Perk in a sentence as a noun

So it's not even a perk, it's a commercial gain.

It doesn't matter what "perks" the diplomat was promised.

It does deprive them of the right to market 20% time as a perk without being called out as liars.

Hm... more like: someone was smuggling sodas out of the building that were offered in good faith as an office perk.

They came to shoot the interior as a perk for participating in a "Google Offer".

When it boils down to it, every perk is an entirely cosmetic abstraction layer over money.

Sounds nothing like it actually - this one being open to any employee who wishes to take advantage of it, the other one being a private perk for a top exec and his close associates.

Perk in a sentence as a verb

But where is the liability when no equity is being sold and instead you have commitments that backers will receive only little perks associated with a completed development effort?

Of all the businesses you can try to import to bring more "desirable" traffic to the area, you had to pick the one that caters all meals internally and has every imaginable perk already in-house?

" No, admin help is also a perk which can be purchased, and admin help is incredibly cheap because there is virtually nothing that a secretary can do in San Francisco that cannot also be done by a virtual assistant in the Philippines for ~$10 an hour.

I do not identify as an anti capitalist by any means, but I can't help feeling a wee bit Marxy when thinking of someone in Manhattan reading the WSJ opining that an engineer getting fed by the company constitutes a perk bubble.

" "No no, what we're saying is we're giving a roll of quarters..."Pro-tip for HNers here, by the way: Notice how you responded much, much more viscerally to this emotional, novel perk than you would have if Google had described it as an industry-standard perk with a knob slightly adjusted?

If this is true where a venture sells equity interests that are true securities subject to the protections of securities laws, it is doubly true where the only thing being offered is a small perk tied to a development effort that is not guaranteed to be brought to completion or at least that is not guaranteed to be brought to completion within any specified time period.

Most of the reasons you mentioned are exactly why the "free lunch" perk at a former job began to show me there really is no such thing as "no free lunch".I think Joel has the right idea if you want to inspire a cult-like work environment which is probably very good for getting things done, but I worry that these type of things also cause a group think, as you notice people start sharing the same opinions about everything because of peer pressure.

Perk definitions


an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right); "a limousine is one of the fringe benefits of the job"

See also: perquisite


gain or regain energy; "I picked up after a nap"

See also: percolate