Ossified in a sentence as an adjective

It's not in the curricula, and those are ossified and hard to shift.

You've mixed the three things together and ossified around a single model of the domain.

Luckily most people's language options haven't ossified like yours.

There's no law of the market that says this should happen either, but it seems to be a feature of ossified political systems.

Procurement practices that are enshrined in law are much harder to disrupt than those that are just bad habits that ossified over time.

Ask me how it feels to be so famous!The little press that they do get within the ossified aerospace industry has been terrible.

There is an argument here about the internet becoming ossified, but it's not clear to me that google is being an active bad actor here.

> The popular view of America's upper class is that of an ossified aristocracy.

The first paragraph says: > The popular view of America's upper class is that of an ossified aristocracy.

Yay for clever technical hacks that help users circumvent ossified IT bureaucracy.

However, I agree with many posters here in saying that it's not exclusively age that hampers older engineers, but an ossified skillset.

At the time GE was overly large with an ossified bureaucracy and thousands, if not tens of thousands, of deadwood employes who were just coasting along occupying a chair.

I love reading some of Elon's comments about how ossified the space manufacturing industry is, and how they created things in weeks that the 'experts' were saying would take months or even years to make.

From used car salesmen to film moguls, once a certain practice has ossified over the years into "everyone in the biz does it", practices that would result in jail time in other industries are simply accepted as business as usual.

This comment reflects this fact which seems unbelievable, but if true, I feel would likely mean that it was mostly created by code generators that probably copied and ossified original errors and misconceptions to the point that it is no longer possible to fix. Its a total failure, the money is gone, but they'll keep throwing even more after it, until the tiny, disjointed systems they develop in the mean time as "temporary solutions" eventually become the "real" system.

Even the later is becoming more and more common, even among media darlings, be it the outright copying of Zynga, the zoning violation of AirBnB and the taxi regulation violation of Uber...And very few people seem seem worried by it, possibly because violating the law is just "disrupting an ossified market" when done by rich white kids...

Ossified definitions


set in a rigidly conventional pattern of behavior, habits, or beliefs; "obsolete fossilized ways"; "an ossified bureaucratic system"

See also: fossilized fossilised