Perforated in a sentence as an adjective

It's just a perforated tube and a projector.

I've got one of his bills, it is disconcerting to see a bill with a perforated edge.

Though I'm thinking a simple perforated tube which sucks the air out would act as a vacuum.

The \n patient will get cut open, perforated with tubes, hooked up to machines, and \n assaulted with *****.

Using perforated or hand cut homemade cards is surely one of the worst a businessperson could hope to save money.

Heh, reminds me of printing out 200 pages of dot matrix perforated edge print outs of why kirk is better than picard off a bulletin board as a kid...

Since perforated tape at the time could record eight bits in one position, it also allowed for a parity bit for error checking if desired.

I've probably bought that damn perforated aluminum cutlery holder 8 times on 3 continents.

Lol, however cutting slits in a ****** packaging would cause it to dry out, and more importantly you could end up ripping the ****** itself... but couldn't someone do a perforated version?

I have no idea if that applies to the state of the art of heart surgery in India.------------Among the many distressing things I saw in Nanded, one was the incredible numbers of patients with perforated ulcers.

Funny, on my FB feed just last week a woman posted an X-ray or some such image with the caption "perforated uterus due to IUD migration" and another woman commented on her photo that it had happened to her too. I don't know how rare it is but that possibility alone would be enough to make me turn and run the other way. At least condoms generally won't perforate your internal organs.

I've worked on software that printed nametags for conferences as one-offs, and would dispute that perforated sheets "are just too cumbersome to work with in a production environment" if you haven't actually used them.

This has a perforated distributor, and the idea is that he circulates water through his masonry stove and solar thermal panels whenever the output of those is warmer than the water at some point in the tank -- it tends to be ~120F near the surface, and ~40F near the bottom.

It won't be long before we no longer have Saturday deliveries and envelopes become a quaint speciality item, generally available 'free' with birthday cards but otherwise as hard to obtain as perforated dot-matrix printer paper.

Perforated definitions


having a hole cut through; "pierced ears"; "a perforated eardrum"; "a punctured balloon"

See also: pierced perforate punctured


having a number or series of holes; "a perforated steel plate"; "perforated cancellation"; "perforated stamp"