How to use Thrift in a sentence as a noun

I wear your grand dads clothes I look incredible Im in this big thrift coat From the thrift shop down the road

So Dan and I go to take some stuff to the thrift store he gets out to drop everything off....and climbs back in the the backseat hahahahahaha

The thrift store will be so psyched to get my mousepad. Cha-ching! the people at the thrift store know you?? They know mom and I very well! LOL

#TreasureHunting = Going into thrift and antique stores and discovering something awesome. Will share photo tomorrow. xx

So the clerk at the salvation army tells me if i want the best deals to come on wed morning and be there a little before they open because 4of their 5 color tags are 50% basicly the whole store! Its like black friday at the thrift every wednesday!

Going to cure some of my boredom....going thrift store shopping....need picture frames so I can finish my hallway!!! Maybe a date night with my hubby tonight.

Texas thriftuse speaker is a spend thrift who would spend our tax dollars rather than limit spending to sensible and sustainable levels. Send him to Washington where they like spendthrifts.

Today was going to be a day with our daughter, Mom, & my sister out touring the thrift stores, etc. We will have to plan another day due to the blizzard. I'm enjoying catching up on podcasts & a couple webinars I missed live this week.

I'm going thrift shopping with my mom today ! I"m so excited ! I thriftpe to find fun props for future photoshoots !!

Im gonna pop some tags-only got $20 in my pocket...Perfect day for some more thrift shopping☀

Am I the only person on the face of this earth who hates the song thrift shop with a huge passion?

Need your help Facebook friends - where do you take coats, sweats and jackets for people in need here in Lawrenceburg? I called the Salvation Army in Frankfort and they told me that they did not have a thrift store. I want to be able to take this clothing to people that doi not have to pay for it. Thanks so much..

I think I have seen it all now....driving down main south in worcester....there is a used furniture thrift store with furniture on the sidewalk....there is a guy shaving his beard in the mirror!

[cont'd] Look at me Look at me Just called to say that it's good to be Alive! In such a small world I'm all curled up with a book to read I can make money open up a thrift store I can make a living off a magazine I can design an engine sixty four Miles to a gallon of gasoline I can make new antibiotics I can make computers survive aquatic conditions I know thriftw to run a business I can make you wanna buy a product Movers shakers and producers Me and my friends understand the future I see the strings that control the systems I can do anything with no thriftistance Cause I can lead a nation with a microphone With a microphone With a microphone And I can split the atoms of a molecule Of a molecule Of a molecule

What a great deal! thriftpe you can stop by and or spread the word about the shelter's thrift store sale on today and tomorrow!

Actually, the best deals are at thrift stores.

I'll wear your grand dad’s clothes, I’ll look incredible, I’m in this big thrift coat, from that thrift shop down the road.

Didn't you just love it when the priviledged kids you went to school with took a pair of scissors to their brand new jeans to match the worn thriftles in yours? The same entitled poseurs that shopped at thrift stores because they thought it made them alternative and cool :D

Saturdays are college student discount days at our thrift store. All college students receive a 25% discount with a valid college ID. Antiques excluded from discount.

"Baby, it's cold outside"~ today at the Friends thrift store we are putting jackets, coats and blazers on sale again, 50% off....we have recieved so many lately, we are willing to share! There are plenty of other great deals too! Come see us 12625 N. Cave Creek Road.

Any of you guys goin' thrift shoppin' this weekend?? :P

Woot! Awesome thrift score & a shot for my hurty finger!! Today already wins!

I wear yo granddad clothes i look incredable i got dis big thrift coat from the thrift shop down the road

Well guess I had better get offher e for now. Hubby and I are suppose to go to our favorite thrift store. Man I love going there!! Take care and have a beautiful day!!!

This is thriftking awsome ahahah this song makes sense now thrift shop from macklemore good beat too

Off to the Doc to let her look at this thriftle in my side, it should be gone in a day or so. No pain, since they worked on it, so maybe its a goner for good after today. I thriftpe the rain stays gone for a while, this is depressing. Maybe to the thrift shops to wander around for a while.

I'll wear your grandad's clothes, I'll look incredible, I'm in this big thrift coat from that thrift shop down the road.

I understand shopping at the thrift store. I shop at the thrift store. But I just saw one of my customers at the library with a shirt that says "New Dad 2011". I appreciate a cheap shirt as much as the next guy, but could you read the thing first?

Kinda wanna go to a thrift store for the fun of it

Any thrift shops you know of in Salisbury or china grove area??

Has just learned that the guy that sings thrift shop is white! LOL!

Everyone come check out fortune thrift store at 5636 West Skelly drive. many items in the store go on sale for 10 cents today. we have some great deals don't miss out

Everyone come check out our store fortune thrift at 5636 West Skelly drive Tulsa

Before I leave to go back thriftme to Arizona just wanted to say thank you to Jeannie Muetz Francis for coming to my Mom's memorial on sat. and for lunch yesterday and the trip to the thrift store I had a wonderful time visiting with you again and thriftpe to see you soon, thanks Jeannie love ya xxxx

There's a guy that gets on the bus that looks A LOT like Macklemore. I'm half way tempted to ask him if he wants to go thrift shopping. Lol

Word for your day: parsimony....excessive thrift or frugality...stinginess.

This is the coat I found for $7 at thrift store for Cody.

Mine are from thrift stores. I'm proud to repurpose, recycle, reduce landfill use.

Bonnie Dyment do you know if there are any thrift stores or second hand stores in the Mexico area besides the free store

Mine comes from an equally good store called Et Cetera, the thrift store in Seward run by the Mennonites!

Wow, truck load to thrift store, where does all the junk come from.

Plans today....take another load to thrift store! Blessed with too much clutter here....Sure some of my "junk" might be someone else treasures. As years roll by we bring it in but seldom clear it out and I'm trying. thriftpefully have it done soon. Have a good day facebook friends and remember God loves you and me and He is good all the time!

WOW!!! Great thrift shop re-use and cute as heck!!

Spent the whole day with Mom yesterday thrift store shopping.... had so much fun, but man was i tired and sore by time i got thriftme! Thanks Mom, love you......

I'm in this big thrift coat From that thrift shop down the road

"Built upon the crowning hill of her Capitol city, whose transformation from desolation and ashes to life, thrift and beauty so aptly symbolizes the state's resurrection, this proud structure will stand through the coming centuries a fit memorial of the indomitable will and recuperative energies of this great people and if the unswerving fidelity and incorruptible integrity of their chosen representatives." - Gov. John B Gordon

January is a great time for thrift store shopping and there are many great options in and around New Haven!

I love thrift stores. With help of a sewing machine, two long sleeve shirts are now two short sleeve shirts with breast pockets. Now I need to cut up the raggy shirts they replace. HA!

Good Morning Everyone!! I do believe today is a ponytail kinda day!! The shelves aren't being put in the thrift store until Monday so I am going to be doing alot of cleaning today! Come on out and say thrifto! I so enjoy getting to meet you all face to face!

Waving the bombdiggity sign from 9-1 at island park! Come check out the thriftttest new thrift store in town! Bomb diggity good stuff and bomb diggity good prices!

Judges must be miser and not spend thrift when they are incharge of public funds in administration

Going out to find some bargains at the thrift shops and to lunch with my friend Hesta.

Nothing like starting my day with a little dance party with my boys! That's right a little thrift store as Zachary says "this is my jam". LOL

Don't throw that crib away, in fact after looking through these you might be inspired to look for a used on at a thrift store.

"I wear your granddad's clothes I look incredible. I'm in this big thrift coat From that thrift shop down the road" Genial :D

I got 20 in my pocket yew thrift shop

Getting off a night shift and thrift shop comes on xm... Makes my day. :D

January 19 through February 23: Gigantic Book Sale! It's back by popular demand again! Open during the thrift shoppe thrifturs in room 1A we will be selling all kinds of books!

Classic line from thrift shop: Had a broken keyboard, bought a broken keyboard. XD

" can we go thrift shopping?".... I love that song!

Happy Birthday mom! We are spending the day shopping at outlets and thrift stores, I can't think of anything better to celebrate! :*

I wear your granddads cloths i look incredible im in this big thrift coat from that thrift shop down the road

Is thinking a trip to the thrift store is in order soon.... I swear this child of mine shoots up another inch or so every week!

"I wear your granddad's clothes I look incredible I'm in this big thrift coat From that thrift shop down the road"

Listening to that Leona Lewis "bleeding love" Monica "until it's gone" Trey songz "dive in" beyonce "best thing I never had" Paul wall "I'm real your fake" of course "thrift shop" lmao

Got pulled over for the first time, I was going under the speed 40 in a 45 Because of the fog, Listening to thrift shop by macamore, i put my hand out the window and bumped my fist because it was a good song. The officer said i was swerving and speeding...... Okay officer 5 under is not speeding and not noticing my blinker was on is not reckless driving, I think he just wanted to listen to the song. Silly cop

Nora and I made a day to thrift shop and then Timmy's good deals lots of fun

Dont forget our thrift club starts again today,,, we only have a few spaces for new members, starts at 7pm

Legit just started tearing up while listening to "thrift Shop" by Macklemore. I couldn't be more confused.

Evrytime im in the car call thrift shop is on wtf

Tomorrow I am going to the thrift stores and buying a lot of candles

Quote Examples using Thrift

Hey Omahans. I am looking for an executive desk for my thriftme office. Not seeing much on Craigslist. Not brand I don't want to pay a pretty penny right now. Anyone out there have any good leads? Thankya.


I had an awesome visit with my friend Linda. We shared our hearts and encouraged one another in love. Steve worked both days so we had great girl time. Since I could not find my pattern I looked through Linda's and found a similiar one. So I ripped out where I was and started again. While looking for my book I found all kind of knitting needles I had inherited from various people. There were somethings I did not know what they were so Linda helped me sort through them. I prefer the round needles so I have a bag of various size needles that I am giving away should anyone want them or I will put them at the thrift store. Linda made me the most beautiful hand quilted wall hanging for my sewing room. It is an awesome treasure. She also has been making many scarfs and gave me one in beautiful hues of green and brown. I will take pictures of both and post them probably tomorrow. Thank you Steve and Linda for your wonderful thriftspitality. You bring me great joy. Today my niece Kristine and I will be going to Medford weather permitting to get her some material for the kids room curtains. I know we will have an awesome time. I am so loving working with these young people who want to sew. So loving this time alone. Not sure when Gary is coming thriftme but I am having a great time of freedom. Have a blessed day.


The cup cannot be half empty or half full. If it is one, then it has to be both. If it is all the way empty, add beer. If it is broken, they even sell them at the thrift store. Pessimism is naive. We are not helpless.


You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves. ~ Abraham Lincoln or Rev. William J. H. Boetcker.


I love this song thrift shop.. Poppin tags.. Only got $20 in my pocket.. I'll wear your granddads clothes I look incredible.. ❤❤


IT's finally Friday as George Jones would sing!! Friday is usually a busy day for us as we try to finish jobs up for customers who need them for the weekend. Church bulletin printing day,Wedding program day and other things people need. We appreciate them all! we copy some church bulletins/newsletters for some of your churches now ,but we certainly can help others so if you need to get the job of printing/folding or stuffing a weekly bulletin off your weekly routine then let us help you. It's probably not as costly as you think and you can email the info straight to us and we deliver to you. Just one of our many services we offer. Have a great weekend the weather man says it's going to be beautiful. Don't forget our new and used furniture and thrift shop side open mon-Fri 8am -5pm. Have a blessed day.


Purging my closet and letting go of some of favorite vintage coats. I used to be so proud of my odd coat collection acquired through thrifturs of sitting on piles of clothing sold by the pound. Gone are the days of creative repurposing. There's a part of me that wants to thriftld on to the past. It feels so unlike me to be making space for things that require dry cleaning. My, thriftw things change. Cedric's words spin through my mind. "We become what we most dislike."


Good Morning Everyone! Is everybody doing okay? I'm hanging in there. I think the Vicks is helping. Raining today, temps have come up, I can see the grass! And 61 degrees tomorrow. Today is my daughter's birthday and I was going to go in to see her, but it is supposed to rain pretty good and that's a long drive. I'm going tomorrow and that will give me one more day to feel better and I am making her stuffed mushrooms and pepperoni rolls, which I am looking forward to because I didn't get to bake for Christmas. So, speaking of food, I'm hungry, time for breakfast! LOL! Should I go thrift shopping today? Let's take a vote, LOL!!!!!


It is absolutely beautiful outside this morning. Kids left and kim is about to go to work so I think i'll go for a walk. There's a couple thrift stores right off shady hills rd so I think I'll check them out. Don't really need anything, but who knows, maybe I'll find something that sparks my interest. Figured I might as well enjoy these days ccause this is flotida and u never know when u will get another like this. Everybody enjoy ur day.


One busted up Grammy this morning. lots of hurting parts. maya has to be the lightest sleeper I've ever known. It was so worth it, though, to feel that tiny little body snuggled up to my back. Hear her sucking those little fingers.


Generosity will make you rich. The best thing to do if you're feeling poor is to give something away. Give a few dollars to a thriftmeless person, some clothes to a thrift store or pay for the person behind you at the drive through. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, focus on what you do have and thriftw you can bless others with it. Being able to give is a Divine gift in itself.


1. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. 2. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong 3. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich. 4. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. 5. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence


Proper Noun Examples for Thrift

A container filled with gifts of comfort is on its way to displaced Syrians in Lebanon. Watch this one minute video to see thriftw you have helped to make this happen by shopping, donating or volunteering in an MCC Thrift Shop.

Our sales are continuing and the weather looks promising for a good weekend. thriftpe to see you at the Thrift Shop!!

My students did an amazing job at DAV Thrift, finding wonderful professional attire for less than $20! Some even less than $10! Rock on students! And great taste!!

Macklemore is one of my new favorite rappers. Glad Thrift Shop is getting big so his songs like this can be heard.

It was hilarious a couple of days ago, when my wife was driving us thriftme and "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore came on. I glance over at her and realize we are both bobbing our heads like teenagers...

This year I'm doing it thrift style. "I'm doing it Thrift style this year saving my money ain't buying no louis Vuitton"

Can we take a second to talk about thriftw Thrift Shop by Macklemore is the greatest song ever written by man? I legitimately spit coffee from laughing so hard.

Is it weird that every time I go to the thirft shop, I am keeping an eye out for something I donated in the past but wish I hadn't? Also is it weird that that Thrift Shop song made me want to go to the thrift shop?

We'd like to celebrate the launch of our Thrift Store Page! if you Like us on Facebook and come into the store between now and Friday, 1/18/13, to tell us, you'll save an additional 10% off our already low prices!

Your the biggest Macklemore fan? Tell me again thriftw the only song you know by him is "Thrift Shop"

Thrift shop is officially my favorite song !!!!! Lol

Joy loves her new kitty donut bed we got her at Debbie Days Thrift. Shes so cute!

Thrift store after work. Gotta find a fur coat and some 'gators lol

We have some super amazing sales going on right now! Check out the Thrift Shop for 75% off Christmas items and 50% off all shoes for the entire month of January. Round up your friends!

Be sure the check out our facebook page just for our Thrift Store. "Like" us to keep up to date on special events and deals happening at our downtown location. half of the darn closet done...kind of...mercy...i didn't even remember some of those clothes! embarrassed! But cleaning out is such a good thing! Etowah Thrift is gonna get some good stuff.!

Thrift shopping is quite fun. I feel like I should do it more. Cool treasures at lower prices.

Listening to a song called "Thrift Shop!" Should make it my theme song!!

Thrift could economically be the Word of the moment?

Thrift Shop has to be THE number 1 thrashed song ever.

In that Thrift Shop song they go "I'm gonna pop some tags". Can somebody please explain what the thrift that means?? Sorry, I'm not up with the hippy-thriftp cool scene yo.

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I'm looking for some cool & unique frames to put fam & vacation pics in...any suggestions?

Des N Dan Andreessen hi, does anyone know of any charities in leesville? i want to give away some clothes.

Where can I find hippie clothes and accessories really fast??? :/

Wow... I'm far from the perfect parent but some people and they way their kids are treated brings tears to my eyes... So sad.

Does anyone know where I can donate a few coats here in town for maybe a burn out or other need?

Im gonna pop some tags I got 20 dollars in my pocket

Is there a consignment store here in Hutchinson ??

I don't know why this didn't dawn on me sooner, but it's already time to start ripping CDs the way we once did for vinyl. thriftw much longer will CD players be available?

The Kingsmen, my first combat unit. The greatest men that anyone could ever be with!

Woke up this morning and looked down at my belly... I felt him kicking but what amazed me is that my belly was doin the wave! Hes getting so big!

I need help! Star got asked out to a dance tomarrow night, I asked if she needed to wear a dress last weekend when she told me about it, she said no. Now I just get a text saying its formal! does anyone have any ideas on what i should do or a dress she could borrow? Help!

Three songs that im currently liking alot check them out and reply if you share the same view.....same love....the otherside....and wings all by Macklemore youtube them

Any advice on removing bad energy from your day? I need some sage or something...

Awwww I'm sorry your offended by sex toys and the fact your afraid of your own thrift and completely oblivious to the fact you have a Clit let alone a G-spot! I really thriftpe that doesn't effect your oral skills thrift cause at this point you can suck my dick!! It's because because of narrow minded people like you sex is such a taboo and people are embarrassed to discuss it openly causing teen pregnancy, sexual repression and inadequate feelings towards ones self and ones partner! Stupid thrift!!!!

My 'new' vcr came in the mail today. 10 years ago people were throwing them out on the curb. now i've got to get into a bidding war on ebay to get one. vhs is the new vinyl.

thriftw the thrift do broke thrifts get girls like damn if i was broke i wouldnt get any girls unless im rich and i am but thrift wtf is up wid that

Hey yall, I need cheap white high top sneakers for God spell that I can ruin. Who knows where I can find that?

I would love to make progress beyond the dishes and the laundry.. I think my dying words will be.."i need to clean my basement"

I'm gonna pop some tags...only got $20 in my pockettttt

Those moments where you're so upset and disgusted that you just keep your mouth shut for fear of what might come out of it! Taking every ounce of strength I have. :/

I'm gunna pop some tags, only got 20$ in my pocket im hunttin lookin for a dolla, this is thrifting awesome <3

**Question ** I got some old school fresh ed hardy gear..that I could fit in from a couple years back..Yawl think I'm gonna get clowned trying to rock that today???

Just downloaded most of atmosphere's "when life gives you lemons, you paint that thrift gold" album. if you never heard of them, cop this of my favorite albums period.

I need lots of prayers!! I think with me not having ovaries anymore, I'm finding....I'm mean, I'm opinionated and thriftnestly.....I just don't like many people!

Via User: "You know what I hate? This term 'Austerity'. It used to be called 'Living within your means'." Do you agree with this user? 22A

Cherish today, live today, dream tomorrow! Good morning! Have a fabulous week-end.

I knew I never ever should have burnt my uniform...... Where is the good music today? open to suggestions. Im either getting to be that old guy that's not hip or 90 percent of the stuff out right now is thrift! Ok I am that older unhip dude, but there is still alot of junk out there right now.

Just finished my first shift djing at the vic. Thanks so much for the opportunity crash and more importantly thanks to all the boys that come supported me, means alot you have no idea. cant wait for tomoz night

One of the best songs i have listened to in a very long time. It is not a club banger by any means but the lyrics ring true in a time when all we get is thrift!

So I broke my microwave plate while washing it; does anyone know where I can get a replacement for really cheap or free? Thanks!

50 dollars for a T-shirt is some ignorant thrift shiiiiit I call that getting swindled and thrifted shiiiit

Today's Question: thriftw would you react to a sales tax on clothing? A bill introduced in the Minnesota Senate this week would impose a sales tax on clothing purchases of more than $200. Minnesota is one of only a half-dozen states that exempt clothing from their sales taxes.

I'm looking for maternity clothes for my daughter size Med. message me if you have any to get rid of thanks

Mississippi bound here we come, so ready to see daddy and get back thriftme in our beds!

It somehow appears that England hasn't heard of this... Truly amazing.

No one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. If you read this, leave one word on thriftw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and then not bother to copy

Im gonna pop some cash...only got $20 in my pockettttt.....

Can Someone tell me a good song pls ? ^_^ ~PatriCk

Happy "Friday" morning to all. Ethan spent the night, was glad for the company. I always thought some "me" time would be great, but finding out not so good when you have no one to spend the rest of the time with.

Oh thriftw this boat is sinking, there's no seas left for me, Oh thriftw the sky fella so heavy when your underneath it, oh I want to sail away from here,

Does anyone have a nice high chair they want to sell before I go buy a brand new one? Message me if so. Thanks!!!

Who doesn't love spending time in a bookstore! But where do you actually buy your books? Chain store? Online? Small independent book store?

Gangnam style with zeke.... dont think he likes it very much haha

Yeww! Party People is about to start very soon! Hit us up with your requests and shout outs now!

Thrift definitions


extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily

See also: parsimoniousness parsimony penny-pinching


any of numerous sun-loving low-growing evergreens of the genus Armeria having round heads of pink or white flowers