Outpouring in a sentence as a noun

In the first week after 9/11, there was a global outpouring of support for us.

I love the outpouring of empathy in the language of responses from Moz.

What's with the sudden outpouring of Google-hate of late?I totally get that Google is changing, and has been doing so for a while.

But don't be surprised at everyone else's outpouring of interest, because most people aren't like you.

We have a good 48 hours of emotional outpouring and then everyone forgets it ever happened.

The outpouring is motivating places like MIT to look into their actions, and others to look into the actions of the US Attorney.

The whole concept reeks of indecision and a pray-to-God moment that one of the logos would have such a huge outpouring of support that the Yahoo!

"well, there are several proven ways to stop the enthusiastic outpouring of people's creativity.

Call me a cynic, but I suspect many people browse/monitor certain sites for things that might do well on HN.. and the recent outpouring of love for Anand might have put the site on their radars.

I feel for the family in this time of loss, and of course I've seen the outpouring of support on Twitter about this color, but I don't see why it makes any sense to make it a permanent part of CSS. Is there any precedent for other personal stuff like this in the web standards, de facto or otherwise?

In my experience, "patience, correction, explanation, and an outpouring of civilly-worded disapproval" are often not enough.

The outpouring of information, discussion and attention is in and of itself an indication that this is a very big deal to many here and that it is important to keep this discussion alive and it might be useful to dig into it and see what is being said of all this.

Outpouring definitions


a natural flow of ground water

See also: spring fountain outflow


a sudden rapid flow (as of water); "he heard the flush of a toilet"; "there was a little gush of blood"; "she attacked him with an outpouring of words"

See also: flush gush


the pouring forth of a fluid

See also: discharge


the rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written); "a barrage of questions"; "a bombardment of mail complaining about his mistake"

See also: barrage bombardment onslaught


a large flow

See also: flood overflow