Lethal in a sentence as an adjective

And that, for these lawyers, is a lethal combination.

I don't see how you can justify upholding laws with lethal force if you don't agree morally with the law.

Most side effects are quite benign, but if you're unlucky enough, they can be crippling, lethal, or incurable.

If I'm going to die on the most lethal roller coaster ever designed, I don't want the last thing I see to be the backs of 22 screaming heads.

The people reserve and are ultimately responsible for the use of lethal force in the United States.

In my experience, though, in the startup context for founders, the mixture is too lethal in its consequences to make it worthwhile.

If the villagers don't have the financial resources to implement non-lethal control measures, I'm sure Bob Parsons does.

If the filibuster prompts further public discourse and a closer look at the use of lethal force without due process of law, it's positive.

The smart money is not on "a camera will be the most lethal thing ever attached to a $100 electronic device the size of a seagull.

At the moment the man-portable drones mostly carry cameras, but the US is proving in spades that cameras are really lethal if you do them correctly.

He used to live in Minnesota, where there is lethal cold outdoors during winter, but he was homeless in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, where it can feel cold at night but where the weather is liveable outdoors year-round.

In related news: scientists have discovered that an uncontrolled nuclear reaction over one hundred trillion times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb is releasing radiation of all known varieties, including lethal gamma radiation, and will result in the inevitable exposure of all of the earth's surface within the next twenty-four hours.

“After any use of targeted lethal force, when there are indications that civilian deaths may have occurred, intelligence analysts draw on a large body of information – including human intelligence, signals intelligence, media reports, and surveillance footage – to help us make informed determinations about whether civilians were in fact killed or injured.”==============================================There's also some nice tidbits about the technical manner in which this is pulled off.

Lethal definitions


of an instrument of certain death; "deadly poisons"; "lethal weapon"; "a lethal injection"

See also: deadly