Peer in a sentence as a noun

And indeed, this result was published without peer review.

Or the reader who knowingly accepts the result despite it being published without peer review and/or corroboration?

* It's very easy to fool yourself into thinking you can handle things you can't, especially with peer pressure, job pressure and so-forth involved.

So we create similar peer-to-peer equivalents, only to start rediscovering the reasons for all those regulations in the first place.

And though I fully respect the open source initiative, I, for once, am very happy to support / give some money to a peer developer who has made our world much better.

In agreeing to peer with Level 3, I am sure Comcast has an agreement that they will not send any traffic to Comcast's network that is not actually destined for a Comcast customer.

Peer in a sentence as a verb

For obvious reasons, antivirus doesn't generate a lot of peer-reviewed academic research.

I remember the parental and peer pressure particularly well: my dad was pretty much opposed to it because he felt taking biology would "lead to more options later", but I was not convinced.

This article ignores a lot of peer-reviewed literature from planning, public health / injury prevention, and civil engineering in favor of some folksy wisdom of a lieutenant cop.

That's mainly why I come here, to peer into the collective unconcious of the californian ivy-league portfolio-owning hivemind.

If each bounce goes through a team with a 15-minute response time, it can be hours before the right team finally finds out, unless you build a lot of scaffolding and metrics and reporting.- every single one of your peer teams suddenly becomes a potential DOS attacker.

Something that the Bitcoin community has been a bit slow to accept is the idea that "peer-to-peer exchange" may be occurring at the corporate level rather than at the individual level for most people--it's hard to imagine a world where that isn't true due to the points outlined in the "Comparison to the card networks" part of this article.

Proper Noun Examples for Peer

Peer-to-peer is not a new idea, it's how things worked back before we started using government to solve the problems inherent in the peer-to-peer model.

Peer definitions


a person who is of equal standing with another in a group

See also: equal match compeer


a nobleman (duke or marquis or earl or viscount or baron) who is a member of the British peerage


look searchingly; "We peered into the back of the shop to see whether a salesman was around"