How to use Enshrine in a sentence as a verb

Freedom of the press was not an easy right for the founders to enshrine given how the penny press routinely slandered colonial leaders.

Then how do you know it's a negative?The very idea that you should enshrine your ignorance in a checklist of things companies must not do and software companies must not use is utterly preposterous, and you should be at least a little bit ashamed to have proposed it.

However the legal system doesn't exist to just enshrine and enforce basic rights.

Copyright law does not enshrine the idea that "you should always pay for anything that is beneficial.

Any person who seeks to enshrine in law the inequality of a subset of persons before the law should be condemned.

Why enshrine your ignorance in lengthy words, insisting others take a bite?Here's what it's most like, for me:IRC.

I'm surprised that for a mere $10M they were willing to simultaneously torpedo the xprize brand and forever enshrine their irrelevance to actual innovation.

> Gruber spends an awful lot of time trying to justify and enshrine every action Apple takes.

All we have to do is mention "national security" and we can enshrine whichever human rights violation we fancy into legislation?

The due process of law the Constitution attempted to enshrine was very specifically meant to ensure that justice is carried out by the judicial system.

By now, it should be sparkling clear that these organizations have no respect for the ideals that the constitution attempted to enshrine, namely personal freedom and a government subservient to the people, and they should be continually called out as the illegitimate charlatans they are.

Enshrine definitions


enclose in a shrine; "the saint's bones were enshrined in the cathedral"

See also: shrine


hold sacred

See also: saint