Piglet in a sentence as a noun

So, a child gets a piglet to look after, if the adults raise pigs.

A little lamb, for example, or a piglet.

It would be like calling the meat of a relatively young pig piglet, or the meat of a relatively young chicken chick.

But she is perhaps best known for her 14 year love affair with Christopher Hogwood, a runt piglet who grew to a 750-pound great Buddha master.

In farming contexts, piglets and chicks are often distinguished from pigs and chickens precisely because they’re too young to eat.

It's an anecdote, but my mom grew up on a small farm and she remembers hearing the squeals of a piglet as the sow ate it one time.

While you'd never mistake a housecat for a full boar, mistaking a dead cat in a sack for a dead piglet wouldn't be that difficult.

The "final" product, the seed for the farmer, the piglet raised for mass production, is bred from two parent lines, one for the male part, one for the female.

Hated going back into his pen at night when he was a piglet, became really hard to get close to around dusk, would just keep his distance casually without being offensive about it.

> It would be like calling the meat of a relatively young pig “piglet”, or the meat of a relatively young chicken “chick”.You mean, it would be like calling something what it is, rather than using a euphemism to shield yourself from what you're doing?

The pig, in this case, is usually a piglet, which is roughly the same size and shape as a cat, and the trick is to show the customer/mark a real piglet being put in a bag, and then use sleight of hand to switch bags and hand him one with the cat in it, with the strong admonition not to open the bag before getting home lest the "pig" get out.

Piglet definitions


a young pig

See also: piggy shoat shote