Laggard in a sentence as a noun

I'm an upgrade laggard, I feel your pain.

This clearly shows how laggard Siri is when compared to Google search.

The major laggard on the desktop is IE, which is due to gain support for them in version 10.

I myself am laggard when it comes to electronic gadget and I haven't got an iPad yet.

This XML obsession has led to java being a major laggard in automation tech.

I've argued for a long time that Facebook has the huge advantage of having even reach most of the laggards.

Not a particularly astute tactic for a market laggard to follow.

Laggard in a sentence as an adjective

All the old laggard companies have invested a lot of time and money and hoarded a bunch of patents and so they do not care enough.

If they and their design-loving friends are on there, and don't require the facebook-laggard-surplus, then Path can succeed.

You cant call NTT a laggard in that regard, they had the first 3G network in production and are apparently working on LTE from the beginning.

As for the laggards, they probably set their developer salaries back in 1995 when $45k, out of college, was decent for a software engineer.

I should have said "preemptive" rather than "obligatory".I think WinPhone is a great product, but there's no denying that it's been a bit of a laggard in the market.

Early adopters are invariably chagrined to see the laggards driving the signal to noise down, some leave in search of new media with an opportunity to enjoy the high signal of halcyon days.

Laggard definitions


someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind

See also: dawdler drone lagger trailer poke


wasting time

See also: dilatory poky pokey