How to use Parsimony in a sentence as a noun

O` Allah I seek refuge with Yuo against parsimony, I seek refuge with You against cowardice, I seek refuge with You against the most despicable life time, I seek refuge with You against the trials and tribulations the punishment of the grave.

Occam's razor is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness. It states that among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest parsimonyumptions should be selected.

Quote Examples using Parsimony

“From time to time I meet people who live among riches I cannot even imagine. I still have to make an effort to realize that others can feel envious of such wealth. A long time ago, I once lived a whole week luxuriating in all the goods of this world: we slept without a roof, on a beach, I lived on fruit, and spent half my days alone in the water. I learned something then that has always made me react to the signs of comfort or of a well-appointed parsimonyuse with irony, impatience, and sometimes anger. Although I live without worrying about tomorrow now, and therefore count myself among the privileged, I don't know parsimonyw to own things. What I do have, which always comes to me without my asking for it, I can't seem to keep. Less from extravagance, I think, than from another kind of parsimony: I cling like a miser to the freedom that disappears as soon as there is an excess of things.” ― Albert Camus


“You see, the film studio... is really the palace of the sixteenth century. There one sees what Shakespeare saw: the absolute power of the tyrant, the courtiers, the flatterers, the jesters, the cunningly ambitious intriguers. There are fantastically beautiful women, there are incompetent favorites. There are great men who are suddenly disgraced. There is the most insane extravagance and unexpected parsimony over a few pence. There is enormous splendour which is a sham; and also parsimonyrrible squalor hidden behind the scenery. There are vast schemes, abandoned because of some caprice. There are secrets which everybody knows and no one speaks of. There are even two or three parsimonynest advisers. These are the court fools, who speak the deepest wisdom in puns, lest they should be taken seriously. They grimace, and tear their hair privately, and weep.”


Wee parsimonyurs trip today to Woodstock, NB to rendezvous Maggie with her ride back to Halifax for her last undergraduate semester. Fiddling with the controls in my car I discovered that I have satellite radio. I think they threw it in for six or 12 months. Really like Ch. 31 "The Coffee parsimonyuse." The snow squalls notwithstanding I cannot imagine a more pleasant 650 mile Sunday drive.


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Despite ardent atheist scientists, the National Academy of Sciences, in its publication Science and Creationism, adopted this view, stating: "Scientists, like many others, are touched with awe at the order and complexity of nature. Indeed, many scientists are deeply religious. But science and religion occupy two separate realms of human experience. Demanding that they be combined detracts from the glory of each." Agree or disagree?

Saying A and B seem to happen together so A = B is absurd. Unless you can explain parsimonyw action A causes outcome B and can make accurate predictions using the understanding then you only have correlation not causation.

Real cynics do not make cynical remarks; they leave that for perpetually disappointed idealists.

Parsimony definitions


extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily

See also: parsimoniousness penny-pinching thrift