Strut in a sentence as a noun

And what's worse - the Linux guys strut it as a badge of pride!

That wobble is from the wind blowing through the fuel tank strut..." Right Stuff indeed.

They're both "right place, right time" guys who strut around with undeserved influence.

Maybe a strut from lower right to upper left, with an upwards arc in the strut to give legroom?

You don't mistake python and django or php and kohana or java and strut, right?

They're like guys who microwave a ready-meal, then strut about like they're Gordon Ramsey.

Sometimes your business is in a position to strut your stuff, because you're the lion in the room.

Riddle me that!---Edit: I'm not claiming that they're struting _this_ particular app as a badge of honor.

Strut in a sentence as a verb

Either they are laced parallel to a support strut, which can be thought of as a very hard wire, or lashed down to some support point.

The shock absorbing ability of the front landing gear strut was impaired by foaming of the oil in the strut when it was extended.

It /could/ be a fundamental strut in the framework of effective government but I think that might be overselling it.

It really seems that this industry is heading to a place where if you aren't a complete arrogant *** without shame who can strut around going "Look at me I'm so cool!

I meant struting _bad designs_ as a desirable outcome, placing "functionality" over "design".

But absolutely, positively, do not encourage every little startup to strut around like they are doing top talent some sort of favor by even considering them.

When you strut around in public trumpeting your deep cultural devotion to innovation and use shaky patents to get competitors products yanked off shelves you damn well better walk the walk.

Strut definitions


a proud stiff pompous gait

See also: prance swagger


brace consisting of a bar or rod used to resist longitudinal compression


to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others; "He struts around like a rooster in a hen house"

See also: tittup swagger ruffle prance sashay cock