Punctured in a sentence as an adjective

If that's the case, you might patch it up as it gets punctured or replace whole sections of it.

The bus I took to the examination hall got punctured and I arrived to the hall 15 minutes late.

In the UK, the GP looked at the rash, punctured the pustules with little pokey thing so they'd drain, and they cleared up in a few days.

Incredible that such a transparent strategy would not be punctured in court.

Unless you get stabbed on the neck or get your stomach punctured, I think the chances of surviving a stabbing are high.

If she had been wearing a helmet it's almost certain that she "only" would have to deal with the punctured lung and a few broken bones.

Afterwards, they found out why. Something had punctured a tire before takeoff, and it was a little flat during takeoff, and a lot flat during landing.

I wonder how many folks suggesting everyone should learn to code will replace a punctured car tire instead of plugging it.

I ran over a metal object on the freeway that punctured the transmission which started pouring transmission fluid onto the exhaust pipe and ignited.

But solemnity, it serves pomposity and the self-\n important always know, at some level of their consciousness, that their egotism\n is going to be punctured by humor.

I often see policemen helping tourists with directions and things - I even once saw some policemen replacing a punctured tyre for what looked like Japanese tourists in an obvious rental car.[NB I'm in Edinburgh which is usually full of tourists so I suspect the police are particularly well behaved here!

Punctured definitions


having a hole cut through; "pierced ears"; "a perforated eardrum"; "a punctured balloon"

See also: pierced perforated perforate