Perforate in a sentence as a verb

Yep, he got a print shop to apply rubber cement and perforate the sheets.

But I don't pretend to be a surgeon and perforate a patient's aorta.

I assumed he meant he had a friend at the local mint who could get him uncut sheets and perforate them.

He mentions that he paid a printer, who he knows through a friend, to cut the sheets, perforate them, and gum them into pads.

Does anyone know what company they use to print, perforate and deliver the postcards?

Heh, reminds me of printing out 200 pages of dot matrix perforated edge print outs of why kirk is better than picard off a bulletin board as a kid...

The magnetic force is strong enough to perforate your intestines, requiring surgery.

Also, a certain amount of subcutaneous fat is a survival trait when people are regularly trying to perforate you.

Perforate in a sentence as an adjective

In what school of thought that is acceptable?In my country, you buy bus passes on the bus stop and you perforate it yourself when you get on the bus to signal that you've paid for your ride.

These are small, relatively stationary, and independent of mantle convection, and so they basically perforate the plates as the plates slide by.

First thing you should do with an Old-timer like this is replacing the original steering rack with a collapsible one, because like you said, it would perforate your head or torso on a front crash.

I have no idea if that applies to the state of the art of heart surgery in India.------------Among the many distressing things I saw in Nanded, one was the incredible numbers of patients with perforated ulcers.

Funny, on my FB feed just last week a woman posted an X-ray or some such image with the caption "perforated uterus due to IUD migration" and another woman commented on her photo that it had happened to her too. I don't know how rare it is but that possibility alone would be enough to make me turn and run the other way. At least condoms generally won't perforate your internal organs.

The solderer and his teammates use high-power drills to perforate the pipes, then affix taps and sometimes a hose to retrieve as much fuel as their portable tank can carry, generally into the hundreds or thousands of gallons.

When you swallow two magnets they can attract each other and perforate the stomach or intestine.> Yet we don't see many calls to ban these, despite being very common in all kinds of household devices...Battery compartments now come screwed shut, where they didn't in the past.

Perforate definitions


make a hole into or between, as for ease of separation; "perforate the sheets of paper"

See also: punch


pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance; "The bullet penetrated her chest"

See also: penetrate


having a hole cut through; "pierced ears"; "a perforated eardrum"; "a punctured balloon"

See also: pierced perforated punctured