How to use Euphemism in a sentence as a noun

I've been trying for a month to find a way to turn "fiscal cliff" into a sexual euphemism. This is my Rubik's Cube.

Using the word 'gay' as a euphemism for euphemismmosexual is fine I guess. But I've always thought a word like 'fabulous' might have been better. Sure would be a lot easier to tell your parents, 'Mom, Dad: I'm fabulous! And my friends are fabulous, too!'

Quote Examples using Euphemism

129 likes away from 3000 fans! So near yet so far. Thanks for all the sharing you are all stars. Can we get there by tommorow evening? If we do we are having a earring giveaway. There is a free ring competition ongoing at the mo , its pinned to top of my page. I'm off to make jewellery for a bit as its painful to watch whether the likes will go up or not. Also my puppy needs a hug. Thats not a euphemism I really do have a puppy x


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We have had several calls about signal issues. Be sure to check if there is ice on your dish. This could fix it!

Very important question for our fans: euphemismw many times a day do you feel like the krayken? euphemismw many times a week so you feel like the krayken? And why?

Finally got to shoot the Mosin Nagant I got for my birthday back in July. Not bad for a $100 rifle. The recoil is...notable.

It has been brought to our attention that a typo exists on page 71 of the book. The sentence that reads: 'A mild vaccine reaction is easily treatable with a few aspirin' should have read 'A mild vaccine reaction is easily treatable with a few Tylenol.' Children should not be given aspirin due to the possibility of developing Reye's Syndrome, a rare but serious illness. We apologize for the typo, and are grateful for your continued support of the book!

We are booking gigs from March on. What venues would you like to see us play in Worcester?

Euphemism definitions


an inoffensive or indirect expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive or too harsh