How to use Sceptically in a sentence as an adverb

I would approach this book very, very sceptically.

The predictable result was something non-technical managers thought sounded good but didn't really understand, and technical people who didn't drink the Kool-Aid looked at sceptically while asking where the evidence was that it was better than what they had been doing already. And the only answer the Agile community has collectively agreed on in the ten years since then seems to be that people aren't doing Agile properly in most cases, but look at the successes where smart people have made it work!

> "lifetime" "unlimited" "forever" etc products should always been looked at sceptically for that reason. Anything that is either finite or requires up-keep cannot be offered on these terms, it is just impossible.

Makes me really sceptically if this is is a heartfelt issue for them or just some attempt to win voters of the pirate party over.

"lifetime" "unlimited" "forever" etc products should always been looked at sceptically for that reason. Anything that is either finite or requires up-keep cannot be offered on these terms, it is just impossible.

Perhaps therein lies part of the reason why ontology has been seen rather sceptically by many of the people who followed him?

I have always been a bit sceptically on the anti-virus companies. The market looks a bit odd to me - different from many other software markets.

The only notable exception is philosophy majors, but even those are approached by employers sceptically at first. Anyway, because of this, it seems like your character, personality, and interests are key in deciding if you're a right fit.

I would definitely approach them sceptically and seek clarification of what the role involves. Probably the biggest issue with these terms is how do you actually quantify qualities of ninja or someone who has talent?

Serious hope this project works BUT very sceptically it can make it to market. Seriously be a game changer if something goes directly to generic.

To sceptically scrutinize claims is what moves us forward. Of course, one has to choose their battle, but if those, who can, debunk crackpottery from time to time, then, I think, the general picture of science gets better.

It sits there in your brain until you sceptically reflect on what you think to know and how you act. Some people do that to some degree, most less so.

"the next time Goldman calls the FBI, they are going to be treated much more sceptically... ."

So an EFF-based scheme for a new trusted nonprofit has to be viewed sceptically. This new SSL scheme is mostly security theater.

In a better, more libertarian world, banking crises would result in some failures, and once-burned investors would look carefully at what reserves actually mean, look sceptically at rating-weighted reserve requirements, and expect that if things go wrong there will not be a bailout. This would help put money into firms that actually know how to act in a trustworthy, sound way, not just the firms that are able to successfully lobby the SEC, the way Madoff's did.

At an all staff meeting one of the exec's near the top, who is - though this will be received sceptically - a genuinely empathetic, good person said: "I miss walking around and seeing my team working, I can't wait to get back in the office"

It takes conscious effort to read sceptically; whenever your attention slips you'll find yourself absorbing the views the writer wants you to.

So I always interpret such anecdotes very sceptically unless it's a particularly egregious account, unless I've witnessed it directly, or unless I know that I can trust them.

Any talk of China lifting its citizens out of poverty has to be viewed sceptically, given their brazen lack of transparency.

The image of excessive adversity still remains after I take a step back and look sceptically and what I've been shown and told.

Sceptically definitions


with scepticism; in a sceptical manner; "he looked at her sceptically"

See also: skeptically