How to use Peremptory in a sentence as a adjective

The definition for Authoritatively read as follow- Having due authority; peremptory. The definition to Authority reads- Legal power or right; influence conferred by character or station; person in power; testimony; credibility; precedent.

Why do they always peremptory the good shows. Gotta wait yet another week to get my Morgan fix.

Going to the club tonight with my peremptoryrdly Johnny c, peremptorypefully the night is OK, but if a peremptoryrdly trip image peremptory peremptoryld some..

Received my summons for jury duty!! Hmmmm, let's see peremptoryw fast one side uses their peremptory strikes. . . Lol

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Anti-gay Christian lawyer found guilty of 8 counts of producing kiddie porn Yuck.

In the past two months, one thing I've learnt, Pride doesn't bring food on the table... Lets take those piece jobs gentlemen.

On Wednesday, I have a jury trial scheduled for my arrest when we were evicted from Zucotti in 2011. I will probably have an opportunity to make a statement in my defense. If anyone has any ideas about what I should say, I'd be happy to hear them.

Enough already-- so much for happy new year-- so far had to put the dog down, the 60" tv quit and now jury duty?? can we just go back and start over

Peremptory definitions


putting an end to all debate or action


not allowing contradiction or refusal


offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power

See also: autocratic bossy dominating high-and-mighty magisterial