Flounce in a sentence as a noun

Why the rhetorical flounce out of the room?

You don't normally see a classic flounce like this around here.

I believe this is the textbook definition of the word "flounce".

Or it's just fun to buy all the shiny, colorful, sparkly stuff and flounce about in it.

A sarcastic, straw-man flounce is definitely a waste of time.

Extra points for the 'I just wanted to see if you all loved me really' reverse flounce shortly afterwards!

"Don't announce; just flounce" is often good advice for people who want the world to know what they're up to, just because they think they're important.

The “flounce” is a well-known feature of every online message board that ever existed.

Flounce in a sentence as a verb

If such candidates flounce out of my tech screening because I dared to give them a problem, then my tech screening has worked.

Every online community needs a good flounce every now and again.

Amazon can flounce and run off to Virginia or Nashville or wherever, but NYC will remain the heartbeat of the US economy without this deal.

And perhaps this perception, true or false, that women need to be handled with kid gloves and will flounce out at the slightest microprovocation is hurting women's chances of being hired.

It's inherent in everything the Ruby community does - sooner or later someone will come along and write a 14 page diatribe about how DHH is full of **** and then flounce out in a cloud of opprobrium.

"I do get the impression that people generally seem to be all to eager to take offence, and it strikes me as a bit ironic to flounce off in a huff as a result of a badly-judged automated process!

[fridge brilliance]\nMaybe, after the OpenSSL debacle, they realised that the only way to make a truly secure product was to get a lot of eyeballs on the code, hence the dramatic diva flounce to grab attention...\n[/fridge brilliance]

Flounce definitions


a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim

See also: frill ruffle furbelow


the act of walking with exaggerated jerky motions


walk emphatically