Piggy in a sentence as a noun

And it's not to piggy back on the Internet.

I hate to piggy-back on Amazon's follies, but it's times like these that make me love my Linode boxes.

Likewise, a dollar or two missing from my piggy bank will probably not be noticed.

Without wishing to piggy back on this thread I feel its a good time to point out that this is exactly why enterprises stick with IE. People are risk averse in businesses.

They're simply piggy-backing on the whole RIM vs Android thing with weirdly-phrased anti-Android propaganda.

I, and a few other developers, managed to reverse engineer the Chromecast tab protocol to piggy back this to deliver local content. This was not simply "broken" with an update.

Piggy in a sentence as an adjective

While much of the embarrassment is on the US, the Snowden lark puts the UK in a very exposed piggy in the middle position where we might get forced to pick sides.

What Craigslist really dislikes is competitionHm, would you not say that what Craigslist really dislikes is their competition piggy-backing off their data?

Whenever Apple launches a product a myriad of other companies piggy-back on the press Apple generates.

Clojure piggy-backs on Java's exceptions, and currently lacks a good mechanism for user-defined error handling.

Torvalds wrote a really good post in the linked Google+ comments that describes his feelings on the whole thing:"I don't mind people piggy-backing on some fairly obvious generic term like "debug" per se. I don't know if the old init scripts did that, but I do know they did it for "quiet", which is basically the reverse of "debug".What I mind is people closing bugs and not admitting mistakes.

Piggy definitions


a young pig

See also: piglet shoat shote


resembling swine; coarsely gluttonous or greedy; "piggish table manners"; "the piggy fat-cheeked little boy and his porcine pot-bellied father"; "swinish slavering over food"

See also: hoggish piggish porcine swinish