Muted in a sentence as an adjective

It's not white on black, it's #c8c8c8 on #3a3a3a, those are both muted tones that make the contrast significantly less stark.

It was as if my introversion had muted me to my own emotional state.

Congress's muted reactions could leave one to believe this is already the reality.

If the colors are distracting, one idea might be to make them more muted so that they don't demand as much attention.

It's an interesting illustration of how the effects of randomness will not be muted, just shifted.

I don't know why, though; your link is what you claim it to be except that the audio track has been muted by YouTube because it's a copyrighted Daft Punk song.

Most condo and apartment rooms have the same 8' ceilings, the same muted palette, and virtually identical construction.

I had the privilege to meet them and spend some social time with them at a past PyCon and I saw some of the attitudes firsthand, but they were remarkably more muted and respectable in person.

Unfortunately the victims of an often over zealous justice system are granted a severely muted and underrepresented voice.

The droll full-page lead image sets it apart, the color palette muted and neutral, simultaneously making it exactly like every other Medium blog entry you've seen lately.

Is there a level of public outcry regarding the pollution?I realize that criticism may be somewhat muted given the nature of the PRC government, but I can't imagine a city as large and cosmopolitan as Shanghai merely accepting this level of environmental mismanagement.

The whole point of not being able to post until your previous post is endorsed--which is strictly separate and independent feature from invisible-until-endorsed--would be that people stop and reconsider "hm is this really the best I can do" because if it isn't they'll be muted ... indefinitely?Or can you delete your own pending comment if it seems that no one is going to endorse it for you?If not, that's going to become a huge chilling effect on unique thoughts and ideas that may either be controversial, or simply unpopular.

Muted definitions


in a softened tone; "hushed voices"; "muted trumpets"; "a subdued whisper"; "a quiet reprimand"

See also: hushed subdued quiet


being or made softer or less loud or clear; "the dull boom of distant breaking waves"; "muffled drums"; "the muffled noises of the street"; "muted trumpets"

See also: dull muffled softened