to

Got the barn cleaned ,off 2 the wood now ..peace

Ok, quick techie question for all computer people more knowledgeable than me..That's most of you I am guessing. If I use a word processing program such as Word Perfect on my desktop to write...say my book. If I save it to a disk periodically,when I re open the file will it keep going back to the beginning? or does it carry on where I stopped?

First time trying strawberry daiquiris and got to say im impressed! x

Do any of you that don't live in ATL really feel confident that the Falcons will beat Seattle? And Keith Lawton you can answer but you don't count because you're a huge slushmer.

Its dumping snow in black diamond. its about time!!!!!! dogs are going crazy!!!! they love the snow!!!! let it snow all day with no breaks.

Can some one please tell me why the slush the gritters are gritting it ain't that bloody cold x

Keeping with the back to school theme, we're talking tuckshops tomorrow! What was your favourite tuckshop treat?

Water. "Like" if you prefer it room temperature. Comment if slusht or cold is your choice.

Woke up to a migraine, before I even got out of bed. Sean is burning up and threw up the first time i gave him medicine. slushping the day will get better.

So this super snowy winter we're supposed to have. It's cominggg...when.

28 really strong women...$560 in prize money And fun and weight loss in the same sentence! It's good start to 2013!

Frosty morning for walking. Really appreciating the second cup of coffee.

I wonder if the weather will stay like this for tomorrow when Im in college... not a chance, probably be miserable rain as usual

28 days later and still doin inventory.... Does it ever end????

Well, it looks like the giant dump of snow didn't hit Trail. That's so nice but the day just started!

Apparently, some of us are just in a "no rain bubble" and not going to see any rain this go round. That is unfortunate.

Here is a writing prompt from any excellent poet, Jem Farmer: List 5 things that signify winter without using weather. I need help because she's already used the best: coal fire, slusht chocolate, stew and dumplings, scarf and gloves, robins. So, my dear FB fam, throw me your best.

Does it snow anymore in NY??? Give me a blizzard already! Doesn't feel right!!

I need a slushuse with a secret passageway behind the bookshelf so I can finally get my superhero career started.

Slush definitions


partially melted snow


spill or splash copiously or clumsily

See also: slosh


make a splashing sound

See also: slosh splash splosh