Procurement in a sentence as a noun

* If it's cheaper to buy, we submit an order to our procurement team.

Our product sells to Fortune 1000 companies in the procurement software space.

Apple can commit to shipping millions of iPads and makes procurement decisions based on that fact.

They've figured out how to make a profit in aerospace beyond just padding big government procurement contracts.

It's fighting some wars of choice and maintaining a defence procurement industry on a seemingly unlimited budget.

Yep, there are laws against direct hires, so you hire somebody from DoD to help shepherd a Commerce Department contract, or a DHS procurement expert to help with a DoD job, and so forth.

* If it needs building, we do another process of seeing if we have what we need -- or if we have to buy minerals, blueprints, etc. * If we had to buy things, those orders are submitted to procurement and transportation.

* Bureaucracies and procurement policies that run the gamut: administrators, local government, state government, federal government, parents, the school board, the PTA, the teachers union, etc.* Extreme price sensitivity.

It's common in both procurement and hiring in the federal government to see bizarrely-specific requirements whose fairly transparent intention is to limit the potential bidder or applicant pool to a single company or individual.

On top of actually being a useful educational tool, there are a ton of other boxes to check in order to get any kind of technology into the classroom:* Compliance with the myriad of federal, state, and local laws surrounding education procurement, student data, what can and can't happen on government property and around children, and cash-strapped educational IT departments.

Procurement definitions


the act of getting possession of something; "he was responsible for the procurement of materials and supplies"

See also: procurance procural